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Blevkog: “Toxic to my heart”

Is it just me, or does it look like Mike Duffy is enjoying himself? Not willing to easily give up his free ride on the taxpayer dollar, Mike Duffy is playing these Senate hearings up as much as possible with allegations that the CONservative Party paid his legal expenses in order to hide his little . . . → Read More: Blevkog: “Toxic to my heart”

Blevkog: It’s Just a Small Change

We’re trying to start this blog up again. To that end here’s a quick proposal. I propose that in light of recent Senate scandal allegations, and frankly, everything else we know about Stephen Harper’s behaviour, that the title of Prime Minister be changed to Darth for the duration of the Reform Party CPC’s time in . . . → Read More: Blevkog: It’s Just a Small Change

Blevkog: The end of one career and the start of the next…

“The second point is that all monies have been recovered. The taxpayers are not on the hook for a single dime. That is exactly how our government should act in the circumstances.” The article linked to this quote is about a Conservative staffer to minister Christian Paradis by the name of Richard Walker. The quick . . . → Read More: Blevkog: The end of one career and the start of the next…