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Montreal Simon: Lisa Raitt and the Foul Legacy of Stephen Harper

You might think that Lisa Raitt would have learned her lesson, when she put out this big shiny poster about two months ago.Only to have it greeted with jeers, howls of laughter, and calls that she be arrested for lying like a thief.Or a Con artist.But … . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Lisa Raitt and the Foul Legacy of Stephen Harper

Montreal Simon: The Day the Ghost of Stephen Harper Came Back to Haunt Us

Another day has gone by, and Stephen Harper is still missing. There have been more UFO sightings in the last month than there have been of him.So I'm glad to see the pictures on the milk cartons have been updated to show how desperate he might look… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Day the Ghost of Stephen Harper Came Back to Haunt Us

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Loonie Apocalypse

He promised he'd lead us to prosperity, in the golden tar ponds of Albertonia. He spent a billion dollars of our money trying to brainwash us into believing that he was a Great Economist Leader.But now the chickens, or the bats from hell, hav… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Loonie Apocalypse

Montreal Simon: The New Recession and the Lies Stephen Harper Told Us

Well at least now we know why Stephen Harper was twisting himself into knot, or looking like he was auditioning for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, by refusing to even mention the dreaded 'R' word.So now that it's official, Canada is in a recession. He could continue to deny reality. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Recession Nightmare and the Return of Pamela Wallin

The timing couldn't be worse. Just when Stephen Harper thought he had escaped the stench of the Duffy scandal, and could now focus all his efforts on posing as a Great Economist Leader.The economy is turning into a living nightmare.He's having to twist himself into a knot, or a Tim Hortons' kruller, to avoid using the word "recession." Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Is Jason Kenney Posing As a Finance Minister?

I had been wondering where Jason Kenney had been hiding. But suddenly there he was on TV.Having apparently traded in his job as Defence Minister, to pose as a Finance Minister.With a new and flexible definition of the word recession.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Stephen Harper’s Latest Fear Campaign Won’t Work

It says something really horrible about Stephen Harper, that whenever he feels threatened he tries to scare Canadians.First he tried to scare them by claiming that the criminals were EVERYWHERE and that only he could save us by sending even more Canadians to jail. Even though the crime rate is at its lowest level in decades. Then he claimed that the terrorists were EVERYWHERE, and that only he could save us from being beheaded in our beds.Now he's showing his teeth again, and trying to scare Canadians with the Great Economic Menace. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Chicken Harper and the Con’s New Campaign Song

Well as you know Chicken Harper has changed his tune or his feathers. Now he isn't going around claiming people should vote for him because only he can save us from the terrorist menace.Or because our economy is so strong, and he's a Great Economist Leader.Now he's claiming we should vote for him because the economy is so weak, only he can save us.And playing cheap politics with the Governor of the Bank of Canada. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The First Debate: Hitting Harper Where It Hurts

I wish I could give last night's debate a more glowing review, but I just can't.I didn't think the opposition leaders gave Stephen Harper a hard enough time on the things that matter to me, like Bill C-51 and the way that monster has raped our democracy and our values.But most Canadians care more about the economy than they do about our freedoms.And in that regard our three leaders did hit him where it hurts. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Lies That Will Destroy Him

After only two days of this marathon election campaign, Stephen Harper's strategy seems only too obvious.Repeat a Big Lie over and over again, magnify it with his propaganda machine.And hope that he can brainwash Canadians into believing that he really is a Great Economist Leader.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Insanity of Harperland

I'm glad I'm leaving Canada for a while because I really need to get away from this ghastly political monster.Who is now so desperate, he is turning his depraved Harperland into a mad house.For there he was in a Bloomberg interview claiming that he was a Great Economist Leader, the steady hand on the wheel.And that letting anyone else steer Canada through these perilous times could only lead to disaster.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Pathetic Con Sheeple

Well never let it be said that the Harper Cons are not a cult, or a herd of pathetic sheeple.A baaing bunch incapable of independent thought, who can only repeat word for word what the PMO tells them.As even their so-called Finance Minister, the hapless stooge Joe Oliver, does all the time…

And for even more evidence of that please consult the following video.Read more »

Montreal Simon: When Progressives Fire Back At the Con Attack Machine

As you know, I wasn't too impressed by the latest Con attack ad aimed at the NDP. And I'm sure Tom Mulcair wasn't either.Because when Stephen Harper accuses you of being as corrupt as he is, that could be dangerous. You could die LAUGHING.But then I also hate the never ending Con attack ads aimed at Justin Trudeau.Because every time I see this ghastly geezer on TV I feel like screaming.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper Lost His Economic Crown

The other day I ran a video of Joe Oliver literally running for cover, so he didn't have to answer questions from reporters about the state of the economy. And explain why the Parliamentary Budget Officer says he has a billion dollar DEFICIT instead of a billion dollar SURPLUS as he has been claiming.And now I'm sorry to report that Oily Joe is STILL running, so is Stephen Harper.

