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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Child Pornographers

As I'm sure you know, Stephen Harper likes to pose as a great friend of children, or a Great Mother Leader.When he's not posing as a Great Warrior Leader.And fighting child pornographers has always been a big part of the Con political platform…

But sadly like so many other Con promises or threats, there's the ugly rhetoric and then there's the ugly reality. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Harperian Hypocrisy: The Family Values Regime Disappoints Yet Again

While the Harper regime always touts itself as a government that stands up for family vlaues, evidence once more indicates this is little more than rhetoric and rank hypocrisy, aided and abetted by an almost completely politicized RCMP.

The CBC reports RCMP have been holding back millions of dollars from the force’s vaunted program to fight online child pornography, partly to help the Harper government pay down the federal deficit.

CBC News has learned that over a five-year period, Canada’s national police force Mounties withheld some $10 million in funds earmarked for its National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre and related (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Leah Parsons’ Message To The Man Who Assaulted Her Daughter Rehtaeh

In a victim impact statement, Leah Parsons said the voice of her late daughter, Rehtaeh, “was not heard while she struggled to be heard, but it sure is now.”

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The Canadian Progressive: Man Implicated Rehtaeh Parsons Sexual Assault Spared Jail

A judge in Nova Scotia has decided that there will be no jail term for one of the four boys implicated in the fatal gang-rape and online shaming of Rehtaeh Parsons.

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LeDaro: Tom Flanagan, Dropped by the University of Calgary…

…and rightly so. Flanagan thinks viewing child pornography is a liberty issue? What about the victims, the children? There is a great column on this by the Toronto Star’s Heather Mallick, rightly title “Flanagan puts personal liberty ahead of victims’ pain.” How on earth can Flanagan neglect the victims in what is rightly a criminal act? Flanagan has received a lot of backlash over this, and rightly so.

This guy has advised the Wildrose Alliance party in Alberta and Stephen Harper, current Conservative prime minister. Are these the kinds of people CON-artists have in their inner circle? Flanagan’s earlier

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Innocent No More

Arnell Tailfeathers is the guy who uploaded the footage that blew up Tom Flanagan:

“It wasn’t to completely discredit him. I mean when we came into that discussion that evening, we didn’t know what to expect,” said Arnell Tailfeathers, a freelance videographer.

“We just thought … if something happens — we better document it.”

Yeah, I’m not buying it. Somebody found that old article in the Manitoban where Flanagan talked child pornography.  And someone  made sure a question about that article got asked when Flanagan appeared at the University of Lethbridge. And then Mr. Tailfeathers posted the video, and  seems

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I have what I know will be a very unpopular opinion about a highly volatile subject. I should probably keep it to myself, but I feel compelled to share it.

It’s about Tom Flanagan’s remarks about child pornography. The remarks for which he was roundly lambasted, fired as a CBC commentator, denounced by the Prime Minister’s Office, and cut loose by Alberta’s right-wing Wildrose Party. Based on the response I’ve seen so far, it seems the left, the right, the center and the apolitical have finally found something they can all agree on. The subject can’t even be described as

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Alberta Diary: Tom Flanagan, neoconservative spiritual leader, consigned to utter darkness

Conservative icon Tom Flanagan’s defining moment. Below: Dr. Flanagan in happier times; the six signatories of the Alberta separatist Firewall Manifesto; Richard Nixon saying goodbye during his 1952 Checkers speech. Unlike Dr. Flanagan’s likely career trajectory, Mr. Nixon came back.

Who could have predicted that yesterday would be the pope’s last day on the job?

I speak, of course, of Professor Tom Flanagan, spiritual leader of the neoconservative movement in Canada.

Well, Dr. Flanagan is the neocon pope no more, having uttered the astonishing opinion at a seminar the previous evening in the deep-south Alberta city of Lethbridge that

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A Canadian Conservative has to do a lot to be punted by the Wildrose party and the Manning Centre. Thomas Flanagan did that on Wednesday by condoning child pornography. See the recorded video below of his response to a question on his views on child pornography. His argumentation basically noted that the individual act of [...]

The Canadian Progressive: DISGUSTING! Ex-Harper Adviser Tom Flanagan Okays Viewing Child Porn

“I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures” – Flanagan By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive | Feb. 28, 2013: Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s former senior adviser, Tom Flanagan, has questioned the jailing of people who view child pornography. And paid a huge price for it. “I certainly have no READ MORE

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Tom Flanagan Child Porn Comments Update

The PMO takes him out to the woodshed:

MacDougall is this guy. Wow!  That blew up bigger than I expected!  Who says Idle No More is washed up?

Wow x 2!  Wildrose condemns and, essentially, fires Flanagan.  Did INM take down Tom flanagan?

Hitler reacts to Bill C-30 backlash

“Vic Toews and his ridiculous moustache fucked me. He makes Peter Kent look like Einstein.”

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