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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Another Conservative “cover-up”

It’s bad enough that there’s no sight of Conservative candidates campaigning to public crowds in Regina, but Conservative-friendly orgs are also trying to cover-up their interview contents.

Sloppiest. Cover-up. Ever. Conservative Michael Kram's LITERALLY covered-up interview with 'pro-life' paper. #elxn42

— ʇɹǝqoɹ Jago (@rjjago) October 5, 2015

This particular Con candidate is running in Wascana, against Goodale, among others. I once saw a sandwich board say he was door-knocking in Parkridge, and another time his campaign flyer came to the door. That’s the extent of interaction I’ve had with this man who passionately wants to end a (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Underage girls, booze and other reasons to dump Conservative MP Rick Dykstra

Struggling to figure out why you should dump Conservative MP Rick Dykstra? He reportedly bought booze for underage girls at the Mansion House nightclub in St. Catharines, where he is seeking re-election during the Oct. 19 federal election.

The post Underage girls, booze and other reasons to dump Conservative MP Rick Dykstra appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Gaffes and ‘anti-Semitism’ on the campaign trail

In the Sept. 17 Globe and Mail leaders’ debate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made reference to “old-stock Canadians” in defending his government’s policy on health care for refugees and immigrants, saying it had only denied care to bogus claimants. “We do not offer them a better health-care plan than the ordinary Canadian can receive,” Harper […]

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: The NDP "is not planning any changes to our current form of the parliamentary system" 

It is not often I get to talk about issues related to the monarchy on this blog. I mostly keep that on the other blog I writefor. However the Monarchist League of Canada recently surveyed the main federal parties on their views towards theCanadian Monarchy. One of the answers was curious though. The NDP’s reply was thus:

“The NDP is not planning any changes to our current form of the parliamentary system. Ourfocus is on meeting the challenges of middle-class families for better jobs, affordablechildcare and reliable healthcare.”

Now there are a few things to (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: CBC Wrecks Another Debate #elxn42

I’ve long called for More Debates, Not Fewer Debaters, and CBC again disappoints.

Not much watchdog press left in Canada. No wonder people reject mainstream journalism for real reporting online.#cbc

— John MacDougall (@coircomann) October 2, 2015

Despite efforts by the major TV broadcasters, NDP have refused to participate in the debate.

— Green Party Canada (@CanadianGreens) October 2, 2015

Nope. @Blahaaron @josh_wingrove @acoyne uh the final election debate is next week..

— kady o'malley (@kady) October 2, 2015

My Feb. prediction, sadly is coming true.

The unethical fools (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: If You Don’t Like Canada…

Comments from CBC story, discussing the U-Pass at the University of Regina:

Corruptable writes:

forcing someone to pay for a bus pass they will not use is ludicrous. she would force everyone to pay for a parking spot that only some will use…

blue cheese responds:

@Corruptable like getting taxed for schools when we have no children, paying more on our power bills to provide cenovus with liquid co2 getting taxed for city recycling whether we want to or not paying for the football stadium whether we use it or not paying for healthcare whether sick or not etc (Read more…)

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Free Trade, CETA, TPP, and the US and Canadian Federal Elections: Some Critical Perspective

The following is critical to understand – for the people of Canada, the US, Europe and the world: “free trade” deals such those already signed (NAFTA), and those being pushed through with great secrecy now (CETA, TTIP and TPP), are agreements which grant supra-national powers to transnational corporations, powers over and above democratically elected governments, […] A national icon takes his leave

One of the questions I posed in this space a few weeks ago was: who will be the next big-name Jewish MP? With apologies to Joe Oliver, Canada’s first Jewish federal finance minister, what I may subconsciously have been asking is who will be the next Irwin Cotler, now that the 75-year-old Mount Royal Liberal […]

Maple-Flavoured Politics: Stephen Harper Doesn’t Trust Stephen Harper

Today, Stephen Harper announced that Stephen Harper doesn’t trust Stephen Harper. OK, he didn’t quite put it that way, but that was a logical conclusion that one could draw from his announcement. At an event in Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, Harper added a “Tax Lock” law plank to the Conservative election platform. Under this law, the government … Continue Reading

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Bruce Carson’s Bigger Scandal

When Harper appointed Carson as a top adviser, the fraud used his position to undermine research into climate change.

About the only part not worth reading is the line saying “There is no easy way to cut emissions and grow the economy”, and now you’ve read it, and can recognize that tired line as untrue.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Harper Can’t Grasp the Solution to ISIS

Fisk puts his finger on the failing pulse of Canadian leadership the last decade.

“We had a chance to do something at the end of the First World War [when Sykes-Picot was signed], but we didn’t. Nobody reads history books anymore. One of the first things ISIS did was to put up a badly filmed sequence of a bulldozer pushing down a sand wall on the Iraqi-Syrian border. It was pushing it down, and on the ground beside it was a tiny piece of paper, ‘End of Sykes-Picot.’ Someone said to me then that it was the end of (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Enough of this low tax nonsense

If conservatives believe in low taxes in order to keep government small, so be it, but when they insist that low taxes are necessary for a healthy economy, they are talking rot, parroting a mantra that has been utterly disproved.

The low tax theory can in fact be refuted with one word: Sweden. I could use other words, e.g. Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, etc., but Sweden will do. Sweden has

Left Over: Take a Propaganda at this Ridiculous Headline….

