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Montreal Simon: Ezra Levant’s Latest Disgraceful Bigot Eruption

Ezra Levant is without a shadow of a doubt the most disgusting person on Canadian television.A greasy, grubby oil pimp, a far-right demagogue, a bully and a bigot.But even by his low standards, this is absolutely outrageous.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Omar Khadr’s Important Message to Canadians

It's been more than twelve years since he was horribly wounded in a firefight in Afghanistan. Then jailed and tortured in that hellhole called Guantanamo, even though he was a child soldier. Then betrayed by his own government. He is Canada's most famous prisoner, and yet for all that time he has also been its most invisible citizen. Never seen and never heard from. But now at last Omar Khadr has had a chance to address his fellow Canadians. And his words couldn't be more moving. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Human Rights Museum and the Aboriginal Genocide

I see that the Canadian Human Rights Museum has finally opened its doors in Winnipeg.Which as someone who has fought all his life for human rights, is something I would normally celebrate.Except for the ghastly almost unbelievable fact that it doesn't recognize Canada's aboriginal genocide.Because Stephen Harper and his disgusting Con regime won't acknowledge what was done to our precious native people. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The NDP Forces a Debate on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

I couldn't have asked for a better sight to pick up my sagging spirits.In Stephen Harper's miserable Parliament, where democracy goes to die. Where there is all the time in the world to talk about war, but no time to talk about all those murdered and missing aboriginal women.And absolutely no time or money for an inquiry into why that happened, why it keeps happening, again, and again, and again. And what can we do to stop this MASSACRE…

There was the wonderful sight of the NDP outsmarting the Cons and forcing a debate on the issue. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Scottish Independence and Some Lessons for Canada

With just 15 days to go before the Scottish referendum, a new poll has confirmed the trend that I wrote about yestarday. The YES side is surging, and Scotland could be soon heading for independence.

The poll by YouGov showed the unionist lead had shrunk to 6 percentage points from 22 a month ago as support for independence jumped to 47 percent in August, suggesting a major shift in opinion ahead of the September 18 referendum.And although some may be surprised, I'm not. And neither is the English writer George Monbiot, who says voting NO would be an (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Mohamed Fahmy and the Shameful Silence of Stephen Harper

It's a trial that has caused outrage all over the world. The sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists, including a Canadian citizen Mohamed Fahmy, to long prison terms in Egypt.For the crime of committing journalism.But even though world leaders have been lining up to condemn that travesty of justice.Even though journalists all over the world have been muzzling themselves in solidarity with their jailed colleagues….

And even though the trial was an absolute farce. Stephen Harper has remained shamefully silent. And his government's actions have been totally PATHETIC.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Police Officer Charged in the Killing of Sammy Yatim

It was one of the most sickening things I have ever witnessed, the police execution of Sammy Yatim.A teenager riddled with bullets on a streetcar for no sane reason. And then tasered as he lay there bleeding.It was brutal, it was senseless, it was madness.So I couldn't be happier about the decision to charge his killer. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jim Flaherty: The Man and the Legacy

I think it's fair to say that he was a better person at the end of his political career than he was at the beginning.He did reinvent himself from a pit bull to something vaguely resembling a pragmatist. He did become more human.And I'm sorry he died before he could spend more time with his family, or on the golf course, as he well deserved. But it also must be said that he was a prominent member of the worst government in Canadian history, and this is part of his legacy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Vic Toews: The Zombie Becomes a Judge

It's a horrible nightmare. I'm driving down a country road in rural Manitoba on a dark and stormy night, when my car breaks down.And before I know it I'm forced to run for my life.But I make it into this small hamlet, report the zombie invasion to the bubbah sheriff.Only to be arrested and dragged before Judge Toews. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Mother, the Soldier, and the Con Suicide Scandal

I'm glad the mother of Cpl. Justin Stark decided to speak out about the one-cent cheque the government sent her dead son.And that the Cons were forced to apologize, for the pain that was caused.The mother of a dead Hamilton, Ont., soldier who received a cheque for one cent from the federal government has accepted an apology from Defence Minister Rob Nicholson but said the incident has reopened wounds.So hopefully it doesn't happen again, because it has happened before.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Brad Butt and the Day of Shame

It could only happen in Harperland, a place where decency goes to die, and the Big Lie rules.

