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Things Are Good: Ducks: A Story About the Tar Sands

Kate Beaton of Hark a Vagrant fame once worked in the Alberta tar sands. She recently made a short comic about her time working there (which she did to pay off student debt) and it provides a wonderful human side to the tar sands narrative.

Read the comic here.

Art Threat: This art is all about anger

The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book is the second graphic novel from activist Gord Hill. It is a chronicle of several anti-capitalist and anti-globalization movements over the last two decades, from the WTO protests in Seattle to the recent Occupy movements. Hill also places a great deal of emphasis on the violence that has accompanied these movements, regardless of whether that violence was perpetrated by police or protestors.

As a documentary account of these events, The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book does a passable job. Hill was clearly involved in many of the movements chronicled in the book and is able to (Read more…)

Art Threat: Doonesbury “Shaming Room” too much for sensitive newspapers

Last week several newspapers censored the first of a series of Doonesbury comics addressing the current climate and discussion about women’s reproductive rights (specifically, in this case, abortion). The Center for Reproductive Rights has compiled a list of more than 60 newspapers who chose not to publish the strip, as well as a few of their excuses. The excuses, of course, are pretty weak, considering Doonesbury comics are always political, and the series is (as CRR puts it) “simply trying to humanize the struggles of women under Texas’s demeaning law. ”

The comic takes us through a woman’s trip to an

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