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Update, finally!

So the Conservatives are finally starting to have fun with their majority. We all knew this day would come — when we would be forced to helplessly sit at the sidelines and watch while these idiots we call ‘representatives’ shove through legislation so… . . . → Read More: Update, finally!

Help save the CBC!

So I’m not too happy to announce that nothing really that interesting has been happening in my life recently. I haven’t been working with YSB for a while, and I’m no longer on the CSSDP’s advisory board (as far as I know, anyway) because I couldn’t mak… . . . → Read More: Help save the CBC!

Harm Reduction Superheroes!

So last Thursday I did a panel speech and presented a workshop at YSB’s forum. It was called Building Bridges and it focused on youth ‘in transition’ from youth to adulthood and how we can better support them.Oh yeah, on a side note, things with Kristy… . . . → Read More: Harm Reduction Superheroes!

Busy bee!

So I was having a really crappy today and yesterday. I spiked my opiate tolerance by using a LOT of Dilaudids, and man did I ever come down sideways when I started to use less. I mean, I was dopesick even before I tried to go to sleep last night, and w… . . . → Read More: Busy bee!

Biking around town! Sorry folks.

[edit: I just noticed that I passed 1000 hits! Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I feel so special!]Hey OFDSU devotees -I’m sorry that my posting has been so erratic lately. To be honest I haven’t really had any good topics to write about and I d… . . . → Read More: Biking around town! Sorry folks.

CENSORED by your local Police Department…

David Bratzer, an active officer in the ranks of the Victoria Police Department, and also a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), was invited to speak at an event tomorrow night in Victoria. This event was sponsored and funded by the Ci… . . . → Read More: CENSORED by your local Police Department…