Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream - Alberta politics: Big Money in Edmonton Municipal Election

Tweet$4.35, $19.75, and $5.45 are how much Don Iveson, Karen Leibovici and Kerry Diotte‘s campaigns spent for each vote received in Edmonton’s October 21, 2013 mayoral election. With the most efficient dollar-to-vote ratio is Mr. Iveson, who won the election with a landslide 132,162 votes (62% of the total votes cast). With a less efficient dollar-to-vote […]

Alberta Diary: Campaign Diary Volume 6: Still asking for money … in tiny increments

On hand: one cool election lawn sign. Needed: funds to help print additional copies. The pitch is simple: Small donations can help make a big difference!

As previously noted in this space, a big part of running for public office is asking for campaign donations.

Some people can’t stand it, and talented public servants are lost as a result. Leastways, we voters never get a chance to vote for them.

Some candidates run big enough campaigns that they can hire people to do the asking. Not this one.

If there’s going to be a pitch for support for my campaign (Read more…)

LeDaro: In U.S dead people can donate to political parties

So there is a life after death after all and one can remain active politically even after his/her death. The soul is still hovering around. Only in U.S. eh!!!


“The dead can’t vote, but they can give money to politicians.Thirty-two people listed on federal campaign records as “deceased” have contributed more than $586,000 to congressional and presidential candidates and political parties since Jan. 1, 2009.” Mother Jones. #AblegCares

So, myself, Joey Oberhoffner, Derrick Jacobson (@AlbertaAltruist), Marc Doll (@DollHouseYYC), and Stephen Anderson (@StephenDAnderso) got together to eat tacos. For charity. For every taco eaten we’d get our pledges to donate. Pretty simple. Also, pretty awesome. With an anonymous donor matching up to $5,000, we just had to eat as many tacos we could. And [...]

In This Corner: The donation conundrum: to give, or not to give?

Over the years, I have received probably hundreds of cheap inducements to donate to “good causes” (bad causes rarely ask for money). You’ve all seen them — address labels (I still have address labels from about five years ago, since I send maybe five letters a year), note pads with your name on them, key tags from the War Amps, and that charity that includes a nickel in the envelope.

I never know what to do with the nickel. I could pocket it, but how cheap is that? So I usually remove the nickel, throw out the other stuff, and

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DeSmogBlog: Republican Ohio Governor Kasich’s Trillion Dollar Shale Gas Lie


About the only positive thing you can say about industry-funded astroturf groups is that they at least base their misinformation campaigns on phony “studies” and “reports.” Their lies are based on SOMETHING.

The same cannot be said of Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has come up with a whopper based on absolutely nothing. Kasich recently told the press that his state of Ohio is sitting on top of $1 trillion worth of natural gas that’s just ripe for fracking.

Obviously, this would be quite an economic boom for not just Ohio, but the entire United States.

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LeDaro: Armageddon on December 21st, 2012

If you don’t believe me watch the videos below.

You must send donations to me and I will build a big shelter, in a nearby moutain, to accommodate few hundred people and save their lives.

DeSmogBlog: What To Expect When You’re Electing: Part 2 – Mitt Romney


In Part 1 of this series, we explored the overall environmental issues that are facing the U.S., mostly as a part of coordinated attacks by politicians in Washington. In the next few articles, we’ll take a look at what each candidate has said or done in regards to both environmental and energy issues.

At this point in the race, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States, a title that will become official after the Republican convention in August. Because Romney previously served as a governor, we have

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CalgaryLiberal: A Merger That’ll Never Happen

The left in the province of Alberta will never merge. There are four core reasons for this to be the case. Firstly, the NDP is directly tied, through its organization, its employees (many of whom who work for the federal NDP as well), and other means, cannot get the nod for merger from Ottawa. This [...]

somecanuckchick dot com: When will Ethical Oil release its donor list?

Ethical Oil was quick to slam environmental groups for taking US money… ‎ It appears Ethical Oil accepts funds, via PayPal, from around the world — including the USA.

Just out of curiosity, when will Ethical Oil release its donor list?

Rob Maguire: Movember: donate and I’ll write you a ditty

During the month of November, vanity will take a backseat while I grow a moustache for Movember to raise awareness and and a few bucks to fight prostate cancer. And I’m offering you a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

Donate to my moustachioed campaign and I will write a song for you, and post a video of the performance on your Facebook profile.

Give $50 or more and the song will be all about you (or a topic of your choice). Give $5–$49 and you’ll be included in a song along with other donors. (E.g. a couple giving $25 each will get (Read more…)