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Scripturient: Designing Type

Karen Cheng’s 2005 book, Designing Type, is the third of the recent books on typography I have received*. Of the three, it is the most technical, appealing to the typophile and design geek more than the average reader. But it’s also a ref… . . . → Read More: Scripturient: Designing Type

Scripturient: Uncommunicative again

Did you receive your “spring” newsletter from the town? The one delivered on the first day of summer (or later), lacking any actual news… yes, that one. To me it appears as clumsily formatted and poorly written as all the previous iss… . . . → Read More: Scripturient: Uncommunicative again

Scripturient: The Gauche in the Machine

Rudibus ex machina: criticizing Collingwood’s latest newsletter feels a bit like punching a puppy. Or commenting on the sloppy grammar of local bloggers. Both are far too easy, like catching fish in a barrel, and I feel guilty when I even think of doing it. But since your tax dollars are at work, it needs […]

Alberta Politics: Alberta’s NDP needs to react more quickly, plus throw the Tories under the bus where they belong

PHOTOS: Carbon capture: The oil company executive in the bow tie places the carbon in a bottle, which is then stored underground by his corporation for billions of dollars. Or something like that. If the bottle breaks, of course, we’re screwed! Actual carbon capture schemes may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Premier Rachel Notley, […]

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cmkl: Stop talking to me about ‘launch’

This still happens. Some big content production – often a video, but also a text report or research piece – is ready to go and the powers-that-be want to make a big splash with it to ensure it gets the attention it so richly deserves. So they start planning a ‘launch’. And then they say … Continue reading Stop talking to me about ‘launch’ →

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Mind-Numbing Sameness #nlpoli

The Conservatives were looking to the by-election in Conception bay South to break their losing streak.

As it seems now as voters in the district head to the polls on Wednesday,  Premier Paul Davis is already conceding that CBS is heading Liberal.  He spoke to reporters [CBC Here and Now, 40 mins in] after announcing a $20 million venture capital fund and tax credit scheme.  Davis said that “one of the disadvantages [in politics is that] it takes a long time for people to have an opportunity to identify with the new government,”  what they have done, their work ethic and all that.

Some of you are undoubtedly wrinkling your nose up at that one.  Well you should.  It’s a ridiculous claim given that Davis has just come through a leadership contest and he’s been in office a while. People know all about him and his team and what . . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Mind-Numbing Sameness #nlpoli

A BCer in Toronto: Preparing Liberal activists to communicate to win in 2015

This blog is cross-posted from my LPC(O) vice-president, communications web site. Please visit there to learn more about my campaign.

I first considered seeking the position of vice-president, communications of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) in February during the national biennial in Montreal. I boarded the train home considering the challenges we face as a party, and by the time we pulled into Scarborough it was clear to me what I wanted to accomplish: give our Liberal members, supporters and volunteers across Ontario the training and resources we need to communicate and win in 2015.

There are many responsibilities (Read more…)

A BCer in Toronto: I’m running for LPC(O) vice-president communications

I am excited to announce I have decided to seek the position of vice-president, communications of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario).

There is tremendous opportunity for our party to move forward and accomplish great things for Canadians under our new leader, Justin Trudeau, but he can’t do it alone. He’s the hope — we’re the hard work.

Like many of you, I have watched with concern and frustration at the growing disengagement of Canadians with federal politics — a trend encouraged and exploited by the Harper government. I believe we can and must reverse this trend, and it begins (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Taking nothing out #nlpoli

Sometimes a comment is so profoundly revealing you just can’t let it slide by.

This one came from Milly Brown, the Premier’s communications director, in an exchange with Simon Lono on Twitter on Wednesday.  And just so everyone knows up front, this is not from Milly’s personal account, if she has one.  It’s a comment from Milly in her official capacity.

(Read more…)

Paul S. Graham: Electioneering in the guise of consultation – it’s tawdry & cynical and has to stop!

I wonder how many Manitobans have received an email from their Manitoba NDP MLA entitled “A Fairer Deal for Renters.” I wonder how many are as pissed off as I am about what it represents.

Hi Paul

You may have seen information in your mailbox recently about Manitoba’s Fairer Deal for Renters.

Most of us have rented at some point in our lives, which is why I’m proud to be part of a government that introduces new protections for tenants rather than cuts.

Changes include investing in repairs and upgrades to social housing and introducing a new housing tax credit (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: The $150K Communications Audit #nlpoli

Poor Jerome Kennedy.

They sent him out today to explain to reporters what the government got for its $150,000 audit by Fleishman-Hillard in later 2011.

Kennedy had a hard time explaining it.

He went all over the mass of talking points floating around in his head.  he said – without a hint of a joke – that the departmental communications directors are not political staff.  on paper, maybe, Jerome, but in practice, they are either partisans or have been heavily politicised.

(Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: No adult supervision #nlpoli

Not even 24 hours after the Premier insisted that the daily layoffs would continue until finance minister Jerome Kennedy delivered his budget speech,  Jerome issued a news release  – at 1:30 PM – announcing that they would be holding off on further layoff announcements until he delivered the budget speech.

As it turned out, NTV’s Mike Connors had tweeted around noon that the “Premier says government has decided to stop the trickle of layoffs until budget day.”  CBC’s David Cochrane tweeted the same thing.

Cochrane and Connors also noted that, as Cochrane put it, “Premier says more than 500 jobs will be cut in budget. Not all layoffs. There is retirement incentive. No more cuts until budget.”

Meanwhile, 17 employees in a raft of departments got word today that they were headed for the door.  Apparently, those are the last ones until the budget speech.

