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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Send Yourself to Hell

Dark Matter2525 takes on the religious idea that somehow because we have free will their grand ooga-booga is somehow a less terrible entity for creating and sending people to hell.

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Featuring Dark Matter2525

The title of this video is “what if you’re wrong” and yes atheist friends DM2525 does touch on that venerated old chestnut of Pascal’s Wager, but like M. Night – Can’tmakeagoodmovietosafehislife- with a twist – there are questions and consequences that the deluded must face.

If your god happens to be the right one, how is it merciful to condemn some 5 million other people to hell? How do you know your god is the “right” one, given the sectarian nature of the christian and muslim faiths you might be on the right team, but sitting in the wrong (Read more…)

Eclectic Lip: The losers of Superbowl XLVIII will be…

Religious moderates.

Here’s my reasoning.

After the game, someone on the winning team, exulting ecstatically, will say “God was on our side” or words to that effect. It’s as sure as a post-touchdown two-point conversion attempt late in the fourth quarter, if the team is still down by a pair.

This will lead humorists and atheists alike to mock the athlete’s egocentric theology, along the lines of the great “God-Man on the Gridiron” cartoon from a few years back. Which will inspire angry rebuttals from offended fundamentalists.

Religious moderates are the collateral damage in this snake-vs-mongoose battle, bitten by both (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: US Christians led Astray by Republican Party – “Shocking.”

I know, I know. Belief in magic is not really the best way to run anything, but rather than focusing on the silly nature of believing in the Grand Oooga-Booga, lets look at how those in power keep their ‘base’ ignorant and happy to continue to lap up all mendacity that spews forth from the Party of No. has a nifty article about biblical illiteracy in America, so lets go over the highlights.

“More than 95 percent of U.S. households own at least one copy of the Bible. So how much do Americans know of (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: Merry Christmas!

I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and/or the joy and warmth of the holiday season. Make 2014 a year of more love, more compassion, more sharing and more service.

Three things to mark this day:

Some pictures. Here are 75 amazing pictures from 2013. Some more pictures. Here are 100 of the best street are photos from 2013. A political picture. Some thing about Israel.

Another brick.

October 7, 2011 Occupy the Church, Occupy Together (1) July 29, 2013 The Red Wings Fiddle While Detroit Burns (1) April 18, 2012 Boycott the National Headshot League (#NHL) (3) (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Politics, Re-Spun: Merry Christmas!

Alberta Diary: Remember the reason for the season: It’s time to put Krampus back into Christmas

Jiggers, look busy, it’s Krampus! And why is this mom giving him the thumbs up, I wonder? Below: Santa Claus, the God of Coca-Cola; Che Guevara; and Jesus Christ.

Never mind Jesus Christ! It’s time to put Krampus back into Christmas.

Who the hell is Krampus, you wonder? Well, we’ll get to that at the appropriate moment.

But first, let’s turn to the question of the Big Guy, the Christ Child Himself, before and after he grew up and, in the historically perceptive words of the great Canadian poet Milton Acorn, donned “thorns and sunstroke, beating his life (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Christmas? I do Xmas

One of the traditions of the holiday season is lamenting about the corruption of Christmas by commercialization or by foreign cultures that have invaded our pristine Christian shores. I have always been amused by these complaints, first because in my family’s tradition, Christianity has never intruded on our celebration and second, Christmas has scrounged most of its traditions from a variety of

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Tis The Season For Bigotry And Ass-Hattery!

Religiously deluded, bigoted, right-wingnuts say the darndest things. Just the other day, Manitoban PC leader Brian Pallister wished the very best to “all you infidel atheists out there”.

Say again?

“All you infidel atheists”

He didn’t say that.

He really did. On camera. Check the vid.

