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Scott's DiaTribes: The Niqab Hijab etc.. real issue.

By now, you know that a Federal Court has ruled against the Government of Canada that wanted veils/face coverings removed for the “ceremonial” part of the citizenship ceremony to become a Canadian citizen. (more specifically, niqabs, and apparently hijabs). You also know that Prime Minister Harper has decided to go on a rant about that, calling it against Canadian values, etc.. and the Conservative Party is fundraising on the issue.

I can go on about how this is attempting to appeal to the base fears and prejudices of Canadian society, and how they’re trying to cynically use this issue to (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: A good-news story in Canadian media/journalism news: Sun…

A good-news story in Canadian media/journalism news:

Sun “News” Network, aka Fox News North, aka the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation, aka Harper TV, aka Scum Spews is finally shutting down due to a shortage of viewers. I just hope Harper doesn’t bail them out with our taxpayer dollars as part of his Conservative Action Adscam Plan to win the next election. I wouldn’t put it past that scheming, thieving piece of shit. He played a hand in setting up the channel in the first place.

It’s comforting to know there still aren’t enough far-right, ignorant, bigoted, self-hating traitors in Canada (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Canadian and American right-wing politicians going on about…

Canadian and American right-wing politicians going on about Islamic terrorism has a sickening stench of hypocrisy, considering the fact that the American government and other Western governments helped fund, arm and train Muslim extremists during the Cold War, which has contributed to many of the problems in the Middle East (and beyond) today. It looks like the American military-industrial-spy complex backed the wrong “enemy of my enemy is my friend” in that one. They made their bed, and now they are lying to us.

One of the main reasons there isn’t a strong secular, democratic alternative in most Middle Eastern (Read more…)

The Progressive Right: Canada’s Veterans Still Need Protection from Conservatives ( #cdnpoli )

Canada’s veterans rejoiced when Julian Fantino was finally booted from Veterans Affairs on January 5. Mr. Fantino was replaced by Durham Conservative MP, Erin O’Toole. Ostensibly, a sound pick – a former RCAF officer. Someone with such a background, you’d think would bring a sympathetic ear to what veterans need. You would be forgiven if you had forgotten that O’Toole fully parroted Julian Fantino’s hard line stance against honouring veterans benefits at every turn – fully endorsing the government’s inaction in the care of Canada’s veterans.

You would argue that it was up to O’Toole to simply toe the party (Read more…)

The Progressive Right: Veterans Need Protection from Conservatives, Part One Thousand ( #cdnpoli )

Conservatives have continuously let down veterans since coming to power.

We’ve since learned that the Conservative Party let $1.1 billion (with a ‘B’) lapse in veteran funding. Essentially, Veterans Affairs had $1.1 billion budgeted to spend on veterans’ programs and the ministry did not spend it. Simply put – the demand for services was there, but for whatever reason, did not spend the money.

Now, Veterans Affairs is on the attack. The Veterans Affairs department says some veterans are exaggerating their injuries to continue receiving financial benefits from the government and to avoid joining the work force. [Canada. (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Doug Ford should drop out of the Toronto mayoral race – he is…

Doug Ford should drop out of the Toronto mayoral race – he is splitting the anti-John Tory vote. John Tory should drop out of the mayoral race because he is splitting the anti-Doug Ford vote. They should both drop out because they are both splitting the pro-Chow vote.

If that sounds silly or presumptuous, then think of how arrogant and pretentious it sounds to Chow supporters (or NDP supporters in federal and provincial elections) that progressive-minded people should roll over, abandon their principles and “strategically” vote against their own interests just because one right-wing, pro-corporate, anti-labour, elitist candidate “isn’t as (Read more…)

The Progressive Right: Sign the Petition, Tell Stephen Harper to Stop the #Pickering Airport ( #cdnpoli #NoPickeringAirport )

Land Over Landings have posted a petition to tell Stephen Harper to stop the Pickering airport development citing the following points.

Building an unneeded airport is an inexcusable waste of taxpayers’ money. Putting an airport or other development on foodland is grossly irresponsible; farmland is permanently destroyed by development. Such development would eliminate important natural habitat and essential wildlife corridors adjacent to the new Rouge National Urban Park. Foodland close to Canada’s largest and fastest-growing city must be fiercely protected to ensure future food security. No government has a right to deprive future generations of an irreplaceable food and freshwater (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Premier Mulligan #nlpoli

The news on Monday was not Frank Coleman’s announcement.

The news was in the reaction of provincial Conservatives to word that Coleman wouldn’t be Premier after all.

They skipped past the obligatory expressions of concern over Coleman’s unspecified family problem and quickly went on to talk up the chances the party now had to hold a “proper” leadership contest.

Conservatives were relieved that Frank was gone.  You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief.

(Read more…)

264MHz: Conservative Million Jobs Plan ads removed from Google Ads

I had been seeing Ontario Conservative’s Million Jobs Plan adds on websites for weeks. Some times I would even click on them knowing it would mean money would be transferred from the Conservatives to the left-wing websites I am reading.

