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Cowichan Conversations: Screw the Law! — BC Liberal Government Rides Roughshod Over Cowichan Communities

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The BC Liberal government’s Mines ministry has fully embraced a new political tactic. Screw the law, it is all about rewarding businesses to plunder at will.

South Cowichan residents face two significant challenges that has the BC Liberal government riding roughshod over local government land use jurisdiction authority.

The first is the approval of the South Island Aggregates (SIA) to import 5 million tonnes of contaminated soil and God knows what else to be dumped into the Shawnigan Watershed. This of course puts the water supply for over 8000 citizens at certain risk.

Former Environment Minister Terry (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: CVRD Process Hits A New Low – Elected Directors Decision Hijacked

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

When the CVRD hired former Administrator Frank Raimondo to stand in for 6 months after the firing of their CAO Warren Jones, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Frank knew the CVRD inside out, was available and was committed to restructuring the overloaded top-heavy administration that had ballooned under the corporate model established by former CAO Warren Jones.

Curiously, a few months back he was appointed as the Cobble Hill Alternate Director for his long time colleague, Director Gerry Giles.

Was this a deliberate plan coordinated by the small tight group of insiders?

Fired (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: CVRD Chair and Directors Deception Was Covertly Recorded By SIA

CVRD Chair Rob Hutchins

Cowichan Valley Regional District Chair Rob Hutchins and Shawnigan Director Bruce Fraser initially liked South Island Aggregates’ plan to bring in contaminated soil, with board chairman Rob Hutchins calling it “a good-news story” and a potential solution to the illegal dumping in the Shawnigan area.

Shawnigan residents have been strung along by their Director Fraser from the outset and now Chair Hutchins is shown to have been more involved than previously known.

“Put a moratorium on any considerations for one year, while we get a handle on the situation — we build our relationship with [the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: CVRD Heads Off To Environmental Appeal Board In Hopes of Stopping Contaminated Soil Being Dumped In The Shawnigan Watershed

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

It has been a year and a half since Shawnigan residents learned of an application to dump 5 million tonnes of contaminated soil in their watershed.

Until recently the CVRD Directors followed Shawnigan Director Fraser’s lead. They studied, stalled and collaborated with the BC Environment Ministry and then Minister Terry Lake in one of the most bizarre chapters of political action ever seen in the valley.

Shawnigan’s Director Bruce Fraser, after refusing to enforce Shawnigan land use bylaws, must have been over ruled by the CVRD Board who are finally taking the action that would have been appropriate from the outset.

The Shawnigan residents could (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Have the CVRD Politicans Finally Woken Up?

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes-Political Blogger

I suspect that many of you are getting as tired of hearing about yet another CVRD screw up and outright failure to responsibly represent the taxpaying residents in the Cowichan Valley as I am blogging about it.

Should we just ignore their incompetence and failure to even understand their own land use bylaws?

I often wish we could but the local papers and radio station are not adequately staffed or even much interested in holding them to account.

Now that the CVRD politicians are back from their UBCM convention it time to refocus on their incomprehensible positioning around the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: CVRD Director Bruce Fraser and his Colleagues Have a Great Deal To Answer For!

The CVRD has finally discovered that the land use bylaw that they insisted was of no use in blocking the proposed South Island Aggregate’s proposed contaminated site does in fact give them that authority to act, or at least did before the Ministry of Environment staff issued the permit to SIA.

Here is the CVRD Friday afternoon press release announcing possible court action on something they could have and should done as the normal response at very little cost or effort in spring 2012.

You will note Chair Hutchins saying that they take their land use bylaws seriously. I wish that (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Dear Environment Minister Lake- A Letter From Larry Gollner

South Cowichan are residents facing an unfathomable threat to their Shawnigan Watershed, drinking

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes- Political Blogger

water, creek and Shawnigan Lake.

They have been organizing resistance to this madness and they are doing it from many different perspectives. Residents are responding to this cynically timed decision to issue a ‘Draft Permit’ to SIA that is timed to restrict fair and proper analysis and feedback before the May 14th election

If the BC Liberals do not respond and yank this ‘Draft Permit’ soon they will lose support to the NDP, Conservatives and Greens.

The permit will the no doubt

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