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Montreal Simon: The Con Regime Goes After Pen Canada

We always knew he was the most disgusting bully this country has ever seen.

We knew that he was using Revenue Canada to try to intimidate his political opponents.Or anyone who disagreed with the foul policies of his depraved regime.And now that monstrous political thug is going after Pen Canada.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Apocalypse and the Humbling of Stephen Harper

As you may remember, I was deeply troubled by Stephen Harper's wild diatribe at the Calgary Stampede BBQ almost two weeks ago.I couldn't decide whether he had inhaled the fumes of his own propaganda, like Rob Ford sucks on a crack pipe.Or was lying compulsively. Again.Or whether inflamed by the sight of all those cowboy hats, he had finally gone off the deep end. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Hugely Embarrassing Economic Problem

Well we all know how Stephen Harper likes to portray himself as a Great Economist Leader.The brilliant leader with the best job record in the G7, or the best growth record since Jesus took five loaves and two fish, and fed five thousand.And the ENVY of the world.But sadly for him, Harper's story is also starting to smell a little fishy. Or just plain fraudulent. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Horror of Gaza and the Shame of the Harper Regime

It's taken me a few days to summon up the strength to write something, anything, about the horror in Gaza.I just couldn't bring myself to look at the images of this latest war. As rockets from Palestinian militants in Gaza continue to fly into Israel and Israel continues to strike hard at Gaza, the options for each side are hardening. Both sides are employing brinksmanship, carrying out their biggest raids yet this weekend and threatening much more to come.Not when I'm still recovering from the images of the last one…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Summer of Discontent

Golly. I only hope Stephen Harper was able to shield himself from the rays of last night's super moon. Because in his agitated state I can only imagine the effect they might have had on him.He desperately needs to relax, but how can he? When he's facing a long summer of discontent, he just can't get Justin Trudeau and the Chief Justice out of his mind.And everywhere he looks the Cons are getting pounded.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime and the Never-Ending War on Veterans

I've written quite a few posts about the disgraceful way the Con regime treats our veterans.And about the disgusting way their depraved leader claims to be standing up for our men and women in uniform. God bless all of our men and women in uniform. #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) June 10, 2014

While betraying our wounded soldiers so miserably.

Now read the tragic story of Colin Fitzgerald, war hero and PTSD survivor. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Omar Khadr, and the Con War On the Supreme Court

I wrote my first post about the case of Omar Khadr just over seven years ago. And since then I have written more than eighty others.I have always considered the way that Canadian child soldier was treated to be one of the worst travesties of justice in the history of this country. And I believe Stephen Harper's cruel treatment of that young Canadian to be an absolute abomination.So you can imagine how I felt when I saw that Khadr had finally won a measure of justice.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Peter MacKay and the Outrageous Con Assault on the Supreme Court

As you may remember, the last time I wrote about Peter Dumbo MacKay, I thought he was in a gentle but fatal spiral, and heading for the ground, or his resignation, with satisfying speed.After having made a complete sexist fool out of himself. And for having made the Guinness Book of Dubious Records (for the mentally challenged) with the most number of bad bills rejected by the courts in the shortest period of time, for being riddled with elementary legal errors, and in contempt of the constitution.But sadly I was wrong.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Ill wind from Alberta

Well nobody at this beach on the Toronto Island today was complaining about an ill wind from the West.Because it was warm and wild, and summer like life is so short and precious.However, had they been in Calgary this weekend, they would have encountered another kind of wind.Hot, foul, and fetid, whistling out of Stephen Harper's main orifice, and aimed squarely at Justin Trudeau.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Chris Alexander and the Monstrous Cruelty of the Harper Regime

As I have mentioned before, the story of Chris Alexander reminds in some ways of the Oscar Wilde story The Picture of Dorian Gray.Where the portrait of the bright, boyishly handsome diplomat, morphs into something monstrous. After he sells his soul to the devil, or in his case Stephen Harper.And sure enough, in the latest chapter of Chrissy's descent into darkness, the picture grows even uglier. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rob Ford and the Magnificent Example of Joe Killoran

Well I knew the shirtless jogger Joe Killoran had won his confrontation with Rob Ford yesterday from the moment it was over.Because after that, as you can see in the photo, not even a gallon of horse tranquilizer could keep Robbie from peering nervously over his shoulder.No doubt trying to remember what Boss Harper had told him to do when confronted by an ordinary citizen angrily demanding answers. Apart from having them arrested, or in Ford's case jumping on them.But it was all in vain, the internet was unanimous, Joe was the winner.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Could This Be the Last Canada Day in Harperland?

Well I have to admit it couldn't have been a more perfect long weekend. It finally feels like summer in The Great White North. The breeze on the lake is warm and sexy. The island boys have World Cup fever, and so do I. The massive World Pride party ended with the most amazing rainbow I've ever seen.

