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Dead Wild Roses: On Cats and Christmas.

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The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Infant Holy (low brass quintet)

Northern Reflections: Christmas 2015

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The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Santa Baby

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Alberta Politics: Christmas in Wildrose Country: That noise on the roof may not be Santa Claus! It could be the UN, here to steal your turnips!

ILLUSTRATIONS: Will Santa have to come armed and armoured like this to be safe on Alberta rooftops in case the province’s loony right mistakes him for a UN trooper bent on world government and turnip confiscation? Below: Wildrose MLA Rick Strankman a… . . . → Read More: Alberta Politics: Christmas in Wildrose Country: That noise on the roof may not be Santa Claus! It could be the UN, here to steal your turnips!

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: My Caregiver Transformer Christmas

I’ve been thinking a lot about how in my family, we plan special family occasions and how we change our plans or even cancel at the last minute.  And I’ve been thinking how typical that is for anyone giving care to a loved one.For example… Tomor… . . . → Read More: THE CAREGIVERS’ LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: My Caregiver Transformer Christmas

Cowichan Conversations: Mog The Christmas Cat

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THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: Home.

Next Tuesday at noon, our daughter Natalie arrives home for Christmas.  Jim and I will meet her at the airport and then together, we’ll drive around the corner to where Nicholas lives.  I know there will be hugs and tears. Christmas Eve is my… . . . → Read More: THE CAREGIVERS’ LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: Home.

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Holidays and holy days – and the dross and drivel which confuses and clouds over them

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter…Yom Kippur, Hunakkah, Passover… Ramadan: these symbolic expressions of union, communion, gratitude, faith and love – what do they matter? Except that they do. As a naturally reclusive and largely solitary being, I often avoid such communal social gatherings, even though I honour and respect them, and value them deeply. But that is […]

350 or bust: Peace

Christmas in the Trenches, written and performed by John McCutcheon, as Christians around the world contemplate the birth of the Prince of Peace, in a barn. “Each Christmas come since World War II’ve learned its lessons wellThat the ones who call the shots won’t be among the dead and lameAnd on each end of the […]

Scott's DiaTribes: A Christmas charitable act by Liberals in Brantford-Brant – but charity will never be enough

On December 22, I was up in Brantford helping Liberal Party candidate and friend Danielle Takacs and several fellow supporters (9 all together) join many other volunteers collecting Christmas Baskets and pass them out to those less fortunate in the city of Brantford. By less fortunate, I don’t even mean those who were unemployed, though some were those. There were some we deliivered to who indeed were working, but who wouldn’t have enough money to spend on extra things – we would call these “the working poor”, and I noted there were also some seniors we passed these along to. (Read more…)

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: Why I’m Not Ready For Christmas – A Personal Update

The lead-up to this Christmas has been out of the ordinary for our family.  Some traditions have been kept: our Christmas tree is up and my freezer is full of baked treats.  Like all seasoned caregivers, I’m used to planning.  I begin my holiday baking on quiet weekends in late October.

But I haven’t done all my gift shopping yet and that’s unusual for me.  Buying last minute or visiting those I love in a rush is not my style, usually.  My comfort zone is to throw away my watch and visit friends and family over the holidays, feeling relaxed, (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Most Sad and Disappointing Christmas

Well it finally snowed where I live, as if to remind me that I'm still living in Canada, even in the ghastly darkness of Harperland.The deathly place where the frozen bodies of the hopeless are stacked up like cord wood, or those kayaks.But it's also beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

And although I can't remember a grimmer holiday season, with the world never looking more depressing and dangerous, and all the horrible stories in the news.At least I'm comforted by the warm thought that this must be Stephen Harper's worst Christmas EVER !!!!Read more »

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: Saying Happy Holidays is Acceptable

This time of year we get inundated on Facebook and Twitter with this sort of stupid, offensive warning about saying “happy holidays” or “season’s greetings” instead of Merry Christmas. A couple of these appeared in a few hours just today, and there will be more, no doubt. Sorry, but it’s just xenophobic hogwash; an uncomfortably fundamentalist and […]

Montreal Simon: Can War Be Made to Look Too Beautiful?

It was the most stunning and beautiful tribute to those who died in the First World War I have ever seen.

A sea of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London, one for every British or Commonwealth soldier killed in that war.

But now the poppies are being uprooted.

