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Accidental Deliberations: #DefineHarper

A couple of earlier posts have started a bit of a discussion about the messages which will be most effective in convincing voters – and particularly swing voters – to shift their votes away from the Harper Cons. But I’ll take the opportunity to turn the discussion over to a wider audience through Twitter.

. . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: #DefineHarper

Geoff Campbell: I’ve never met you, but here’s some private information

A couple weeks ago, our PRL 600 class had the chance to talk to KetchumPR’s Global Creative Initiatives Manager Brian Keenean. He talked about Mindfire, the crowd-sourcing PR idea website that pays student for their thoughts. Then he invited anybody interested to join the site and see the confidential requests for information from Ketchum clients. . . . → Read More: Geoff Campbell: I’ve never met you, but here’s some private information

Accidental Deliberations: Open questions

As discussed in some of the comments to this post, there seems to be plenty of room for the NDP’s leadership candidates to provide much-needed information on how they want to see the party develop in the years to come. And I’ll plan to contact each of the campaigns this weekend to try to draw . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: Open questions