I was thinking about what I could do now that we have found out the million jobs are based on bogus math and I realized I could complain to the online ad companies arguing the ads where inaccurate. On the morning of Thursday May 29th I submitted a complaint by clicking on the corner on the ad. By Friday May (Read more…)

264MHz: Ontario Conservatives, Mathematically Irresponsible

It’s been four days since the mathematical failure of the Conservative’s Million Jobs Plan was relieved, yet strangely it isn’t the top story of the election.

There have been two articles in The Star, but they are “balanced” in that the give equal time to both sides when, in fact, one side is factually correct and one is incorrect. At this point they shouldn’t be asking Hudak if he stands by his numbers. They should be asking if they are wrong because of incompetence or did he attempt to perpetrate a fraud on the people of Ontario. They might even (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: The Harper Cons have announced they are naming the new Finance…

The Harper Cons have announced they are naming the new Finance Canada building after the worst finance minister in Canadian (and Ontario) history, “Deficit Jim” Flaherty. To reflect Flaherty’s disastrous political record and mean-spirited personality, it will:

Be small and useless Go billions of dollars over budget and have a huge mortgage Be funded by money embezzled from veterans’ services, Employment Insurance, healthcare, scientific research, job training programs, environmental conservation, etc. Be built by underpaid temporary foreign workers instead of Canadians Be constructed and operated under unsafe conditions Have a false front Feature a gazebo, a fake lake and (Read more…)

The Progressive Right: Canada’s Veterans Need Protection from Conservatives, Part 4 ( #cdnpoli #cpc )

As we’ve previously reviewed on this blog, the Harper Government™ and their treatment of Canada’s veterans is nothing short of disgusting. To suggest that the Conservative Minister for Veterans Affairs, Julian Fantino, is the worst Veterans Affairs minister Canada has ever had might be putting it mildly.

Yesterday, Julian Fantino defended the government’s decision to promote Veterans Affairs via Twitter at the total cost of $100,000 while still defending the government’s record of not providing benefits to the Last Post Fund, denying veterans benefits, and closing Veterans Affairs offices.

Adding repeated insult to injury, the promoted tweet advertise the (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: "I can’t even get my friends to like me." Mark this date:…

“I can’t even get my friends to like me.”

Mark this date: April 16, 2014. Disgraced Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper tells the truth for the first time in his political career, as he campaigns at the state funeral of former finance minister Jim Flaherty. The rest of Harper’s speech was full of lies and propaganda, as usual.

Harper should be more like Flaherty (in his current state).

A Different Point of View....: Flaherty’s Legacy – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The unexpected, shocking death of Jim Flaherty, the Conservative Party’s only Finance Minister until his retirement less than a month ago, has resulted in hundreds of warm tributes for his commitment to public life and praise from those in business and conservative circles who approved of his financial and economic policies.

Flaherty the man, who was only 64, was devoted to his family and one of the most popular Members of Parliament. Friends indicated that Flaherty was headed for a high-paying job on Bay Street, so he could make the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars he had sacrificed by taking a lower paying government job.

PM Stephen Harper with Flaherty: Nixing stimulus, killing revenue. Photo courtesy of The Tyee

While Jim Flaherty’s life achievements and humanity should be praised, it also needs to be said that his policies severely discriminated against the vast majority of Canadians.

Flaherty had control of purse strings . . . → Read More: A Different Point of View….: Flaherty’s Legacy – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Ranting Canadian: Canadians will forever be indebted because of Jim…

Canadians will forever be indebted because of Jim Flaherty.

Regardless of what one thinks of the recently deceased man on a personal level, if one uses objective, non-emotional criteria, it is clear that he was probably the worst finance minister in Canadian history. Unfortunately for us, his replacement, Joe Oliver, will likely be much worse.

Almost immediately after Flaherty’s death became public, the fawning political praise and sickening historical revisionism flooded in like oil from an Enbridge pipeline spill. Over-the-top accolades for the small callous man have been stomach-churning, and is an insult to his many victims. It is (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: The so-called “Fair Elections Act” is so bad for democracy in so many ways it’s hard to wrap your head around it all.

All Canadians concerned with democratic elections and all political parties must cooperate in the next election. Canada’s future trumps short term political ambitions. Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May must structure a cooperative model to defeat Steve Harper in the public interest. It can be done. There is too much at risk!

This was posted to Facebook by Cupe New Brunswick and is reproduced below.

The so-called “Fair Elections Act” is so bad for democracy in so many ways it’s hard to wrap your head around it all. Most people have already heard about how it will prevent some (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: March 12, 2014 was the day that the Canadian government…

March 12, 2014 was the day that the Canadian government officially ended its 12-year occupation of Afghanistan. What a pointless waste of lives, money and resources for a so-called “mission” that was never clearly defined and kept changing whenever the previous excuses stopped fooling the public.

