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Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper Was Exposed As a Con Artist

For weeks Stephen Harper and his grubby flying monkey Joe Oliver, have been trying to fool Canadians into thinking that they had balanced the budget for the first time in eight years.Harper has been travelling around claiming that the economic shock waves that are rocking this country are just a "downturn" not a recession. And that he still has the money to bribe them.While the senile simian Oliver has been claiming that he has a surplus not a deficit.But yesterday all those claims came tumbling down, and both men were exposed as shameless Con artists. Read more »

Montreal Simon: How the State of the Economy Could Kill the Harper Cons

As you know Stephen Harper is now engaged in a delicate balancing act, or caught in a compromising position.He's trying to claim that when the economy was doing well it was because he's a Great Economist Leader.But now that it isn't doing well it's not his fault.But sadly for him it's just not working.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Deluded and Dangerous Economic Lies

It couldn't have been a more disgraceful sight. Or one more pathetic.Stephen Harper posing in front of a wall of fidgeting and yawning children.Admitting for the first time that the economy is in trouble.But somehow managing to blame others. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why It’s Too Risky To Let The Harper Cons Remain in Office

Well there was Stephen Harper last night, at the opening ceremony of the Pan Am Games with his hapless stooge Joe Oliver at his side.Both of them trying to look like they were having a good time.But not quite pulling it off, and with good reason.For it was yet another day when they had nothing to celebrate.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Disappearing Budget Surplus

Well he's still out there with his trusty sidekick the rhinestone Cowboy Jason Kenney, trying to put a brave face on the situation.Still serving pancakes to the faithful, and judging from this photo, no doubt scoffing back a few of them himself.But it's clear that the stress is getting to him. For it seems that every day brings more bad news, and yesterday was no exception.Starting with two new polls.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper, and the Great Con Economic Meltdown

As you know, I believe that we need a Con like Joe Oliver as our Finance Minister at a time like this one, like a drowning man needs an anvil. I think that he's just a puppet of the PMO, that Stephen Harper pulls his strings, and tells him what to say.And that Oliver is so hopelessly incompetent and so out of it, one really has to wonder whether he's all there. If you know what I mean.And of course this doesn't help. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Desperate Loneliness of Stephen Harper

I've watched a lot of Stephen Harper speeches over the years, but the farewell speech he gave for Peter MacKay yesterday had to be one of the most bizarre.For not only was Harper strangely agitated, and managing to look both cheerful and horribly lonely at the same time.What was supposed to be MacKay's political obituary ended up sounding like an obituary for his own government.As well it might be. Because yesterday couldn't have been more of a disastrous day.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Turkey Budget

Gosh. What a difference a day makes. The other day I was lamenting that an Abacus poll seemed to suggest that enough Canadians had liked the Con's porky budget so much they had given given Stephen Harper a big boost.But now an EKOS poll suggests that while nobody is complaining about being bribed.The budget hasn't moved his numbers. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Strange Harperland Spring and the Propaganda Challenge

It's been eerily quiet down by the waterfront where I live. It still doesn't feel like Spring.People seem strangely subdued. And although I am looking forward to all the good things warm weather brings, I can't shake the feeling that something awful is about to happen.And polls like this one don't help.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harper Regime and the Con Artist Budget

It won't happen of course, not in this corrupted Harperland, where decency goes to die.But if there was any justice, Boss Harper, Oily Joe Oliver, and the rest of the Con mob would be in a police lineup. Preparing to be charged with crimes against democracy and electoral fraud.For conspiring to bribe voters, and trying to con Canadians into believing that what they presented us with yesterday was a budget.When in fact it was nothing more, as John Geddes points out, than a 518-page campaign pamphlet. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Ghastly Cinderella Budget Show

Well let's put it this way, his PMO handlers did their best to turn it into a glamorous photo-op, but it wasn't exactly Cinderella slipping on her dainty glass slipper.And it wasn't pretty.It was just Ol' Joe Oliver, pulling on his new pair of Made in America, New Balance running shoes with Con blue laces. But as bizarre as that spectacle was, it did mark the beginning of Stephen Harper's final push for another bloody majority. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Con Plan to Kill Government

OK. I realize that Joe Oliver doesn't know what's he's doing. And that the budget he will finally deliver tomorrow was written in the PMO.But you'd think the Cons would have stopped promoting his absurd balanced budget bill, which would punish cabinet ministers with a five percent wage freeze if they dared run a deficit.After the NDP pointed out how much it would cost them and their Great Economist Buffoon Leader.

