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350 or bust: Chief Spence Ends Her Hunger Strike, But The Struggle Continues

* Chief Theresa Spence has ended her hunger strike today. Here is the press release issued by her and her supporters: * Daniel Wilson reflects on the legacy of Chief Spence’s hunger strike today on We can help give success a chance, as Chief Spence and Elder Robinson are now doing by allowing the [...]

Montreal Simon: My Thank You Letter to Chief Spence

Dear Chief SpenceI was so happy to hear that you will be ending your long hunger strike.Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has decided to end her six-week-long hunger strike after members of the Assembly of First Nations and the Liberal and New Democrat caucuses agreed to back a list of commitments supporting aboriginal issues.For you have endured enough, your people need you, and you don't need to die for your great struggle to go forward, stronger than ever.Read more »

Stop the Insanity: Some Thoughts on Idle No More

Well, I said I would create a new post about the Idle No More movement.

Occupy The Parliament Buildings‘s photo.

In response to some of the backlash against Chief Spence, here is a good article in her defense:Chelsea Vowel – Tells Where the Attawapiskat Money Went

Here is a great documentary that talks about the history of when settlers first arrived and how the native were displaced, moved, restricted, and how some treaties came about. This specifically covers what happened and it still happening in Ontario and Quebec.

***NFB – INVISIBLE NATION – full feature*** (93 mins.) (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Idle No More and the Great Day of Protest

Oh boy. I sure picked the wrong day to be felled by the flu eh? Because I wanted so much to be there.But even on the small TV in my death bed bedroom, it was an awesome and inspiring spectacle. As members of the federal government and First Nations community met behind closed doors today, demonstrators marched in communities across Canada in support of the Idle No More movement, echoing calls from a hunger striking Ontario chief for indigenous sovereignty.Read more »

BigCityLib Strikes Back: AFN Demands: My Favorite One

All legislation must be unquestionably consistent with s.35 of the Canadian Constitution and the UNDRIP.  Legislation and provisions of legislation as in C-38 and C-45 that contravene our Treaty and inherent rights must be reconsidered and implementation of these provisions be put to a halt. We must have an environmental regulatory regime in this country that respects our rights. Legislation that tinkers around the edges of the Indian Act must stop and be replaced with support for First Nation government and nation re-building including a mechanism for our Nations to push away from the Indian Act as they determine.

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Montreal Simon: Idle No More and the Great Confusion

Well I think it's safe to say that it was quite a day in my home and native's land eh?As if the great Ojibwa Mishipeshu of Lake Superior was thrashing its tail around and causing a great confusion. Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence says she won't be at a meeting Friday between First Nations leaders and Prime Minister Stephen Harper because Gov. Gen. David Johnston isn't attending.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harper Cons and the Big Smear

Well it's not in the Book of Chaos, the 200-page handbook the Cons once put out to disrupt the opposition, and shut down committees.But it clearly comes from the same cesspool of depravity.From the same Con operatives who brought you Stephen Harper's catalogue of dirty tricks.And it's filthy instructions couldn't be more disgusting:Read more »

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Chief Spence Is A Sideshow

This is the shit.  And you know what?  When First Nations sue the federal government, they win.  Its a bit like when someone sues Ezra Levant–its a slam dunk.  That not actually a coincidence.  Harper’s droogs and Ezra share a lawsuit losing gene.

Montreal Simon: How Idle No More Humiliated Stephen Harper

In all my years of watching Stephen Harper I have rarely seen him looking so frustrated and so humiliated.But there he was today at a ridiculous photo-op in a Ford factory, looking like was about to implode.And no wonder.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Idle No More Will Make Harper Eat Crow

For some ghastly reason I couldn't help wondering tonight what Stephen Harper is eating while Chief Theresa Spencer dies of hunger. As Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence continues her hunger strike, a critical care doctor is warning that the human body begins to break down after such a long period without food.Jones said after three weeks with no food, a person is "very vulnerable" to infections in the lungs and stomach, which can turn "rapidly fatal."Because you know he does LOVE to eat, and he just gave his personal chef a raise.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Idle No More and the Anti-Harper Revolt

One can only imagine what Stephen Harper is thinking as he watches Chief Theresa Spence getting weaker and weaker.Is there even a flicker of sympathy in his cold dead eyes, or is it all false pride or cold calculation?Is he appealing to the racism of his rabid base?Read more »

kirbycairo: Chief Spence and Our Quiet Racist Traditions. . . . .

Unfortunately racism is an incredibly powerful and shockingly nefarious thing. It seeps into people’s blood and bones in ways that they don’t even notice. Racism is not just a conscious and blatant force. Rather, like many aspects of human relations, racism often lies in the background of people’s conscious feelings. I once saw an illustration of this kind of subconscious racism in my own father who was progressively political and very conscious of the evils of racism. He told me the story very honestly because it was a wake-up call for him and the notion of hidden feelings and ideas. My dad was trying to find

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Montreal Simon: Idle No More and the Power of Solidarity

One day historians, or forensic psychiatrists, will no doubt argue over why Stephen Harper was prepared to let Chief Theresa Spence die.Was it because that cold, cruel, man couldn't feel the pain of others?Or was it because he was a coward?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Chief Spence, Harper, and the Attawapiskat Christmas

I didn't want to blog tonight. I just wanted to enjoy Christmas.But I couldn't get these two contrasting images out of my mind. Chief Theresa Spence slowly starving to death.While Stephen Harper, with a weird look on his face, plays cribbage. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why is Stephen Harper Afraid of Chief Spence?

It's hard to believe that a native leader from a suffering community, would have to go on a hunger strike, to try to get a meeting with a Canadian Prime Minister.On the eve of a day of aboriginal protest, the hunger-striking chief of the troubled Attawapiskat First Nation is again calling for a meeting with the prime minister and Canada’s governor-general.And even harder to believe that Stephen Harper would let her starve rather than talk to her. For either he is incapable of even the smallest noble gesture. Or he's AFRAID of her eh? Read more »