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The Canadian Progressive: Canada’s overcrowded jails full of legally innocent people: Report

A new study from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says Canada’s provincial and territorial jails are holding thousands of legally innocent people.

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The Canadian Progressive: Germany to reject Conservatives’ Canada-EU free trade deal

A victory for Canadian democracy as Germany rejects the Harper Conservatives’ reviled multi-billion dollar Canada-EU free trade deal.

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Bill Longstaff: Hamas more legitimate than Harper’s Conservatives

Discussions on the Palestine issue are usually framed as Hamas vs. Israel. This suggests Hamas is merely an organization when in fact it is the democratically-elected government of Palestine, having won the last all-Palestine election in 2006. Or at least it was. That government collapsed after violent assault from Israel including the arrest of dozens of parliamentarians, sanctions by Israel

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Conservative Chris Tells A Tall Tale

.@CBCNews – @calxandr HarperCON’s trained MP seal, announces Poverty has been eliminated in Canada. Yes, really— StopApartheid Israel (@NadineLumley) July 24, 2014

How Chris Alexander stacks up with James Moore, and Lying Leona A. I’ll leave to you to sort out.

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s Prostitution Bill C-36 ‘Offends’ Charter: Legal Experts

Over 200 legal experts from across Canada recently wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to protest Bill C-36, the Conservatives new prostitution law.

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THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Canada politics news roundup: Harper Conservatives’ lack of good governance

The Federal Court of Appeal’s ruling on the Harper Conservatives’ cancellation of refugee health care tops the list of my favorite Canada politics news headlines this week.

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Pushed to the Left and Loving It: It’s High Time Canadians Started Listening to Bill O’Reilly at Fox News

The Conservative Movement, that has been gaining momentum since the 1960s, has made one of their missions, destroying progressive agencies; especially those that support the Welfare State.

In the U.S., they honed in on ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), that advocated for low- and moderate-income families.

What bothered Conservatives the most about ACORN, however, was their voter registration drives, that encouraged the poor and disenfranchised to take part in the democratic process. They knew that anyone involved with the organization would not vote Republican, so have always worked to make sure that they didn’t vote (Read more…)

THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Harper’s cancellation of refugee health care “cruel and unusual” treatment: Federal Court

Harper’s cancellation of refugee health care was “cruel and unusual” treatment that “shocks the conscience and outrages Canadian standards of decency.”

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Left Over: Desperation and Distraction, but a Little Satisfaction?

Two things have me momentarily distracted these days, and both are all about the lack of traction that the Cons are getting from attacking both Junior and the NDP..vis a vis the ‘scandal’ that never was re their supposed illegal Parliamentary postal charge avoidance..what happened with that? Sadly (IMHO) the NDP are falling in the polls, yes, but I think that redemption may be at hand, at least in the form of continuing to be the Loyal Opposition after Junior’s team get elected..yes, I fear the writing is on the wall, I (Read more…)

THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: CBC “Abandons Canadians”, Says Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

The CBC plan to shift its priorities from television and radio to digital and mobile services, and reduce staff, abandons Canadians, says Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

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THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Rocco Galati launches lawsuit challenging Harper’s Citizenship Act changes

Prominent constitutional lawyer suing two Conservative cabinet ministers and Gov. Gen. David Johnston over the draconian changes Harper has made to Canada’s Citizenship Act through Bill C-24.

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THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Harper Will Regret Approving the Enbridge Pipeline: Forest Ethics

Vancouver-based environmental group Forest Ethics says Harper’s approval of the politically toxic Northern Gateway pipeline may cost him the 2015 election.

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: A Plan Designed To Fail Is No Plan At All #skpoli

“While it’s not immediately clear what impact the Obama (climate change) plan will have on the province, the government of Saskatchewan has taken measures to address the greenhouse gas issue through the development of programs and policies that will reduce our CO2 emissions,’ Wall said. “We have our (GHG) emissions reduction targets and continue to work toward them.”

Wall’s government’s plan is to reduce emissions to 20% below 2006 levels by 2020. Any climatologist could tell you this is totally insufficient to arrest climate change. The Kyoto protocol to reduce GHG to below 1990 levels, is arguably insufficient also, (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s “racist” changes to health care for refugees has threatened lives

by: Adrienne Silnicki | First published by The Council of Canadians on June 12, 2014

Another June 16th, is almost upon and we’re once again offering our support and solidarity to incredible organizations like Canadian Doctors for Refugees who are organizing yet another day of rallies and protest against the racist and discriminatory cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program (aka health care for refugees).

This June 16th, the Council of Canadians will once again join health care professionals, lawyers, students,labour brothers and sisters, and civil society to yell “shame!” at a government that feels no shame in (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Hide The Numbers, They Suck! #cdnpoli

Conservative Minister: “Why is that the only question that interests you?” Journalist: “Because you wont answer it, that’s why it’s interesting!” “You want the one question that I won’t answer because it changes every day. “We’ve been asking this for a year now,” Off says exasperatedly. … “click”.

That's a first: a Canadian government Minister just hung-up on Carol. Interview airs tonight.— As It Happens (@cbcasithappens) June 11, 2014

Conservative Transparency. Can’t provide a number during a year of questioning, because it always changes, or is more probably embarrassing for exposing a lie.

