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Reflections on Copenhagen

Well in the late hours of last night the leaders finally came to an “agreement” that basically says a whole lot of nothing. It’s hard to come away from here thinking that the conference was anything other than a failure. It was very striking to me when… . . . → Read More: Reflections on Copenhagen

Disaster in Copenhagen

We’ve spend the day watching the live feed of negotiations from the Bella Center, and unless there is a big change in the next few hours then we will end up with a document that basically says everyone realizes that climate change is an important issue… . . . → Read More: Disaster in Copenhagen

Live From Copenhagen Archive

Since today is a slow day for me, I decided to create a list of all my post from Copenhagen in one spot in case you’ve missed a post and are interested in following my coverage. I’ll update this list with any posts I make after this point.In chronologi… . . . → Read More: Live From Copenhagen Archive

Recap of Day Three

Well my day today again started fairly early with a line up at 7:30 to get into the Bella Center, fortunately today the line actually moved so I was in after about 30/40 minutes. If you got in with an NGO then you didn’t have access to as much of the B… . . . → Read More: Recap of Day Three

Clean Energy and Climate Action: A North American Collaboration

This panel is hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Pembina Institute. Guest Speaker are: Jean Charest Greg Selinger Shalini Vajjhala (Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of International Affairs, US Env… . . . → Read More: Clean Energy and Climate Action: A North American Collaboration

Climate Summit of Mayors

3:00 – well this room is standing room only, the speakers are:Ritt Rjerregaar (Lord Mayor of Copenhagen)Amos Masondo (Johannesburg)Rakesh Mehta (Delhi)Robert Doyle (Melbourne)Marcelo Ebrard (Mexico City)Antoni Villaraigosa (LA)Barbel Dieckmann (Chair o… . . . → Read More: Climate Summit of Mayors

Gender and Climate Change

Early this afternoon Iceland hosted an interesting session on gender and climate change. The basic thesis of it is that women must be included at the group at the table at all levels because women have different experiences with climate change. Their a… . . . → Read More: Gender and Climate Change

Green Growth and Green Jobs

While the media’s focus is on the negotiations, a lot of the conference here is about presentations from governments and NGOs on many different environmentally friendly things that have worked when they have been implemented. This morning I attended … . . . → Read More: Green Growth and Green Jobs

Recap of Day Two

Well after queuing at the Bella Center starting at 4:30 this morning for when registration opened at 8 (I wasn’t even the first one in line) I did make it in today just before 9. While we can’t get in to watch the negotiations taking place there are a … . . . → Read More: Recap of Day Two