Pretty amazing, right? But it gets even better. This video spurred an understandably unfavourable response from the secular community. Pallister did have some defenders though. They suggested that it was a joke, albeit in bad taste. Damn liberal media sheep, they whine that the poor conservatives are too uptight, but as soon as one (Read more…)

Eclectic Lip: November EV (and FCV) musings

It’s been a busy month — busy enough that though one in seven Canadians crossed the border for Black Friday, I wasn’t one of them. (Like a further one in three Canadians, I did my shopping online. Bought me some books — and by books, I mean books so nerdy Aya will despair for Leo’s future social skills. ;) )

Seriously, more Canadians expected to participate in Black Friday, than voted in the last federal election. This is how dark ages begin!! ;)

On the EV side, I wrote a few pieces for GreenCarReports, though I wasn’t able to write (Read more…)

Eclectic Lip: Putting the “X” back in Xmas

Xtians began using “Xmas” 500 years ago, since in Greek, X is the “Ch” in Christ

Around the holidays, some people (not to name names or anything) urge modern society to put the “Christ” back in Christmas. There’s much to criticize about the hollow vacuousness of consumer culture, after all. Most of us can buy into the idea of better treasuring time with family and friends; and who’d oppose charity and compassion for the less-fortunate? (Well, apart from that strangest of philosophical tribes, the Objectivists, that is…)

Heck, the leftists among us might even be open to the Christian (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Christian “Love” Murders Children

[ed. Trigger Warning for child abuse.]

Christianity doesn’t have a clue what love is. It starts by fucking up the notion beyond all recognition right off the bat. God’s “love” is so great that if you swear eternal obedience and submission, he won’t torture you until the end of time, even though he knows full well you deserve it, you despicable mortal you. This ultimate perversion of love makes it possible for christians to say any atrocious action could be done “out of love”.

At it’s mildest, you have your run-of-the-mill bigots and misogynists, smiling sweetly as vile (Read more…)


The Dark Side of Christian History

The Dark Side of Christian History by Helen Ellerbe: Morningstar and Lark, Orlando Florida, 1999 ISBN 0-9644873-4-9     This is the sort of book that I had to force myself through. It was not so much the purported subject matter but rather the author’s not-so-well-hidden agenda. This is not an overview of the crimes of the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant churches except insofar as these can be slotted into Ellerbe’s real purpose. This purpose is to argue against Christianity and for pop-religious New-Age “spirituality” with a thin veneer of corrupted feminism. The (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Religious Bigotry and the Service Industry

Religion inspires hatred.

Anyone proclaiming they are chosen ones, or are better than someone else because of pious qualities x,y,z are almost always horribly unethical people. Case in point the recent frenzy in the United States featuring devout followers of Christ insulting wait staff with homophobic slurs and not tipping them because it ‘goes against god’. But it is always best to let the bigots speak for themselves. First an incident in New Jersey:

When Morales introduced herself to the couple and their two children, the mother was allegedly shocked by Morales’ short hair.

“Oh I (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: First Nations Chief Bill Wilson retells family history in B.C.

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Here is another article written by Chief Bill Wilson- (Hemads-Kla-Lee-Lee-Kla) It tells of his life and history and we are fortunate to be able to read about native history than has been sparse at best. Perhaps that will change. Let us hope so.

Chief Bill Wilson (HEMAS KLA-LEE-LEE-KLA), Special to The Vancouver Sun

Hemas Kla-Lee-Lee-Kla. This name of rank has been handed down to worthy Chiefs for thousands of years. My white name, Bill Wilson, plain and common as it is, has no meaning to my people.

My people are the Kwawkgewlth. We have always been from (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Atheists Just Want to Sin!

Well duh? I mean if we couldn’t stop the 25/8 festival of sin centered fun that all atheists share, why would be atheists?

Darkmatter2525 has a rather poignant reply to some of the horsepucky thrown at gentle unbelievers.


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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Biblical Baby Mamas


Darkmatter2525 takes us into Genesis to highlight the idea that god is a douche. Dark Matter’s take on genesis is crude, so be forewarned.