Today was Canada Day. Another excuse to party like CRAZY !!!!And all I can say after finally collapsing this evening is, I wouldn't want to live in any other country in the whole wide world. And how lucky I am. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Rob Ford Was Confronted by a Topless Jogger

Well yesterday he came back from rehab, but refused to answer any questions from journalists.All we got from him was a hollow apology, and a campaign speech. But today Rob Ford was confronted by an ordinary citizen, who told him exactly what he thought of him.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rob Ford’s Hideous and Hollow Apology

It was of course a monstrous sight. Rob Ford telling the world, and I mean the world, I'm so sorry I've acted like a brutish bully, and I'm even more sorry I hurt myself. "When I look back on some of the things I have said and some of the things I did when I was using, I am ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated," Ford told reporters at an invitation-only news conference Monday, when he returned to city hall after a two-month absence.Rehab was HELL. But I'm cured now and I STILL want to cling to power !!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Giant Rainbow and the Return of Rob Ford

It was a perfect way to end Toronto's World Pride celebrations. With a giant rainbow seeming to rise up out of the lake.And end up in the middle of the closing ceremonies. After the biggest Gay Pride march in Canadian history…

A march so massive and so fabulous it had to seen to be believed.But that was the good news eh?The bad news is Rob Ford is about to be released from rehab, and he's already causing a scandal. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Wal-Mart Workers and the Big Tomato

The two companies couldn't be more different. Wal-Mart, the destroyer of communities, that closed this store in Jonquiere, Quebec, after its workers voted to unionize.And after nine years of fighting to avoid having to pay them compensation, just lost its case in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of Canada has sided with the union representing former Wal-Mart employees who claimed the company violated Quebec labour law when it abruptly closed its store in Jonquière, Que., not long after the workers voted to unionize.And Heinz, that ran a factory in Leamington, Ontario, for 105 years, treated its (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Destruction of the CBC

Gawd. I can only imagine Stephen Harper's state of mind. I bet he's so alarmingly aroused that they've had to bring in Jason Kenney with a bucket of ice water to sponge him down.Or have John Baird fan him furiously. Because yesterday he gave the order to begin dismantling medicare. Today he celebrated the triumph of hate over human rights.And tonight he got to dine on the remains of the CBC. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Final Assault on Medicare

It's been less than two months since the Cons let the Canada Health Accord expire. And the corpse is still warm.But I see that Stephen Harper is in a hurry, and has given the order to begin the second phase of his plan to kill medicare. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and Our Temporary Foreign Air Farce

OMG. I didn't think it was possible for Jason Kenney and the other oil pimps in the Harper regime to embarrass this country more than they already have. I didn't it was possible to be more humiliated in the eyes of the world, and still keep breathing.But sadly I was wrong. Because remember how I told you last night why Kenney's plan to crackdown on temporary foreign workers in the fast food industry was nothing but a sham or a scam?Well how about this scam? Now they're hiring foreigners to replace our Royal Canadian Air Force pilots. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Latest Foreign Worker’s Scam

Uh oh. It looks as if the Cons have been forced to retreat to their wartime bunker.For not only are they trying to dodge the flak over their decision to approve the Northern gateway pipeline.They are now coming under fire because of their efforts to fix the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.And what must be driving them absolutely crazy with fear, is that the heaviest fire is coming from Western Canada. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Pipeline Gambit

Well it's the talk of the town. The pundits are perplexed. Shock and confusion reigns. Everybody is trying to figure out why Stephen Harper is disowning his tarry baby. After working so hard to conceive it. And in some parts of the country paranoia runs rampant.

Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rex Murphy: When a Pimp becomes a Pope

Lordy. I swear to Godzilla I didn't think it was possible. I really didn't believe you could be a pimp and a Pope at the same time.And the resident right-wing demagogue of the CBC's flagship news program.But Rex Murphy has proved me wrong.It turns out you can be a ghastly oil pimp, and still publish religious tracts like this one. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Peter MacKay’s Sad Spiral Into Sexist Idiocy

I've always had trouble trying to figure out Peter Dumbo MacKay's exact place in the Con universe.He used to strike me as more of a happy idiot, than a hollow eyed member of the Harperite cult.The kind of guy who would cheerfully borrow a government aircraft to go fishing.Or borrow the neighbour's dog to try to make Belinda Stronach feel guilty about dumping him…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Northern Gateway Monster

Gosh. Have you noticed how these days the Cons are always running away from something? Just a few weeks ago Jason Kenney was running away from the foreign workers scandal, as fast as his chubby little legs could carry him. While Julian Fantino ran away from a group of angry veterans.And now Stephen Harper and the rest of his Con mob are desperately trying to get away from the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Harper hasn't even tweeted a word about his tarry baby.And some of the other gang members are literally running for cover. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Hugely Embarrassing List of Canadian Heroes

Historians will no doubt have a hard time trying to explain how so many Canadians were fooled for so long by Stephen Harper, in the horrifying years known as The Great Darkness.When evil reigned, scientists were muzzled, history was reduced to propaganda and the cult of his personality. And hope withered on the vine.But at least they'll agree on one thing: He was no Canadian hero or a Great Leader.Except in his own troubled mind.Just a morally depraved tinpot dictator, who must have really hated this list of REAL Canadian heroes. Read more »