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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Canonization of Jimbo Flaherty

Well I knew what he was going to do from the moment he announced that Jim Flaherty would have a state funeral, for no good reason.And then let it be known that he had PERSONALLY written the eulogy he would deliver.And sure enough he did turn that solemn occasion into yet another giant photo-op for the glorification of HIMSELF. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jim Flaherty: The Man and the Legacy

I think it's fair to say that he was a better person at the end of his political career than he was at the beginning.He did reinvent himself from a pit bull to something vaguely resembling a pragmatist. He did become more human.And I'm sorry he died before he could spend more time with his family, or on the golf course, as he well deserved. But it also must be said that he was a prominent member of the worst government in Canadian history, and this is part of his legacy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Con War on the Economy

Well he's off to Ukraine today to try to pose as Great Warrior Leader by inflaming a dangerous crisis for crass political gain. Which is scary enough.But there's another scary story doing the rounds in Ottawa. And that's the one about how Stephen Harper wanted to replace Jimbo Flaherty as Finance Minister with nobody less than HIMSELF.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Sad and Dismal Legacy of Little Jimbo Flaherty

Well I see that little Jimbo Flaherty has fallen off his mole hill for the very last time.Or left Stephen's Harper's murky pond. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has resigned. He is the biggest fish to swim out of Prime Minister Harper's pond since then-Environment Minister, and de facto second in command in the Cabinet, Jim Prentice, left to make oodles of money in the banking business.But not before rhyming off a short list of his accomplishments, and ignoring all his failures.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Two Issues That Could Bring Down Stephen Harper

There are many issues that could topple Stephen Harper off his throne.His party could get tired of him like so many other Canadians. The sordid scandals could engulf him. The police could arrest him.But the two issues that could probably do him the most damage are trust and taxes.And right now he's failing both of them. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Cataclysmic Collapse of the Con Regime

Well I think we can safely say that Stephen Harper didn't have a very good weekend.First his plans for the total destruction of Justin Trudeau at the Liberal convention failed miserably…

Greg Perry/Toronto StarWhen Justin managed to get away unscathed. Beep Beep.And his designated agent of personal destruction Pierre Poilievre was left looking like an IDIOT. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Make Believe Families Scam

As we know too well, just about everything the Con regime would sell us is more propaganda than reality.The Porky Economic Action ads that boast about a job grant that doesn't exist.The Great War on Crime in a country where the crime rate has been falling for years,But who knew Jimbo Flaherty and his Con artists would go so far as to create make believe families. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Con Snake Oil Salesmen

I like to think that Jim Flaherty's recent illness has made him a better human being, because I'm a firm believer in the power of redemption.And he has come a long way from the days when he was calling for the homeless to be jailed.But unfortunately he's still a Con, he still works for Stephen Harper, and his latest budget is nothing more than the product of a snake oil salesman.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Scary and Delusional Return to Parliament

Well it must have been quite a shock eh? To return to freezing Ottawa after his sunny bloated junket through the Middle East.And to have the cheers replaced by jeers. Or the sound of questions.For surely only that can explain why after only a few minutes in the House of Commons today Stephen Harper was looking so shell shocked…

And sounding so DELUSIONAL.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Economic Conapocalypse

Well as you know Stephen Harper isn't just running from the Senate scandal these days. And from Neil Young.He's running from the burning wreckage of his disastrous economic record. And so desperate is the situation, Great Economist Buffoon Leader has been reduced to begging Canadians to suggest any ideas about how he can create the Jobs of Tomorrow.

Because goodness knows he doesn't have a clue eh?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Day of Reckoning

He's still hiding from Canadians, still huddled with his closest advisers. Still inviting us to enter his sinister parallel universe.

Have you seen 24 Seven yet? Watch the first one here: #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) January 11, 2014

Still running from the media, still dodging responsibility from the sheltered comfort of his ghastly cocoon. In lieu of answering real world questions, the prime minister has entered a pre-campaign cocoon, dodging controversy and responsibility except to claim personal credit for trade and economic booms which always seem just over the horizon. But it won't do him any (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Why the Economy Will Cost the Cons the Next Election

The other night I wrote that if the Stephen Harper and his hapless stooge Jimbo Flaherty wanted to run on their economic record, they should be my guests or be my CRIMINALS.Because there is no other way to describe what those two Con artists have done to our country, by putting their crass politics before the needs of our economy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime and the War on the Young

On my way home this evening I passed by a young guy sitting on the edge of the pier his legs dangling over the edge staring into the frozen lake.And for a moment, until I checked him out, a horrible thought came into my mind.Because despair is in the air. You can cut it with a knife. Enough bodies trapped under the ice in the winter, float to the surface in the spring.And in the darkness of this hideous Harperland, young Canadians are the forgotten victims. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Harperland and the Winter of Our Discontent

