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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Myths that Will Destroy Him

As I said in my last post, I don't think Stephen Harper is going to get very far accusing Justin Trudeau of being an elitist. When he is the worst kind of anti-democratic elitist himself.But he will continue to claim that he is a Great Economist Leader who saved us from the depth of the last recession.And that he is a Great Crime Busting Leader who will save us from the criminals, who are EVERYWHERE.But sadly for Harper none of those claims will help him either.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Reckless Incompetence of the Con Regime

Well I'm sure Joe Oliver is feeling pretty good about the way Statistics Canada was able to fix his lousy job numbers.And must be toasting his success with some of that water from the tailing ponds he once tried to convince us was clean enough to drink.While making plans to win the next election by bribing some Canadians with tax cuts.But sadly for poor old Olly, it appears he doesn't know what's he's doing.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper Trying to Fiddle With the Disastrous Job Report?

I think it's safe to say that Statistics Canada's last job report was not well received in Stephen Harper's PMO.Because when you can only create 200 jobs in the whole of Canada in July, it is the Con Gotterdammerung. And the end of the myth of Great Economist Leader.So I'm not surprised to see that the PMO wants us to know that Statistics Canada will soon be changing that disastrous report. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Keystone Pipeline Dream Takes Another Hit

I never understood how the U.S. State Department could conclude that building the Keystone XL pipeline would not substantially increase carbon emissions.It didn't make sense.And sure enough it turns out somebody didn't know how to count.Because now it seems the pipeline's impact could be FOUR times higher than estimated.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Perfect Storm that Will Defeat Him

He has yet to comment on the latest twist in the Duffy scandal. But in his shadowy bunker Stephen Harper must be feeling the heat.For by now even he must realize that the writing is on the wall.And that he could soon be sweating in a witness box.Trying to explain under oath what Nigel Wright meant when he said that Harper had told him the deal to pay off Duffy was "good to go." The leader of a tired, increasingly unpopular government with nowhere to go but down. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Apocalypse and the Humbling of Stephen Harper

As you may remember, I was deeply troubled by Stephen Harper's wild diatribe at the Calgary Stampede BBQ almost two weeks ago.I couldn't decide whether he had inhaled the fumes of his own propaganda, like Rob Ford sucks on a crack pipe.Or was lying compulsively. Again.Or whether inflamed by the sight of all those cowboy hats, he had finally gone off the deep end. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Hugely Embarrassing Economic Problem

Well we all know how Stephen Harper likes to portray himself as a Great Economist Leader.The brilliant leader with the best job record in the G7, or the best growth record since Jesus took five loaves and two fish, and fed five thousand.And the ENVY of the world.But sadly for him, Harper's story is also starting to smell a little fishy. Or just plain fraudulent. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Summer of Discontent

Golly. I only hope Stephen Harper was able to shield himself from the rays of last night's super moon. Because in his agitated state I can only imagine the effect they might have had on him.He desperately needs to relax, but how can he? When he's facing a long summer of discontent, he just can't get Justin Trudeau and the Chief Justice out of his mind.And everywhere he looks the Cons are getting pounded.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Republic of CanAlberta

It's one of the oldest and best known pictures of Stephen Harper. The Toronto nerd dressed up as an Alberta cowboy.The one who fell in so much love with that province, he tried to put a firewall around it.But it turns out that picture couldn't be more prophetic.Because when it comes to the economy, as far as his foul Con regime is concerned.There's Alberta, and then there's everybody else. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Ontario Election and the Never-ending Con Nightmare

It was dull grey rainy Sunday on the waterfront where I live, but at least it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts, wonder what is happening to this country I sometimes no longer recognize.And of course try to figure out who the hell I'm going to vote for in the Ontario election.Because with only three days to go before voters go to the polls it's crunch time in the Big O. And it has been the weirdest election I've ever seen.As well as the worst… Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Foreign Worker’s Farce

Well I see that Jason Kenney has been reduced to playing King Canute.Frantically trying to hold back the rising tide of foreign workers flooding into Canada. Trying to make it look like he's The Solution, not the guy who created the problem.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the National Day of Humiliation

Well I'm happy to report that although Stephen Harper did manage to briefly enjoy one of his favourite fantasies.By making it look like his military had finally brought down Parliament.His hopes that the National Day of Honour would honour him above all other Canadians, were cruelly smashed.When he was forced to concede, at the very last minute, that the Governor General is the REAL commander-in-chief. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Monster Burger and the Inner Torment of Jason Kenney