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Toronto Lawyer | Omar Ha-Redeye, J.D. » Politics: 2013 Ontario Liberal Party Leadership

Eric Hoskins | Gerard Kennedy | Sandra Pupatello | Charles Sousa | Harinder Takhar | Kathleen Wynne

Omar Ha-Redeye will be provided coverage of the 2013 Leadership Convention as an accredited blogger.

Featured posts:

How Wynne Just Lost My Support Jade Hip Hop Academy Opening Harinder Takhar is No Canadian Obama, but He’s Needed Austerity is the Real Story at the OLP LDR Convention Results of the First Ballot Bill 115 Protests Grow Outside Leadership Convention Why I Joined the Wynne Camp Results of the Second Ballot Interview with Chris Drew (Wynne Camp) Before Third Ballot Interview with Warren Kinsella (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Toronto Lawyer | Omar Ha-Redeye, J.D. » Politics: 2013 Ontario Liberal Party Leadership

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Communications and Management Problems #nlpoli

The Auditor General’s annual report on departments, agencies and Crown corporations doesn’t have any one bit that would kill any provincial administration.

What the report does contain is a collection of examples of fundamental rot within the administration.  From the hiring problems at College of the North Atlantic, to lax inspections for liquor licenses and pesticides, to the string of problems in municipal affairs you get a picture of a government that simply doesn’t have any sense of purpose or direction. 

. . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Communications and Management Problems #nlpoli

THE FIFTH COLUMN: Rogers and Me Part 2: When You Have A Monopoly I Guess You Don’t Have to Tell Your Customers What They Are Paying For

After my original attempts to get Rogers to answer my questions via e-mail failed I posted my questions to Google Drive (originally Google Docs) and tweeted the location to them and finally got answers via Twitter, 140 characters at a time.

That brought me to the next stage of the decision making process, which was deciding between the Digital Plus and VIP packages. So that should be easy – go

THE FIFTH COLUMN: Rogers and Me: Father Corporation Knows Best in Mister Rogers Neighbourhood

I prefer to deal with companies using email because it allows me to carefully ask questions and carefully consider the answers before asking follow-up question, as well as providing a written record of the information received.

I was quite surprised to find that Rogers Communications, which considers itself to be the best Internet service in the country, does not provide a means for customers

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Why False Beliefs Persist #nlpoli

If the Brothers Grimm  were alive today in Newfoundland and Labrador, they’d be politicians.

That’s because so much of politics these days is about fairy tales.

To be fair this isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s just that since 2003, the chief purveyors of fairy tales – the nationalists – have predominated.  Danny Williams, the former Premier, used to say lots of things that just weren’t true and some of his biggest fans believed stuff that just never happened.

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The Sir Robert Bond Papers: There’s always more to see if you look #nlpoli

Watch the raw video of the Thursday news conference in which Premier Kathy Dunderdale, natural resource minister Jerome Kennedy, and finance minister Tom Marshall announced the end of a dispute with the companies developing the Hebron project.

Pay less attention to the details of the announcement itself than to the details of how they made the announcement.

Note first that it takes three full minutes before Dunderdale tells you why you are there:  the $150 million bucks.

Three full minutes to explain all sorts of things about how the government is tough, fights hard and always brings back the best

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The Sir Robert Bond Papers: A change might be as good as a rest #nlpoli

A sign of the problems plaguing Kathy Dunderdale’s aging Conservative administration and their dramatic fall in the polls:  she’s punted her communications director and hired a new one.

Lynn Hammond has the key job in the administration and it will fall on her shoulders to right the communications mess the Dunderdale Tories have been mired in since last year.

Dunderdale’s old comms director – Glenda Powers – got a new job. It looks like a promotion to the top communications job in government.  Under the Tories, though, it has always played second fiddle to the Premier’s Office. 


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CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: A Final Push For Response To My Canada Crime Bill C-10 Hunger Strike: Letter to Stephen Harper

Below is a copy of my letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, send today and copied to leaders of elected parties and selected MPs. May 29, 2012 The Right Hon. Stephen Joseph Harper, P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada Langevin … Continue reading →

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: The Comprehension Constant #nlpoli

Premier Kathy Dunderdale seems to have a chronic problem of saying things that are not correct and also saying things she does not mean.

This is not just a poor imitation of George W. Bush.  Kathy Dunderdale is in a league of her own.

Regular readers know some of the better examples:

a violation of the public tender act had nothing to do with the public tender act. (2006) a bankrupt German company that she still held out as a likely prospect to take over the former AbitibiBowater mill in Grand Falls-Windsor (2010) federal job . . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: The Comprehension Constant #nlpoli

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Obert Madondo’s Canada Crime Bill C-10 Hunger Strike – Senator Vernon White Must Resign

Below is my appeal to newly-appointed Conservative senator and former Ottawa Police chief, Vernon White, to resign. I mailed the letter to the senator on March 14, 2012. On the same day, I started an indefinite hunger strike against the … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: Obert Madondo’s Crime Bill C-10 Hunger Strike: Open Letter to Parliament of Canada

I delivered the letter yesterday afternoon. They wouldn’t let me hand in the letter in person. Said to sent it by mail. My MP, Paul Dewar (NDP, Ottawa Centre), saved the day. He delivered the letter on my behalf. The … Continue reading →

Christy Clark Will Answer Questions When She’s Damn Good and Ready, Thank You!

What? You expect me to be Premier EVERYDAY?

Thanks to the Vancouver Sun for linking this telling video where newly minted Director of Communications Sara MacIntyre tells reporters essentially that having answered questions yesterday, questions today were off limits. This brings back memories of an election not so long ago when media were . . . → Read More: Christy Clark Will Answer Questions When She’s Damn Good and Ready, Thank You!