Spin Cycle: Is the NDP’s proposed corporate tax hike a ‘job killer’? Liberals, Conservatives decry NDP plan to raise corporate tax rate to 17% from 15%

By Ira Basen, CBC News Posted: Sep 17, 2015 3:22 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 17, 2015 3:32 PM ET

Who wrote that headline, some-under-assistant from the Tory propaganda division of the Conservative party? It’s been shown time and again that doing things like raising taxes, raising the minimum wage, etc. do not in fact unemployment, layoffs, or cause corporate types to run away, screaming…it’s way too late for that. Those corporate greed-mongers who would (Read more…) Refugees: a Jewish issue comes to the fore

A quintessentially Jewish issue has dominated the news and become a prominent election issue ever since the picture of three-year-old Alan Kurdi lying dead in the Mediterranean surf generated headlines worldwide earlier this month. For many, the painful image has crystallized the ongoing question of what the world ought to be doing about the human […] Maclean’s: Conservatives made deal to quiet dissent on C-51, gun group says

Conservatives offered a deal with the National Firearms Association to quiet C-51 dissent, and then broke their promise. 

Article by Laura Payton for Maclean’s

The president of the National Firearms Association says the Conservative government offered to make changes to its gun licensing bill if the NFA held its fire on the controversial bill C-51, then reneged on the agreement.

read more

The Canadian Progressive: Canadian rights groups demand a stronger Canadian response to the Syrian refugee crisis

Amnesty International and 11 other rights and refugee groups have released a comprehensive set of recommendations that should form the basis of Canada’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

The post Canadian rights groups demand a stronger Canadian response to the Syrian refugee crisis appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Dead Boy In The Sea

Wednesday’s Twitter feeds were jammed with the body of a young corpse of a boy facing down in the sand as an authority stood over the body and soon picked him up to carry his body away. I realized the boy was from a refugee family that didn’t make a boat crossing. He was a Syrian attempting to leave Turkey. His family had sought refuge in Canada. Regrettably, the Canadian Government did not make it possible, and the family fled Turkey by boat and most of them died.

Growing concerned that this woman is going to be savaged by this (Read more…)

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: ‘GhostVolunteer’ and why its a Bad Idea

I happened upon a Facebook discussion that had ended up on my feed due to a friend commenting on it. The discussionwas on a script called ‘GhostVolunteer‘ that would automatically fill in the volunteer form on the Conservative Partywebsite with random data. The idea being to flood the site with legitimate-looking, but completely fake, volunteer offers.

Now there are a number of issues to discuss here. For starters I don’t know how the volunteer forms are dealt oncereceived so its an open question whether GhostVolunteer would even have an effect. Regardless of what you (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Mrs. Universe urges Canada’s First Nations to vote out Harper

Newly-crowned Mrs. Universe, Ashley Callingbull, is calling on First Nations people in Canada to vote out Stephen Harper during the 2015 federal election.

The post Mrs. Universe urges Canada’s First Nations to vote out Harper appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Learn About Conservatives

Here’s a fun way to learn about the Conservative Party of Canada.

Reminds me of how I speak of Prime Minister Harper while on Twitter, I reference this guy instead:

I have been Prime Minister for 10 years. #elxn42 #cdnpoli

— Not Steve Harper (@pmoharper) August 4, 2015 iPolitics: Top gun advocate turns on Tories, runs as Independent

Huge numbers of conservatives are speaking out against reckless Bill C-51. Despite Harper’s Conservatives’ efforts to keep the gun lobby in their camp, the sector warns about the dangerous power-grab this legislation gives the security sector, threatening Canadians’ privacy rights. Let’s keep fighting until we Kill C-51 –>

  Article by Claire Wahlen

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Pay To Access Harper

A lot has been said recently about people paying to have access to the Prime Minister.

@Justin_Ling @saskboy you are being told what to write?if i an issue with that

— shawn d hill (@nbf54321) July 8, 2015

Ling has said:

So @KoryCPC asked me to write a story about how I can't ask Harper questions without paying $78,000. I obliged.

— Justin Ling (@Justin_Ling) August 24, 2015

Perhaps it’s too obliging to ask the Harpercons about their exploitation of ISIS propaganda in this campaign?

While it's just a media access issue, I think @Justin_Ling is (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Political Advice From Conservatives

“If media insist on covering #DuffyTrial, then cover other political party scams as well. Stop protecting #NDP & #LPC” – Gail Dyer

@GailDyer10 someone who voted for Canada's most recently jailed MP is dispensing political advice on Twitter? Oh goody! #DelMastro

— John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) August 23, 2015

“Basically Premier Brad Well has rightfully told Cdn. Media less talk about #DuffyTrial & more focus on our Cdn. Economy. #WellSaid.” – Bill Brasky

With oil prices collapsing, lowest interest since 1986 in bidding at federal auction: Gulf of Mexico drilling leases

— Keith Bradsher (@KeithBradsher) August 20, 2015

(Read more…)

The Political Road Map: George Lucas Hates This Post!

I thought I would take the Star Wars/Federal Election 2015 crossover and have some fun with it.

Please spread around with your friends and enjoy!

And of course…

“If elected, I will increase the number of reserves to 30,000.”

. . . → Read More: The Political Road Map: George Lucas Hates This Post!

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: Random Thoughts: Just Not Ready For The Meme Campaigning

So today I was at work (I do this a lot these days) and it was fairly quiet. My coworker from the Flooring Department wasvisiting my glorious Paint Department. He has been learning how to work in the department in his free time (probably aspart of some plot to supplant me). Anyways, I decided it was time for him to add his name in paint to the old painter’sbench we have laying around. After a rather embarrassing scene where he misspelled his own name I went off to lunch.

This is all backgrounder for what happened next. (Read more…)