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Cowichan Conversations: Have the CVRD Politicans Finally Woken Up?

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes-Political Blogger

I suspect that many of you are getting as tired of hearing about yet another CVRD screw up and outright failure to responsibly represent the taxpaying residents in the Cowichan Valley as I am blogging about it.

Should we just ignore their incompetence and failure to even understand their own land use bylaws?

I often wish we could but the local papers and radio station are not adequately staffed or even much interested in holding them to account.

Now that the CVRD politicians are back from their UBCM convention it time to refocus on their incomprehensible positioning around the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Hey CVRD! Draw Up a Bylaw to Protect the Shawnigan Watershed!

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

OK so the Provincial Election returned the BC Liberals. They changed Environment Ministers slotting Mary Polak in as our new Environment chief.

Those concerned with the Shawnigan Watershed becoming home for 5 million tonnes of Victoria’s contaminated and toxic soils are probably wondering what the CVRD is doing. Aren’t we always!

Those puzzled by the CVRD’s bizarre refusal to draw up a bylaw preventing contaminated dumps in watersheds include former Minister and collaborator Terry Lake and his senior staff.

Former BC Liberal Environment Minister Terry Lake.‘Collaboration can be fun.’ ,.

It is really stunning that (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: BC Supreme Court Rules CVRD Eco Depot Opponents Were Right!

Richard Hub Hughes-Political Blogger

There will be much said and much written about our out of touch CVRD Politicians and their misdirected staff over their blatant misuse of public funds and their arrogant conduct regarding the ill fated Eco Depot project.

For tonight here is Peter Rusland’s account in the Cowichan News Leader.

Cowichan Conversations will unravel the story and the shine the light on the shameful conduct of the majority of CVRD Director’s led by former Chair of the CVRD-Cobble Hill Director Gerry Giles and the highly paid CVRD CAO and Adminstrator Warren Jones.

Heads should roll over this, heads