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Carbon49 - Sustainability for Canadian businesses: Four Ways to Reduce Your Business Travel Carbon Footprint

What is your carbon footprint? Each Canadian causes 15 tons of CO2 emission per year, American 18 tons, Australian 17 tons, Dutch 11 tons, German 9 tons, British 8 tons, Chinese 6 tons, Indian 2 tons. How much of these emissions are caused by business travels? What can you do to reduce your business travel footprint? Let’s find out.

Go Digital

According to a report from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), videoconferencing can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,271 tons over five years — equivalent to the emissions from 400 passenger cars. The study, (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: This Changes Something

This fills in the blanks on many levels. Some folks will be tad upset with the ‘Reality Check’ but it is time to defrag and tune up grass roots response to criminal corporate destruction of the environment.


Naomi Klein Takes on the Big Greens


Emily McGratten

In Jonathan Franzen’s bestselling novel Freedom, the main character accepts a dream job from a billionaire philanthropist. He is charged with partnering with coal companies in West Virginia to set aside 100 square miles as pristine habitat for the Cerulean Warbler, an endangered songbird that is further threatened by coal mining operations. (Read more…)


I have written this piece in an attempt to evaluate the actual contribution to society of a prominent Canadian who espouses extreme right-wing views. I feel it is important, from time to time, to compare actual performance to stated principles. If you find this critique of interest, please send the link to others.   Nick One of the champions of Canada’s right-wing corporate elite is finally calling it quits.

Gwyn Morgan, 66, is stepping down in May as Board Chairman of SNC-Lavalin, the troubled, giant engineering and construction firm trying to survive a series of scandals, a lack of public confidence, and fluctuating share values.

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The Canadian Progressive: Harper Government must heed environment commissioner’s warnings: David Suzuki

By Dr. David Suzuki | Published by Troy Media on Feb. 13, 2013: When the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded in 2010, killing 11 people and spewing massive amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, it cost more than $40 billion to mop up the mess. In Canada, an oil company would be liable for only $30 million, READ MORE

Things Are Good: Canada Can Easily Have a Low Carbon Economy

Even though Canada has the tar sands it is still possible for the Canadian economy to lower it’s carbon output. According to some recent research into the matter by The David Suzuki Foundation, Canada can compete better with existing low-carbon economies by focusing on being more environmentally friendly and using alternative energy solutions to the tar sands.

In Low-Carbon Energy Futures: A Review of National Scenarios, the TEFP summarizes common themes in leading greenhouse gas reduction strategies for eight countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The study shows that:

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Eclectic Lip: Alberta oil selling at 50% discount to world price…

…which explains why the Canadian government is Hell-and-High-Water-bent on building a pipeline, any pipeline, anywhere.

First, the stats

Over the past few months, new stories have noted that Canada’s oil sector isn’t getting full price for its heavy oil — in large part because American pipelines are well-supplied with newly-flowing tight oil (“shale oil”) from North Dakota.

As a side note, I should clarify that heavy oil — termed Western Canada Select — is a somewhat-upgraded form of bitumen. Removing the sulfur and upgrading the oil a bit more, would turn it into the “light sweet crude” used

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The Canadian Progressive: David Suzuki Foundation supports Idle No More movement

by David Suzuki Foundation: Dear Prime Minister Harper, Two years ago, under your leadership, Canada endorsed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, despite initially voting against it at the UN General Assembly. Canada’s decision to reverse its position to support international efforts that recognize and protect the rights of indigenous peoples READ MORE

Ethical Oil claims David Suzuki Foundation’s activities are un-ethical

Just like the title says, to illustrate the ridiculousness of the pro oil-sands lobbying group Ethical Oil and their request to the CRA to investigate Canada’s premier Environmental Protection Group, the David Suzuki Foundation, for “political and partisan activity” I will use a simple analogy: Say that you had a village full of yokels and in the western[continue reading...]

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Ethincal Oil Orders Canada Revenue Agency to Investigate the David Suzuki Foundation

During the 2012 federal budget, the Conservative government allocated $8 million to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to crackdown on charities engaged in “political activities.” The purge has begun. Yesterday, the right-wing Big Oil lobby group,, dispatched a 44-page … Continue reading →

DeSmogBlog: Climate Change Denial Isn’t About Science, or Even Skepticism

David Suzuki.png

Cross-posted from the David Suzuki Foundation's Science Matters blog. By David Suzuki with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Editorial and Communications Specialist Ian Hanington.

Let's suppose the world's legitimate scientific institutions and academies, climate scientists, and most of the world's governments are wrong.

Maybe, as some people have argued, they're involved in a massive conspiracy to impose a socialist world order. Maybe the money's just too damn good. It doesn't matter. Let's just imagine they're wrong, and that the polar ice caps aren't melting and the climate isn't changing. Or, if you prefer, that it's happening, but that

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Carbon49 - a blog on sustainability for Canadian businesses: Three CEOs in One Room: Walmart, Coca-Cola, Unilever

Some of the biggest CEOs in Canada come together for the Walmart Green Student Challenge. I took this rare opportunity to ask them: Where is sustainability going for Canadian industries? Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Unilever already share best practices for their common goals in sustainability. Now they want to see more suppliers come on board.

The all-star judge panel for Walmart Green Student Challenge includes CEOs from Walmart Canada, Coca-Cola Canada, Unilever Canada, Maple Leaf Foods, and The David Suzuki Foundation. They come together at the Toronto Stock Exchange to hear five finalist teams of students present their next big green

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