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LeDaro: Rob Ford smoking crack

One of many funny pictures of the man on the internet. Mayor Rob Ford: Way worse than Larry O’Brien

I’ve been riveted by the Rob Ford debacle, but I am conflicted about it. On the one hand, Rob Ford is – and always has been – a repugnant, pugnacious, pig-headed, hypocritical, right-wing bully, so there’s something kind of appealing about watching him self-destruct in such a spectacular way. I just want to grab some popcorn and sit down to watch the news…even the re-runs are good. On the other hand, I sometimes see hints of humility and glimpses of misery and I’m reminded that beneath that ugly veneer there’s a human being in extraordinary pain. He’s losing everything that (Read more…)

RedBedHead: Three Reasons Why Ford Should Stay

Everyone’s clamouring for Ford to resign: he lied, he smoked crack, he was wasted on the job, the city needs a competent administration. Balls, I say. I’ve seen competent administrations and I can say for certain in the present climate that a “competent administration” will focus its attention on further austerity and attacking those who resist austerity. Need I remind that the entire left wing

Trashy's World: Rob Ford Campaign 2014 slogans…

… I couldn’t resist. Rob Ford – he’ll crack you up! Rob Ford – promising to be a little more sober during Council meetings Rob Ford – engaging street youth at their level! Rob Ford – running high in the polls! Rob Ford – see him on Letterman, The Daily Show, Leno… Rob Ford – […]

The Wingnuterer: In Defense of Rob @TOMayorFord

Yes you read the headline correct, In defense of Rob Ford.

In a few short hours Rob and brother Doug will be on the air the weekly clown show on CFRB1010, where we are expecting him to make an announcement. It could be anything, but if is an announcement from Rob that he has an addiction problem (be it alcohol and/or drugs) and that he is going to take a leave of absence to deal with these issue, then I wish him all the best in beating this sickness.

Yes, it is a sickness, not character flaw, not something to (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Life In Scarborough Part Whatever +1: The State Of Coffee In Scarborough

Noticed today that the Coffee Time outlet next to Kennedy Avenue subway station had gone TU.  It was obviously too upscale for this neighborhood.  It’s been replaced by a pimply white kid in a mesh-back cap sporting an LA Raiders logo on it who sells 8-balls of crack out his car window.  I asked him for a double-double, and he offered to pop a cap in my ass.  Somewhat confused, I declined the offer. (*)

Such is life in Scarborough, sometimes.

(*) Based on a true story.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Trouble In Ford Nation

This guy is not some kind of downtown elitist.  Or the guy mentioned here.  Nor are the folks that typically attend the Taste of Little Italy.  His base is starting to crumble on him.

RedBedHead: The Fall Of The House Of Ford

Taking a moment to pray for peace

You gotta admit that it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Rob Ford is a bully and a hypocrite – quick to condemn the perceived weakness of others, to pounce on the supposed privileges of unionized workers or the effete absurdity of riding a bicycle instead of driving an SUV in our congested city. And yet he is clearly a man with many personal flaws whose (

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Real Mayors Have Someone Buy Their Crack For Them

Hitler says it best: Chow will win and “Ford Nation” will go back to drinking beer.

The Wingnuterer: 1, 2, 3, 4, @TOMayorFord Declares a Twitter War

One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare a Twitter War was the original title for this article, but as of last night I figure out who is behind the major of the suspensions complaints against my account, none other that @TOMayorFord’s twitter account. WOW! Anyways on with the story as it was originally written.

IN THE BEGINNING,… Seems that if you are active on #topoli and tweet about our Mayor in a negative fashion, there are Ford sycopants that will do what they can to destroy your twitter handle. They are in fact abusing the Twitter Abuse and Spam (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: A Song For Toronto

Inspired by.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Star Front Page?

The story’s not on-line yet.  Source of image is their editor: #robford #mayorford says he knew where the video was hidden, Star is told. Front page Thursday.— Michael Cooke (@TorStarEditor) May 30, 2013

PS.   Here is the story.  From its contents, I would guess that the staffers who were sacked or who quit and were then described afterwards as “useless” by those still in Rob Ford’s office have decided to strike back.

LeDaro: Rob Ford and Crack

BigCityLib Strikes Back: There is Another Copy Of The Rob Ford Tape

So says Star Reporter Robyn Doolittle.  Maybe more than one.  And the copy (or one of them) is on a device located somewhere away from the city.  And its going around.  More people have seen it.  Not only that: Gawker’s got their 200 Gs.  Good times are comin’, folks, I can smell it.  

Trashy's World: More of Ford’s staff are abandoning…

… Good Ship Ford

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Today In T.O. Turmoil

A senior member of Rob Ford’s office was interviewed by police last week about a tip linking a video allegedly showing the mayor smoking illicit drugs to a recent Toronto homicide, two separate sources have confirmed.

At a certain point it stops being funny.  Like, when the first body turns up in Lake Ontario.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: T.O Star Reporter Still In Contact With Folks Close To Rob Ford Video

The most important bits are from 1:20 minutes and forward; I can’t embed it on BCLSB, I don’t think, but you can find it here.  Short version: not everyone associated with the tape has gone to ground, and the folks who have gone to ground do that kind of thing fairly frequently.  It would seem the  tape is STILL IN PLAY.

PS.  There may be  less to this than I imagined.  Gawker’s most recent statement says they’ve been in relatively constant contact with the tipster, but not the owner of the tapes.  I’m pretty sure an earlier version of (Read more…)

RedBedHead: I Heart Rob Ford

Well, well, well, it’s been quite a week or two. Rob Ford supposedly smoking crack on video. Doug Ford’s past as a supposed hash dealer exposed – along with the drug related charges and violence connected with his other siblings. This follows and endless string of scandals, foibles and general foolishness on the part of the mayor of Toronto. What fun!

There has been lots of handwringing about

Harper Valley: Rob Ford’s Crack, Smokes

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Looking For Rob Ford Imposter

An ad that appeared on Canadalisted in January, 2012:

Do you look like Mayor Rob Ford? I need someone who looks like Rob Ford to play the mayor in my film. It’s a short shot of the mayor smoking a cigar and chuckling into the camera.

Presumably unrelated.  But why not inflame the minds of Ford-Nation conspiracy theorists?

PS.  I’ve fired off an email response to the ad asking if there is any connection.  Will post if I get an answer.

The Wingnuterer: #RobFord and the Butt of all Crack Jokes

Long time no blog, I am not going to blow smoke or crack any jokes,…. ok maybe a few jokes. it has been a long time since I have blogged, but this whole Rob Ford/Crack story has me jonesing for fix so lets begin.

1) The background

Unless you have been living under a “Rock” you know that there is a video that reports to be of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford smoking crack or some other drug. The story was broken by the Gawker and then separately confirmed by two Toronto Star reporters.

2) Yes, i believe the (Read more…) Calgary-Centre: The Day After

It has been a wonder of a campaign. For the Harvey Locke campaign the Liberals doubled their support from 2011 (going from 17% to 32%) and sent a message that Calgarians were willing to give the Liberals a crack at representing them. It was a 4% spread… . . . → Read More: Calgary-Centre: The Day After