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Politics and its Discontents: Canadians Would Be Indeed Foolish To Shrug Their Shoulders At This News

Given the invasive and likely unconstitutional provisions of Bill C-51, and the prime minster’s general contempt for democracy and privacy issues, Canadians would be beyond naive to believe that the Harper regime would not use this against us: Canada and its spying partners exploited weaknesses in one of the world’s most popular mobile browsers and planned to hack into smartphones via links to Google and Samsung app stores, a top secret document obtained by CBC News shows.

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The Disaffected Lib: Even Conrad Black Can’t Stomach Bill C-51

He knows a thing or two about law enforcement, the judicial process and essential liberties.  All that has Conrad Black incensed at Bill C-51 which he sees as a threat to the freedom of the Canadian people.  He doesn’t like the place into which he believes Stephen Harper plans to lead the country.

As presented, Bill C-51 makes a Swiss cheese out of due process, and the three national political parties have approached the problem from distinctly different angles. The government have swaddled themselves in Stephen Harper’s default-toga of protecting the public, aspersing civil liberties concerns, and uttering tired pieties (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: RCMP + CSIS – Add Water and Stir. Voila, the Stasi Lives Again

They were East Germany’s dreaded secret police.   They spied on ordinary East Germans, tapped their phones, intercepted their mail, assessed their ‘reliability’, used informants, kept dossiers on persons of interest and ordinary citizens alike.  

The hated Stasi fell with the Berlin Wall but they live on – in today’s RCMP, the Royal Conservative Mounted Police, Harper’s personal security apparatus. Today the RCMP, in conjunction with our official spy agency, CSIS, and the Canadian Border Service Agency, operate a domestic spying network called the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, INSET.

And just whose security is INSET enforcing? Yours? (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Chalk Up Another One For Orwell

Or, to update the metaphor, computers being destroyed by the govenment:

The message is clear: citizens do not have the right to material that would allow them to decide for themselves whether the overarching and illegal domestic spying being carried out by western ‘democracies’ is justified.

Following revelations of the baseless detainment of Glenn Greenwald’s partner at Heathrow Airport on Sunday for nine hours, along with the confiscation of his computer equipment, we are now learning that Britains’s GCHQ raided the offices of The Guardian to destroy computers containing data leaked by US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Alan Rusbridger, the editor (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: I Guess This Explains Everything

Like many others, I have been deeply troubled by the Edward Snowden’s revelations about domestic spying conducted by the NSA. Watch the following video if you would like to know the true source of the problem.

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Politics and its Discontents: If Woodward And Bernstein Were Dead

…. I’m sure there would be reports of seismic activity in the vicinity of their graves over this question asked of Glenn Greenwald by Meet the Press host David Gregory about the propriety of his bringing Edward Snowden’s story to the world:

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drive-by planet: Snowden leaks: NSA whistleblower William Binney warns of ‘totalitarian state’

Following news of leaks by NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden, Obama was asked by a reporter about massive NSA surveillance that involves not just phone tracking, but all types of online user communications. In the course of his defense of this unparalleled invasion of privacy, Obama dropped the “Big Brother” term with irony – as though it is somehow far fetched to cast his administration in that light.

“Big Brother” understates the case. Leaked documents indicate that the U.S. government is increasingly engaged in “offensive cyberwarfare” – not just to target alleged suspects and deter attacks on the U. (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Another Portrait In Integrity

While Edward Snoden will undoubtedly be portrayed in the days and weeks to come as a traitor to his country, his courageous revelation of the domestic spying that the NSA is engaged in earns my admiration. Not only has he demonstrated his personal courage and convictions by his willingness to be publicly named, he has also shown for those who have any lingering doubts that, despite his high-flown rhetoric, U.S. President Barack Obama is a complete fraud in portraying himself as a moderating agent of change:

Says Snowden:

“I understand that I will be made to suffer for my (Read more…)

The Canadian Branch Of The North American Security Surveillance State

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Monitoring North America

In a way, it is with relief that I find I am not one of the "tinfoil hat" paranoid/conspiracy theorist crowd, yet at the same time feel dismay at being proven right yet again. Pertaining to what, you ask? Why, that Big Brother has not only arrived, but that he has been here for quite a while at that. Case in point, today’s expansive article in the Washington Post by Dana Priest and William M… . . . → Read More: Monitoring North America

Reloaded: This Is How The End Of Democracy Is Hastened

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Slouching Off Towards Tyranny – Indeed

I have an extremely busy day today and so I will not be able to write anything decent – my apologies. However, I offer to you good folks the following, which recapitulates quite succinctly what I have been writing about recently (and to my fellow Cana… . . . → Read More: Slouching Off Towards Tyranny – Indeed

Welcome To Your Authoritarian Corporatocratic Security Surveillance State Of North America

Behold the authoritarian mind-set in it’s awful glory (emphasis added): The Harper government is bracing for a backlash over a border security agreement it is negotiating with the United States, anticipating it will spark worries about eroding soverei… . . . → Read More: Welcome To Your Authoritarian Corporatocratic Security Surveillance State Of North America

Crimedicking – A New Term For The 21st Century Lexicon

I hereby submit to you folks for consideration a new term which, in my humble opinion, characterizes the first decade of the 21st century by not only embodying the resurgence of the barbaric commission of war crimes, the dismissal of basic human rights… . . . → Read More: Crimedicking – A New Term For The 21st Century Lexicon