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The Scott Ross: Quebec Election Shows Hypocrisy On Clarity Act

Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, and Andrew Coyne, among others, are wrong to suggest separatism was recently defeated by Quebec voters. Well they aren’t just wrong, they’re hypocritical.

Since the close defeat of separatism in the 1995 referendum, federalists have demanded a clear question for any public decision on Quebec sovereignty. Parliament even passed the Clarity Act, enshrining such a requirement into law.

Considering the need therefore of a clear question to decide whether Quebeckers want to stay in Canada or not, it is mind-blowing to see our country’s politicians and pundits claim that the Parti Quebecois’s (Read more…)

kirbycairo: Harper and His Cabal, When Men get Desperate. . .

I haven’t watched the thursday political panel on The National for a while but I caught it yesterday and was somewhat surprised by what I heard. The conversation was further evidence that the political mood is changing. Chantal Hébert said that it seems clear now that even Harper and Flaherty can no longer believe that their government is in anyway transparent, and that they must surely understand that their cabal is considerably more opaque that any previous government. Andrew Coyne took up the conversation from there and suggested essentially that Harper is gradually becoming something of a liability to the

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The previous blog post was seen as a might bit unfair by a couple of folks on twitter. Particularly in my thought that Ms. Murray and Coyne were so off base that their position was quite farcical. Let me explain in more depth the problems with their position. Firstly, they’ve warped the idea of the [...] Liberal Crybabies

So the other day I found this article popping up on my feed. In this article Liberal leadership candidates Ms. Murray and Ms. Coyne allege that the party is “undermining” the leadership election process by keeping the supporter lists of each candidate separate until March 3rd — some six weeks before the actual vote for the Liberal leadership. [...]

Polygonic: The Coyne chrysalis

‎”This isn’t about the planes, in other words, or costs, or accounting. This is about accountability. This is is about whether departments are answerable to their ministers, and whether ministers are answerable to Parliament — or whether billions of public dollars can be appropriated without the informed consent of either Parliament or the public… And it is about whether we, as citizens, are prepared to pay attention, and hold people in power to account when they lie to us.

Which is to say, it is about whether we live in a functioning Parliamentary democracy, or want to.”

Andrew Coyne,

kirbycairo: Lying is Government Policy. . . .

Yesterday Andrew Coyne (once the great apologist for the Harpercons) tore a strip of Peter MacKay and the Government in general so long and so deep that if these events were taking place a generation ago we would see the entire cabinet resign in disgrace.

Coyne demonstrates that MacKay (and the government in general) has straightforwardly and systematically lied to the House of Commons and to the public about the largest government procurement in living memory. “This isn’t some campaign slip of the lip,” Coyne tells us, “or the usual political weasel words .. this isn’t even the case of ministers misleading parliament,

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