Gawd. It's getting grim out there in Harperland. I've never seen so many people looking so miserable and so grumpy. Every subway window seemed to me today like a framed picture of despair.The weather's brutal, the credit card bills are coming in, the future has never seemed more uncertain, the country never so lost. People are screaming at each other like maniacs on comment boards everywhere. It truly is the winter of our discontent.And to make things even grimmer, if that's possible eh? There was Andrew Coyne today agonizing over why Stephen Harper is so unpopular. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Ghastly Personality Cult

It's a personality cult worthy of a place like North Korea. With a monomaniacal Great Leader who seeks total power.Who would muzzle his opponents, declare the truth to be what he says it is, attempt to brainwash us into submission with OUR money.And replace the Government of Canada with the Harper government. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Great Con War on Christmas

Well I see the Cons have finally found a good way to use our Parliament eh?It may be a lousy House of Democracy, but it does make a great Christmas ornament.And it does send out a powerful message to its rabid base: there will be no War on Christmas here. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Brian Mulroney, and the Big Tomato

Well there he was the other day, trying to run away from the Senate scandal, while claiming scandalously that his trade deal with the Europeans was bigger than Brian Mulroney's free trade deal. Prime Minister Stephen Harper touted the benefits of the Canada-EU free trade agreement to a business crowd in Montreal that included the architect of the Canada-U.S. free trade deal negotiated 25 years earlier.Even though we don't know what's in his new trade deal. Even though the Europeans are secretly bragging that they took Canada to the cleaners. And even though the Euro zone's economy (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Amazing Magic Surplus

Well in case you thought that the Con regime was nickel and diming veterans, and killing good jobs all over the country, because they absolutely HAVE to slay the deficit.Or as Jimbo Flaherty warned us we could find ourselves in a big black hole, the economy is fragile, the global risk is huge etc etc.Well forget about that eh? That was last year's last month's last week's story.Now little Jimbo claims we're heading for an enormous surplus !!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harper Cons: The Scandal and the Incompetence

Well I see the Con Convention is over, and so are Stephen Harper's plans to reboot or revive his tired corrupt Con regime. He did everything to please his rabid base. He promised them they could grope the rights of women, and preach that gay people should be murdered without being accused of discrimination. He turned the party into a CULT.But even that depraved and scary cockroach gathering couldn't make that sordid old Senate scandal go away eh?It just made it WORSE. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Grubby Little Throne Speech

It was a Throne Speech as small, as uninspiring, and as politically depraved as Stephen Harper himself. A speech that must have made the poor Governor General feel like running home and taking a shower.A grubby little speech with a toxic teabagger heart. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Outrageous Prorogation Vacation

Well at least now we know another reason Stephen Harper shutdown Parliament. Not just so he could dodge questions about that sordid Senate scandal. Or take a long paid vacation before he went over the deep end.But also so he could travel across the country, and launch his new/nouveau re-election campaign.By shamelessly buying votes with OUR money. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Economist Leader Myth

It's one of the most depressing things about living in Harperland eh? The way Great Monstrous Leader commits one democratic atrocity after the other, but gets away with it by claiming he's the best leader to manage the economy.And so many Canadians still swallow that fraudulent myth, hook, line, and SINKER.

When in fact Stephen Harper has the poorest economic growth record of any Prime Minister since R.B. Bennett, back in the dark days of the Great Depression. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Con Klown Summit Show

I must admit when I saw Vladimir Putin getting ready to greet Stephen Harper I wasn't sure whether the Russian Dictator was going to shake the Canadian Dictator's hand. Or slap him.And all I could think of was, that'll teach them to hold ANYTHING in Russia. And who's the designated food taster?Because from the way Great Leader is ballooning, no doubt from the stress of the Senate scandal, and the way he's probably going to attack the buffet table, I don't think Old Duff can handle it eh?Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Scary Tale of Stephen Harper and Mr Chainsaw

Even by the standards of the Con propaganda machine it was a bizarre photo-op. Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay, and Julie Fantino in a room full of toys, in a community centre in Toronto. Just so Harper could play Mr Cuddly and Great Law and Order Leader at the same time.And solemnly declare that he is determined to protect the children of this country from child predators AND Justin Trudeau.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Disastrous Porky Propaganda

He hasn't been seen in days, since people found out about his Enemy List.And his new/nouveau cabinet shuffle went up in smoke before his eyes.But I'm pretty sure I know where he is eh?In the basement of his haunted mansion, plotting his comeback. And demanding more Porky Action Plan ads to try to boost his sagging polls.Even though the old ones STILL aren't working. Read more »