Where a Con MP can lie outrageously about personally witnessing election fraud.And get away with it shamelessly.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Week Stephen Harper’s Cons Raped Our Democracy

Ever since he came to power he has been stealthily gnawing away at the fabric of our country.Waiting until we are asleep, or distracted, to gobble up another little bleeding chunk of what was once Canada.But what Stephen Harper has done in just the last week, is now threatening to kill our democracy.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Rob Ford Was Exposed as a Bestial Bigot

When I went past Toronto's City Hall today I was happy to see the beautiful rainbow flag flying, like it is in so many other Canadian cities from St John's to Vancouver.As a gesture of solidarity with the brutally oppressed LGBT people of Russia.So you can imagine how angry I felt when I learned that the Con hog Rob Ford had tried to take it down. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, the Drummer, and the Real Scandal

If I didn't live in a country like Harperland, and it's grotesque leader hadn't made his "musical" abilities such a big part of his desperate attempt to remake his image.Or labelled those who disagree with him perverts. I'd probably give this story a pass.But I will say that I can only imagine the look on Harper's face when he heard the news…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Elections Canada and the Revenge of Boss Harper

Well let's be clear, as he likes to say. Forget the smokescreen of fancy words, or the long list of minor changes, or the Orwellian name, the Fair Elections Act.Baby Face Poilievre may have pulled the trigger.But this was Boss Harper's revenge. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Mike De Souza and the Buying of the Media

Mike de Souza is arguably the best MSM environmental reporter in Canada. A hardworking newshound who has exposed many grubby dealings between the Cons and Big Oil. And is no doubt a thorn in the sides of both of them.Or should I say he was.Because today along with a number of Postmedia reporters he was laid off.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime and the Shadow of Big Brother

I'd like to believe Canada's spy masters when they tell me they're not spying on Canadians. I'd like to believe I'm still living in a democracy and not a budding police state. I'd like to think that I'm not being tracked like a criminal or a terrorist, for having used the free Wi-Fi at an airport.But I must admit I find all of this extremely unconvincing. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Final Humiliation of Conrad Black

I was short, it was brutal, and it was long overdue. Former media baron and convicted fraudster Conrad Black has been stripped of the Order of Canada by Gov. Gen. David Johnston.Black, on the recommendation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, will also be removed from the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada. The Governor General’s office said in a release that both decisions were effective immediately.But Conrad Black has finally hit rock bottom. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and The Great Darkness

Not many people noticed, but last night was the eighth anniversary of the election victory that made Stephen Harper Prime Minister.The night the lights starting going out all over Canada.The beginning of what historians will one day call The Great Darkness.When Canada was abandoned to the beasts, and raped and mutilated beyond recognition.And on this fatal anniversary Chris Hall writes that although Great Leader has been badly mauled by scandal, and his polls are tanking, we shouldn't count him out. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rob Anders and the Beginning of the Con Civil War

In a party full of the most disgusting politicians this country has ever seen, he is arguably the most disgusting Con MP in the House of Commons.A grotesque social conservative who has called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, accused Tom Mulcair of hastening Jack Layton's death. Attacked women's rights and LGBT rights in the most obscene manner. Been caught sleeping in the Commons, and during a committee meeting on homeless veterans.And made the people in his Calgary riding who elect him election after election look like backward rednecks.But now at last Rob Anders may be fighting for his political (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Spy Watchdog and the Northern Gateway Pipeline

Well it seems that Stephen Harper is pulling out all the stops to try to crush all opposition to his Northern Gateway pipeline.By not only getting the National Energy Board to rubber-stamp his insane project.But also by getting Canada's top spy watchdog to lobby for the pipeline maniacs from Enbridge. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Great Foreign Workers Scam

Well I guess we should have known it was just another Con scam eh? On Tuesday Jason Kenney made it sound like they were making it harder to bring in foreign workers to steal jobs from Canadians. Tough new regulations aimed at quelling fears that foreigners are snatching jobs from Canadians kicked in on Tuesday, empowering government officials to conduct workplace inspections without warrants and to blacklist employers who break the rules.Today we found out the Cons are actually making it easier for criminals to bring them in by the boatload. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Margaret Thatcher and the Con War on Unions

I know why they called her the Iron Lady. May she rust in peace. I know why she's the patron saint of Stephen Harper's Con regime.I know why she waged war on the miners of BritainSo she could smash the unions and Thatcherize her country, like the Cons would Harperize this one.But who knew that ghastly right-wing monster was prepared to use the army? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Mauling of the Military

He did so love to play soldier. For years he posed as a Great Warrior Leader. He ordered our troops into the most dangerous part of Afghanistan without the proper equipment. He spent $20 billion dollars, cost us and the Afghans so many lives. He covered up torture, but still lost the war.Then when he realized it wasn't winning him votes, he cut and run like he said he never would. He betrayed our wounded soldiers, cheated older veterans out of their pensions.And now there will be no new armoured cars for the troops.And no parkas for the (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Mauling of the Military

Montreal Simon: The Gay Genius Alan Turing is Finally Pardoned

It's taken more than half a century of bigotry and prevarication, but the gay computer genius and war hero Alan Turing has finally been pardoned. Mathematician Alan Turing, who helped Britain win the Second World War by cracking Nazi Germany's "unbreakable" Enigma code, was granted a rare royal pardon on Tuesday for a criminal conviction for homosexuality that led to his suicide.Justice Minister Chris Grayling said the pardon from Queen Elizabeth would come into effect immediately and was a fitting tribute to "an exceptional man with a brilliant mind."

And all I can say is it's about (Read more…)