But no, since they are shameless, they're promoting it harder than ever. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The NDP’s Brilliant Response to the Con Clown Joe Oliver

As you know, the thought that the old oil pimp Joe Oliver is Canada's Minister of Finance keeps me awake at night, with my wallet under my mattress.Because I don't think he knows what he's doing, or even what year it is.And his balanced budget proposal couldn't be more absurd. Joe Oliver won't table his next budget for two more weeks, but the federal finance minister announced today that he'll table a second bill this month — one to force future governments to keep their books in the black.Especially this part:Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Return of Joe Oliver and the Latest Con Scam

Well as you may have heard Joe Oliver went missing from the House of Commons for almost a month. And on the few days when he did turn up, he seemed as Ralph Goodale described him, both "puzzled and muzzled." Staring into space while others read his PMO talking points.And while his aides insisted he was thinking about his long delayed budget, or searching for the surplus he gave away before he had it. Others wondered whether he was having some kind of breakdown.Or as Rick Mercer suggested, just doing nothing…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Desperate Rush to War

He's spent the last few days licking his wounds after he was caught deliberately fanning the flames of racism, and was hit by a wave of revulsion.And no doubt he's been knocking back a few to try to forget what's happening to the economy. Because that makes HIM feel sick, or makes all the voices in his head start screaming at the same time.But now he's back on his feet, he's inflamed with energy of the desperate, and he's rushing off or lurching off to WAR. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great War on the Economy (continued)

Yesterday I wrote a post suggesting that the opposition forget about Stephen Harper's Great War on Terror, because it's just a distraction.And that they should concentrate instead on his Great War on the Economy, and the tumbling loonie.Because that one is a real threat to many Canadians, and it has the potential to destroy him and his foul Cons.And in that regard this is just more evidence.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great War on the Economy

As we all know, Stephen Harper would rather talk about his Great War on the Jihadi Conspiracy.Try to brainwash us into believing that only he can save us from a terrorist attack, even as he does his best to provoke one. But although that is alarming, I'm sure most Canadians are probably more worried about his Great War on the Economy. And what it's done to our poor loonie.And with good reason. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper, and the Baloney Cons

As you probably know, I've got a sinking feeling that Oily Joe Oliver is not going to save us from our present economic predicament.Not when he helped create the oily apocalypse. Not when he doesn't know what he's doing. And is not only a bumbling buffoon, but also a ghastly hypocrite. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper: The Not So Great Economist Leader

Well as you know, Stephen Harper is desperately trying to convince us, and our falling loonie, that everything is under control.And that he is STILL a Great Economist Leader.But I'm sorry to report failing miserably. The Canadian dollar is sinking ever deeper, hitting its lowest in almost six years, amid the ongoing rout in the oil market and increasingly “dovish” central banks.Because now the poor loonie is the Harper Peso. And we're all a little poorer. But then why should we be surprised eh?When all his claims that he knows what he's doing, are turning out to be FRAUDULENT.Read more »

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper: The Not So Great Economist Leader

Montreal Simon: The Totally Unbelievable Transformation of Stephen Harper

Even by the standards of the monstrous Stephen Harper, whose many images reflect the many warring voices in his head, it's an amazing transformation. Or mutation.For nine years he was the Oily Messiah, the maniacal missionary who once told an audience in Britain that developing the oil sands was akin to building the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids.The Father of Albertonia, and of course, Big Oil's favourite pimp…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Canada: Where Cons and Idiots Roam

Oh boy. It's lucky that where I live it's impossible to not know that I live in the Great White North.Because if it wasn't, I might wonder whether I'm still living in Canada, or whether Stephen Harper has already changed it beyond recognition.

For it really is hard to believe that if you type "Stephen Harper was" into the Google search machine.This is what comes up? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Fall of the Oily Messiah

For almost a decade he was able to fool countless Canadians into believing that he was the Oily Messiah.The Great Economist Leader who would lead us to prosperity down the tarry road to Greater Alberta.Even if he left the rest of the country in ruins, and the planet in flames.But yesterday that myth was officially shattered by the Governor of the Bank of Canada. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Humiliation of Jason Kenney and the Desperation of the Cons

Yesterday I wrote about how Jason Kenney was embarrassed, when he claimed in a CTV interview that the government would use budget cuts to easily balance the budget. But wouldn't touch the rainy day fund set aside for emergencies, like natural disasters. Because you know, the Con regime is a RESPONSIBLE government, Only to have an anonymous Finance Department official say exactly the opposite. They're NOT planning budget cuts, but they ARE thinking of going after the rainy day fund.Which as I pointed out, left Kenney looking like an idiot or a dunce…Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harperland Winter and the Madness of Stephen Harper

It's getting grim out there. It's winter in Harperland. The bay has frozen over so the swans are back looking for food. Like we'll all soon be doing if the Cons keep tanking the economy.I haven't come across a cheery progressive since Christmas Day, and they were drunk.I'm haunted by Michael Harris' line in his story I linked to yesterday:The kiss that will awaken Sleeping Beauty is the promise of a land that is so much bigger than the single issue of the economy.But on the other hand, when I think of what the state of the (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and My Horrible Majority Nightmare

It was a horrible nightmare. There was Stephen Harper in the musty basement of his House of Pain.Chained to a chair by the young fanatics running the PMO, to prevent their beloved master from blowing apart at the seams, under the weight of all that bad economic news.Or stumbling out into the street in the middle of the night, dressed only in his pyjamas, screaming: "I'm STILL a Great Economist Leader. And I'm not CRAZY !!#@!!But then just as I'm thinking oh goody, at least he's restrained. And all that bad news will surely finish him off. (Read more…)