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Northern Reflections: An Albatross For A Long Time

The Conservative Party of Canada is in a bad place. Even Conservative cheerleader L. Ian MacDonald admits that — as a recent EKOS poll suggests that those who call themselves Conservatives wish that Stephen Harper would rise again from the ashes:There… . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: An Albatross For A Long Time

Northern Reflections: Twinkie Nostagia

The demise of the Twinkie, Paul Krugman writes, has unleashed a wave of nostalgia for the 1950’s — a world  many conservatives think of as a Golden Age. But, Krugman writes, the economic policies of the ’50’s were  a lot different than the c… . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: Twinkie Nostagia

Northern Reflections: Something’s In The Air

In his review of Stephen Harper’s first year of majority rule, John Ibbitson wrote that the prime minister had  been “unbound.” And the passage of the government’s omnibus budget bill seemed to prove Ibbitson’s point. But, as the contents of the bill were made public, something else happened. The public showed signs of discontent.

. . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: Something’s In The Air