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Clip ‘n’ Save: Jesus vs. Jeezus

A handy-dandy primer to print out and distribute to all the confused fundies you might know. I suggest leaving a few hundred copies in the tracts rack at your nearest fundie church, too.

Clip ‘n’ Save: How Sarah Palin does debates

Here you go. Her entire “debating” style, condensed:

Next time Quitbull decides to string her rubes along with another half-assed dabble in campaigning, just pull this one out and use it to distract you from that grating voice. You might even want to invite some buddies and make a drinking game of it . . . → Read More: Clip ‘n’ Save: How Sarah Palin does debates

Clip ‘n’ Save: US foreign policy in a nutshell

This might also come in handy for the Harper Government™ hacks and apologists lurking here, seeing as you’re all trying to turn us into Yanks Lite with your dirty, smear-mongering politics. BTW, if you want to know where to start for Venezuela, it’s on the LEFT. Pay attention and memorize this, because you never . . . → Read More: Clip ‘n’ Save: US foreign policy in a nutshell