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The Scott Ross: Old Incumbent Liberal MPs Are A Problem

Only 4% of NDP MPs and 7% of Conservative MPs have been in Parliament since 1999 compared to 40% of Liberal MPs. If the Liberal Party needs to change, it needs to start with its MPs.

The Liberal Party’s main problem is it’s old. It’s few MPs are the oldest and the longest serving, indicating a party that is stagnant and anything but new. If the Liberals do need new ideas, they need new MPs to champion them. The party needs old MPs to step down for new ones to step up.

Liberal MPs may represent Liberal policies, but in

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The Scott Ross: Kevin Falcon’s BC Liberal Commitment In Doubt

During the BC Liberal leadership race Kevin Falcon doubted Christy Clark would stay with the party if she lost, today BC Liberals found out it was Kevin Falcon who they should have been doubting.

On February 11, 2011 Kevin Falcon said, “I’ve made a commitment to run in this election win or lose. So whether I win or lose I’m going to be a candidate for this party because I want to continue to work year in, year out, and make sure as we go forward we continue to build this coalition.”

On March 29, 2012, when asked whether