Lordy. I think it's safe to say that Jason Kenney is now wrestling with his greatest inner torment since he chose chastity over sex, so many painful years ago.For he is truly caught between the devil and a Big Mac.On the one hand, because so many Canadians are so outraged, he's trying to look like he's cracking down on the sordid foreign workers scandal. The government's decision to impose a moratorium on the fast-food industry's access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will send employers "a very clear message" that abuse will not be tolerated, says Employment Minister Jason (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Canonization of Jimbo Flaherty

Well I knew what he was going to do from the moment he announced that Jim Flaherty would have a state funeral, for no good reason.And then let it be known that he had PERSONALLY written the eulogy he would deliver.And sure enough he did turn that solemn occasion into yet another giant photo-op for the glorification of HIMSELF. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jim Flaherty: The Man and the Legacy

I think it's fair to say that he was a better person at the end of his political career than he was at the beginning.He did reinvent himself from a pit bull to something vaguely resembling a pragmatist. He did become more human.And I'm sorry he died before he could spend more time with his family, or on the golf course, as he well deserved. But it also must be said that he was a prominent member of the worst government in Canadian history, and this is part of his legacy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Con War on the Economy

Well he's off to Ukraine today to try to pose as Great Warrior Leader by inflaming a dangerous crisis for crass political gain. Which is scary enough.But there's another scary story doing the rounds in Ottawa. And that's the one about how Stephen Harper wanted to replace Jimbo Flaherty as Finance Minister with nobody less than HIMSELF.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Sad and Dismal Legacy of Little Jimbo Flaherty

Well I see that little Jimbo Flaherty has fallen off his mole hill for the very last time.Or left Stephen's Harper's murky pond. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has resigned. He is the biggest fish to swim out of Prime Minister Harper's pond since then-Environment Minister, and de facto second in command in the Cabinet, Jim Prentice, left to make oodles of money in the banking business.But not before rhyming off a short list of his accomplishments, and ignoring all his failures.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Two Issues That Could Bring Down Stephen Harper

There are many issues that could topple Stephen Harper off his throne.His party could get tired of him like so many other Canadians. The sordid scandals could engulf him. The police could arrest him.But the two issues that could probably do him the most damage are trust and taxes.And right now he's failing both of them. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Cataclysmic Collapse of the Con Regime

Well I think we can safely say that Stephen Harper didn't have a very good weekend.First his plans for the total destruction of Justin Trudeau at the Liberal convention failed miserably…

Greg Perry/Toronto StarWhen Justin managed to get away unscathed. Beep Beep.And his designated agent of personal destruction Pierre Poilievre was left looking like an IDIOT. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Make Believe Families Scam

As we know too well, just about everything the Con regime would sell us is more propaganda than reality.The Porky Economic Action ads that boast about a job grant that doesn't exist.The Great War on Crime in a country where the crime rate has been falling for years,But who knew Jimbo Flaherty and his Con artists would go so far as to create make believe families. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Con Snake Oil Salesmen

I like to think that Jim Flaherty's recent illness has made him a better human being, because I'm a firm believer in the power of redemption.And he has come a long way from the days when he was calling for the homeless to be jailed.But unfortunately he's still a Con, he still works for Stephen Harper, and his latest budget is nothing more than the product of a snake oil salesman.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Scary and Delusional Return to Parliament

Well it must have been quite a shock eh? To return to freezing Ottawa after his sunny bloated junket through the Middle East.And to have the cheers replaced by jeers. Or the sound of questions.For surely only that can explain why after only a few minutes in the House of Commons today Stephen Harper was looking so shell shocked…

And sounding so DELUSIONAL.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Economic Conapocalypse

Well as you know Stephen Harper isn't just running from the Senate scandal these days. And from Neil Young.He's running from the burning wreckage of his disastrous economic record. And so desperate is the situation, Great Economist Buffoon Leader has been reduced to begging Canadians to suggest any ideas about how he can create the Jobs of Tomorrow.

Because goodness knows he doesn't have a clue eh?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Day of Reckoning

He's still hiding from Canadians, still huddled with his closest advisers. Still inviting us to enter his sinister parallel universe.

Have you seen 24 Seven yet? Watch the first one here: #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) January 11, 2014

Still running from the media, still dodging responsibility from the sheltered comfort of his ghastly cocoon. In lieu of answering real world questions, the prime minister has entered a pre-campaign cocoon, dodging controversy and responsibility except to claim personal credit for trade and economic booms which always seem just over the horizon. But it won't do him any (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Why the Economy Will Cost the Cons the Next Election

The other night I wrote that if the Stephen Harper and his hapless stooge Jimbo Flaherty wanted to run on their economic record, they should be my guests or be my CRIMINALS.Because there is no other way to describe what those two Con artists have done to our country, by putting their crass politics before the needs of our economy. Read more »