So mystery solved? "@ (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #PCloadLetter The Ontario PCs Send Misdirecting Mail #VoteOn

.@kady @KrankyKanuck @Mary_OGrady @1223Chuck Wouldn't you rather unmarked envelopes tell you where?… #PCloadLetter— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) June 11, 2014

(PC Load Letter is from printer displays of the past, and the comedy Office Space. It indicates the paper tray is empty. It was the best pun I could come up with on short notice.)

@AshleyCsanady front and back of London PC letter and envelope. No PC identifier. Hudak was flat wrong.— Press Office (@LibPressSec) June 11, 2014

Looks like a blatant vote misdirection scheme, akin to RoboCon used (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s Online Surveillance Bill C‐13 Reveals “Canada’s Growing Privacy Deficit”

by: Obert Madondo | June 8, 2014

Canada’s privacy experts are gravely concerned about Bill C-13, the Conservatives’ Orwellian cybercrime bill, deceptively named “Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act“.

Last week, over 30 of them expressed their concern in a scathing letter addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The signatories also told Harper that, Daniel Therrien, the newly-appointed Privacy Commissioner of Canada, lacks the “perspective and experience necessary to immediately tackle Canada’s many privacy problems.”

In a previous blog post, I quoted outgoing privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, who said Bill C-13 lacks “accountability and reporting mechanisms to shed light on new investigative powers.” I added:

Stoddardts statement (Read more…)

Left Over: Winner, Winner – BCTF for Liberal Dinner….



B.C. teachers’ strike fund running out ahead of vote Union has enough cash to finance a few more days of rotating strikes

By Stephen Smart, CBC News Posted: Jun 06, 2014 7:50 AM PT


A shrunken strike fund is exactly what the Provincial government was planning on..they knew that dragging the BCTF through the so-called ‘courts’ would deplete the once -healthy fund, and then they simply asked for, and received, a a pass on the big fine imposed on the government when they lost the case…a fine which would have gone a long way toward (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Lying Leona Gets Out The Muzzle

I wonder when this medieval government in Ottawa will get out the real muzzles? Lying Leona will throw away the keys.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: ConCalls: Trial Begins for Sona in #RoboCon #elxnfraud

An important trial in Canadian history is underway in Guelph, Ontario. Michael Sona, the only person accused by prosecutors of carrying out the illegall robocalls in Guelph to redirect people to the “Old Quebec St. Mall”, faces jail and fines. However, he could not have carried out this crime by himself, calling into question the accuracy of the investigation by Al Mathews.

Mathews is accompanied by Chris Crawford, a former CPC staffer and former Guelph campaign worker.— Robocalls trial (@robocallstrial) June 02, 2014

From #robocalls trial via @stphnmaher: "Agreed statement of facts: No record of (Read more…)

Trashy's World: I. Trashy. Am depleting the atmosphere. Kill me now.

Solar panels are draining the sun. Crap. Double crap. This week, a scientific research facility in Wyoming made a startling discovery that is certain to change the way millions of Americans look at the environmentalism movement, after they found conclusive evidence that solar panels not only convert the sun’s energy into usable energy, but that […]

Bill Longstaff: Why is the environment considered primarily a left-wing concern?

Conservative and conservation are almost the same word, both deriving from the Latin conservare, “to preserve,” and differing only by two letters. We might expect, therefore, that conservatives would be great conservationists, deeply concerned about preserving the natural world, foremost stewards of the environment.

Yet that doesn’t seem to be the case. Not that conservatives aren’t concerned

The Canadian Progressive: SHAME: Harper Government Whitewashed Colombian Human Rights Abuses

by: Obert Madondo | May 20, 2014

To quote Amnesty International Canada’s Alex Neve: Canadian mining companies lead the mining world; but none aspire to lead the world in mining-related human rights abuses.

That’s serious human rights abuses committed by Canadian mining companies particularly in the developing world.

The Harper government had both the opportunity and obligation to highlight the serious mining-related human rights abuses happening in Colombia in its third annual Human Rights Impact Report for the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. The report is mandatory under the Canada-Colombia free trade deal, signed by the Conservatives and Colombian government (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: ConCalls: Insufficient Investigation for #RoboCon

A lawyer central to the Federal Court challenge of election fraud in 2011, has made a list of deficiencies in the Elections Canada Commish’s report.

#cdnpoli #MUSTread Dancing with Mr. Côté over the Fair Elections Act & PDF assessment of #robocalls case.… #muckreads— Judyth Mermelstein (@GadflyQuebec) May 10, 2014

What led the Commish Cote to ignore obvious evidence and conclusions. Hopefully it’s not a factor of being appointed by Stephen Harper, but any reason still leaves Canadians with an unsolved crime. The Commish failed to carry out his duty to protect Canadian elections from crime.

The Commissioner (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Canadian Airlines Hired Temporary Foreign Worker Pilots

by: Obert Madondo | May 11, 2014

Obert Madondo, Editor, The Canadian Progressive

Canadian airlines exploited the Harper Conservatives’ Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to “systematically” exclude Canadian pilots and hire foreign ones, a new memo reveals.

No only that. Employment Minister Jason Kenney’s department blessed the hiring even though the applicants did not meet “program requirements and guidance”.

The memo from Kenney’s Deputy Minister Ian Shugart reveals that the department ignored concerns by Canadian pilot associations and other stakeholders that the two airlines cited in the memo, Sunwing and Canjet, were “continuing to pursue a business model that (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: The Canadian Progressive: Canadian Airlines Hired Temporary Foreign Worker Pilots