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A pole-dancer, you say? Blimey!

Most middle-aged Brits keep fit by doing pint curls in the local pub. But this one‘s found another, and arguably healthier, exercise…which, coincidentally, is also done in a lot of bars:

A father of two has found a clever way to watch pole dancers without getting into trouble – by becoming one.

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Economics for Dummies: The scariest poet in Britain?

Funny, he doesn’t look so intimidating to me:

But then again, I’m not a corporate tax dodger.

Girl, look at that body!

He works out:

This just keeps getting funnier every time I see it. Most of all because it’s true. It’s funny because he’s sexy, and he’s sexy because he’s funny. It’s like an endless positive feedback loop!

And if the “Namaste” in his goofy-ass valentine to Regretsy is any indication, it’s a pretty safe . . . → Read More: Girl, look at that body!

Zut alors! Plus de “mademoiselle”!

Ah, oui. C’est fini, l’ennui:

The term “mademoiselle” is about to disappear from French paperwork.

Under pressure from campaigners, the government has decided that women will not have to choose how to describe themselves on official documents.

Unlike men, women have been forced to choose between a married “madame” or unmarried “mademoiselle”.

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