Hopefully the Canadian military does actually get out of that country instead of doing what the Americans usually do when they invade countries across the globe: set up permanent bases and never leave.

Based on the evidence, the Jean Chretien Liberals committed our troops to this directionless, bloody escapade as a way to appease (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: U.S. conservatives going all progressive?

If Justice Minister Peter MacKay announcing that the Conservatives may soften marijuana laws came as a surprise, the change of heart among some conservatives in the U.S. is nothing less than a shock.

Addressing the 2014 Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference in Washington, CPAC’s blogger of the year, Mary Katherine Ham, argued in favor of accepting marijuana legalization in

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Shawn: Prince of Denmark #nlpoli

The provincial New Democrats have dropped to single digits among respondents to the latest Corporate Research Associates quarterly omnibus poll. [See note below]

Other than that everything in the party choice results is the same as it was before Christmas. 

For the Conservatives – up by three points, but well within the margin of error of 4.9% for the unadjusted party support figures – the party has been at the same level in the polls since last May.

(Read more…)

The Progressive Right: Devil’s Advocate on that MNC Poll ( #cpc #cdnpoli #mnc14 )

As you’re probably aware, the conservative elite have gathered in Ottawa for the Manning Centre conference on being super-duper conservatives. During the conference, Carleton University’s André Turcotte presented a poll that painted a dark future for Canada’s Conservative Party. The number of people that identify themselves as Conservative is down (especially in British Columbia), and: On the question of ability to deal with the economy, the Liberals and Conservatives are essentially tied.

Both the Liberals and NDP rate ahead of the Conservatives on the separate questions of managing health care and unemployment.

The worst result for the Conservatives comes on (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Harper-&-Rogues Gallery – Part 3 Recent news that the…

Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney, Canada’s second-worst prime minister (Harper is the worst).

Stephen Harper and Silvio Berlusconi, disgraced former prime minister of Italy.

Vic Toews and Stephen Harper. Toews is a disgraced former Conservative MP with fascist tendencies and a sleazy personal life.

Pamela Wallin and Stephen Harper. Wallin is a disgraced Conservative senator who fraudulently misused senate expense money for personal and partisan purposes.

Bev Oda and Stephen Harper. Oda is a a disgraced former Conservative MP who misused tax money for personal benefit. She also fraudulently altered a government document.

Rob Anders and Stephen Harper. Anders is (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Harper-&-Rogues Gallery – Part 2 Recent news that the…

Stephen Harper and Pierre Poilivere, the minister in charge of dismantling democracy in Canada.

Stockwell Day, Chuck Strahl and Stephen Harper. Day and Strahl are disgraced former Conservative MPs who now work as sleazy lobbyists.

Tom Flanagan and Stephen Harper. Flanagan, who is Harper’s political mentor and former colleague, is a creep who has said many creepy things.

Stephen Harper and Hamid Karzai, the corrupt president of Afghanistan.

Stephen Harper and Andrew Prescott, the alleged “Pierre Poutine” in the Conservative election fraud phone scandal.

Michael Sona and Stephen Harper. Sona is one of the alleged footsoldiers in the Conservative election (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Harper-&-Rogues Gallery – Part 1 Recent news that the…

Harper-&-Rogues Gallery – Part 1

Recent news that the drummer in Stephen Harper’s terrible cover band was charged with sex crimes re-emphasizes the fact that Harper loves to surround himself with sleazebags, crooks and various ne’er-do-wells. That’s because he is one of them. Here is part one of a gallery of photos of Harper with undesirables. From top to bottom, Harper is with:

1. Phillip Nolan (on the far right), charged with sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation over alleged incidents while he was a school teacher.

2. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s quasi-fascist, corrupt, bigoted president.

3. Justin Bieber (Read more…)

The Progressive Right: Canada’s Veterans Need Protection from Conservatives, Part 2 ( #cpc #cdnpoli )

On the following motion. That, in the opinion of the House, the men and women who bravely serve Canada in the armed forces should be able to count on the government for support in their time of need, and that the government should demonstrate this support by (a) immediately addressing the mental health crisis facing Canadian soldiers and veterans by hiring appropriate mental health professionals; (b) reversing its decision to close veterans’ offices; and (c) prioritizing and concluding the over 50 outstanding boards of inquiry on military suicides so that grieving families may have answers and closure.

Conservatives voted unanimously (Read more…)

The Progressive Right: Canada’s Veterans Need Protection from Conservatives ( #cdnpoli #cpc )

Long thought of as a core constituency of Conservative parties in Canada, veterans have been the target of Conservative cutbacks and slights over the past couple of years. Conservatives are more than willing to hold veterans up as election props, but for whatever reason, have taken to attacking them.

Conservative MP Rob Anders arrived late to a meeting to discuss homeless veterans and then proceeded to stretch out, and fall asleep. Homeless veterans don’t vote, I guess.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is proud of the fact that 67% of applications for the Last Post Fund, a fund that helps (Read more…)