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Writings of J. Todd Ring: The Key of Keys

Egoless divine pride: the most glorious concept I have ever heard – from Tibetan Buddhism. The Uttara Tantra elaborates: There once was a prince, who lost his memory and forgot who he was. Lost in forgetfulness and confusion, he wandered aimlessly, and became a homeless beggar. Years later, a minister to the king came across […]

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Philosophic Failures of Christian Apologetics

Have you ever run up against a fine deluded individual who, in their desperation to ‘prove’ their grand ooga-booga exists, busts out the Ontological argument? It sucks, as the OA relies a lot on the more informal rhetorical process known as BBB or bullshit baffles brains. Let’s travel with AntiCitizenX as he unwends the spoor of the deluded and demonstrates how thin a claim the OA actually is.

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The Disaffected Lib: Archbishop of Canterbury – Homophobes are "Wicked"

Britain’s top prelate, the Archbishop of Canterbury, warns that Christians need to “repent” the mistreatment of gay people and, if they don’t, they’re “wicked.”

The Most Rev Justin Welby told an audience of born-again Christians in London that the vast majority of people under 35 find the Church’s beliefs on the issue “incomprehensible” and equate them to “racism and other forms of gross and atrocious injustice”. While standing by his decision to vote against same-sex marriage in the House of Lords, the Archbishop, who is an evangelical, made clear that he was reassessing his own thinking, saying he wanted (Read more…)

Eclectic Lip: The Innovator’s Dilemma, Toyota edition

This car — yes, this car — has impeded Toyota’s electric efforts

My post on how The Innovator’s Dilemma explains why Toyota lags in electric vehicles — and how Kleiber’s Law explains there’s nothing for them to worry about (yet), is now up on GreenCarReports.

While the Tesla stats were cooler to have dug up, and will probably enjoy a broader readership, this particular piece was more gratifying to write; the Innovator’s Dilemma is a fairly well-known concept in business circles, but there’s a tendency to incorrectly think that all industries get changed and disrupted quickly. To adapt from yesterday’s (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Christian Pro Life Anti-Woman Bullshitters on Display

It is amazing the fuck-wittery that metastasizes when you combine religion and anti-choice thinking. I’m so disgusted and anguished over the deceptive practices at these so called Crisis Pregnancy Centers that I’m reproducing the entire article by Caitlin Bancroft written on the Huffington Post Blog. A big hearty frak-you goes out to our anti-choice christian friends. Read on about how the work of good christians in action.

“I wasn’t considering abortion. I wasn’t considering adoption, or parenting, or childcare. I wasn’t even pregnant, and I definitely wasn’t scared — at least not at first.

When I (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Christians Should Stop Whining About Persecution

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, thinks some Christians living in foreign lands need to “grow up” and stop hyping tales of how they’re persecuted.

“When you’ve had any contact with real persecuted minorities you learn to use the word very chastely,” The Guardian reports him saying. “Persecution is not being made to feel mildly uncomfortable. ‘For goodness sake, grow up,’ I want to say.” True persecution involves “systematic brutality and often murderous hostility that means that every morning you wonder if you and your children are going to live through the day.” He described the experience (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Rick Perry:Unfounding America’s Principles

The loons are in overdrive in the United States and as a general rule the farther south one goes the loonier it gets. Rick Perry is prime example of the the cringe inducing, bile forming sectarian yahoo’s that ooze out of the woodwork and somehow gain political power. Darkmatter2525 illustrates quite nicely how the wyrm of religious zealotry is destroying the secular, rational basis of society.

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – Hideous Hymns

Hymns suck. And I don’t just mean in moral or rational sense, though they definitely suck in those areas as well. I mean musically. They are absolutely wretched. As a fledgeling choral singer, I’m aware of some wonderfully fantastic religious based pieces that are beautiful to listen to and sing, filled with ludicrous immorality though they may be. But those pieces aren’t for the congregation. They are much to difficult and stimulating. No. The order of the day is simplicity and monotony to lull the brain to sleep, priming it for whatever indoctrinated message pasted nakedly across the song. Repetitive (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: America a Christian Nation? – Not if you value factual evidence.

Serious sounding title eh?

Let’s look at a slightly more irreverent analysis by one of my favourite ytubers, Betty Bowers.

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