The Christmas lights are going on.

And when Sainsbury's, a big supermarket chain, tried to mix war and Christmas, it was accused of making war look too BEAUTIFUL…Read more »

Susan on the Soapbox: The Traditional Christmas Blog

The Soapbox family, like your family, does not live in a Norman Rockwell painting.

Our Christmas traditions run the gamut from Dolly Parton Christmas carols (don’t ask) to an amazing Christmas dinner prepared to perfection by his nibs, Mr Soapbox.

We thought we had all our traditions down pat…and then we discovered Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe.

On Christmas Eve, we had our traditional dinner of pizza & wings, watched “Mini” rearrange the tiles on the Rummykub table to the point where none of us could remember where they went, and then popped The Vinyl Cafe into the CD player.

It (Read more…)

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM - A Blog by Donna Thomson: Merry Christmas!

When we support one another, we are stronger.

When we talk about our experience, we find meaning.

When we reflect on the meaning of our shared experience, we form a movement.

When we realise that we are a movement, we know we are not alone and that we are powerful.

When we feel powerful, we can carry on giving good care.

Merry Christmas to my fellow caregivers, your loved ones and your families!  If you do not celebrate Christmas, have a lovely day today in the company of people you love and remember to care for yourself! Love, Donna, Jim, Nicholas and Natalie

Alberta Diary: Remember the reason for the season: It’s time to put Krampus back into Christmas

Jiggers, look busy, it’s Krampus! And why is this mom giving him the thumbs up, I wonder? Below: Santa Claus, the God of Coca-Cola; Che Guevara; and Jesus Christ.

Never mind Jesus Christ! It’s time to put Krampus back into Christmas.

Who the hell is Krampus, you wonder? Well, we’ll get to that at the appropriate moment.

But first, let’s turn to the question of the Big Guy, the Christ Child Himself, before and after he grew up and, in the historically perceptive words of the great Canadian poet Milton Acorn, donned “thorns and sunstroke, beating his life (Read more…)

centre of the universe: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

We have come to my childhood home for ExMass. I haven’t been “home” for Christmas since the year before Mum died. Ive been back to the house many times with the boys, but not in winter. not at Christmas. This was always her holiday. We arrived after supper and decorated the tree. I went from […] - Alberta politics: Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Feliz Navidad!

TweetWherever you find yourself these this week, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy your time in the warm company of family and friends. Merry Christmas. As is annual tradition, some of Alberta’s leading politicians delivered their seasonal greetings through online video this week. Tweet

Bill Longstaff: Christmas? I do Xmas

One of the traditions of the holiday season is lamenting about the corruption of Christmas by commercialization or by foreign cultures that have invaded our pristine Christian shores. I have always been amused by these complaints, first because in my family’s tradition, Christianity has never intruded on our celebration and second, Christmas has scrounged most of its traditions from a variety of

350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Winter Festival Edition)

Thag presents “Less darky!” (circa 11,564 BC) –> Only slide Shortest day in year Less darky after this More light good Pass mammoth rib please! Catullus presents “Saturnalia ho!” (circa 69 BC) –> Slide 6 gifts gambling tomfoolery (masters serve … Continue reading →

A BCer in Toronto: Political Christmas cards, and Scarborough subways subways subways

Before I head to the West Coast tomorrow for Christmas, I thought I’d share a few of the political Christmas cards that — for the last year ever if the Conservatives and Canada Post get their way — the mailman has dropped through the slot of my front door.

The first, and my favourite, is from my local Liberal MPP, Scarborough-Centre’s Brad Duguid. Clearly, he knows what his constituents want for Christmas — subways subways subways.

Sticking with provincial politics, here’s the card from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who poses with her happy extended family. And finally, federal Liberal leader (Read more…) . . . → Read More: A BCer in Toronto: Political Christmas cards, and Scarborough subways subways subways

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM - A Blog by Donna Thomson: A Caregiver Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time for caregivers.  We buy gifts for our own families, help our loved ones to give, cook our best loved traditional recipes, enable and host holiday social events, all while carrying out our usual caregiving tasks.  We love to give, but we need others to remember our needs, too.

The act of giving thoughtful gifts is potent medicine.  Last Christmas, I wrote a post about the power of giving, especially at Christmas.  My Mom loves to give gifts to her children and grandchildren, but she can’t get out to shop anymore.  This year, my sister (Read more…)