And the Cons are trying their best to make sure they never have to answer that burning question.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper Was Exposed As a Con Artist

For weeks Stephen Harper and his grubby flying monkey Joe Oliver, have been trying to fool Canadians into thinking that they had balanced the budget for the first time in eight years.Harper has been travelling around claiming that the economic shock waves that are rocking this country are just a "downturn" not a recession. And that he still has the money to bribe them.While the senile simian Oliver has been claiming that he has a surplus not a deficit.But yesterday all those claims came tumbling down, and both men were exposed as shameless Con artists. Read more »

Montreal Simon: How the State of the Economy Could Kill the Harper Cons

As you know Stephen Harper is now engaged in a delicate balancing act, or caught in a compromising position.He's trying to claim that when the economy was doing well it was because he's a Great Economist Leader.But now that it isn't doing well it's not his fault.But sadly for him it's just not working.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Deluded and Dangerous Economic Lies

It couldn't have been a more disgraceful sight. Or one more pathetic.Stephen Harper posing in front of a wall of fidgeting and yawning children.Admitting for the first time that the economy is in trouble.But somehow managing to blame others. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why It’s Too Risky To Let The Harper Cons Remain in Office

Well there was Stephen Harper last night, at the opening ceremony of the Pan Am Games with his hapless stooge Joe Oliver at his side.Both of them trying to look like they were having a good time.But not quite pulling it off, and with good reason.For it was yet another day when they had nothing to celebrate.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Disappearing Budget Surplus

Well he's still out there with his trusty sidekick the rhinestone Cowboy Jason Kenney, trying to put a brave face on the situation.Still serving pancakes to the faithful, and judging from this photo, no doubt scoffing back a few of them himself.But it's clear that the stress is getting to him. For it seems that every day brings more bad news, and yesterday was no exception.Starting with two new polls.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper, and the Great Con Economic Meltdown

As you know, I believe that we need a Con like Joe Oliver as our Finance Minister at a time like this one, like a drowning man needs an anvil. I think that he's just a puppet of the PMO, that Stephen Harper pulls his strings, and tells him what to say.And that Oliver is so hopelessly incompetent and so out of it, one really has to wonder whether he's all there. If you know what I mean.And of course this doesn't help. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Desperate Loneliness of Stephen Harper

I've watched a lot of Stephen Harper speeches over the years, but the farewell speech he gave for Peter MacKay yesterday had to be one of the most bizarre.For not only was Harper strangely agitated, and managing to look both cheerful and horribly lonely at the same time.What was supposed to be MacKay's political obituary ended up sounding like an obituary for his own government.As well it might be. Because yesterday couldn't have been more of a disastrous day.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Turkey Budget

Gosh. What a difference a day makes. The other day I was lamenting that an Abacus poll seemed to suggest that enough Canadians had liked the Con's porky budget so much they had given given Stephen Harper a big boost.But now an EKOS poll suggests that while nobody is complaining about being bribed.The budget hasn't moved his numbers. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Strange Harperland Spring and the Propaganda Challenge

It's been eerily quiet down by the waterfront where I live. It still doesn't feel like Spring.People seem strangely subdued. And although I am looking forward to all the good things warm weather brings, I can't shake the feeling that something awful is about to happen.And polls like this one don't help.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harper Regime and the Con Artist Budget

It won't happen of course, not in this corrupted Harperland, where decency goes to die.But if there was any justice, Boss Harper, Oily Joe Oliver, and the rest of the Con mob would be in a police lineup. Preparing to be charged with crimes against democracy and electoral fraud.For conspiring to bribe voters, and trying to con Canadians into believing that what they presented us with yesterday was a budget.When in fact it was nothing more, as John Geddes points out, than a 518-page campaign pamphlet. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Ghastly Cinderella Budget Show

Well let's put it this way, his PMO handlers did their best to turn it into a glamorous photo-op, but it wasn't exactly Cinderella slipping on her dainty glass slipper.And it wasn't pretty.It was just Ol' Joe Oliver, pulling on his new pair of Made in America, New Balance running shoes with Con blue laces. But as bizarre as that spectacle was, it did mark the beginning of Stephen Harper's final push for another bloody majority. Read more »