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Accidental Deliberations: Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.- Justin Fox explores why it took the economic field in general (with some noteworthy exceptions) decades to start dealing with burgeoning inequality. And Bryce Covert discusses the latest study showing that in l… . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: Thursday Morning Links

Montreal Simon: The Ghastly Record and Imaginary Trial of Stephen Harper

I was thinking today about Mike Duffy's trial, which is now only nine days away, and how it may last at least two months, because of all the evidence the Crown has collected.And all the PMO witnesses they are going to have to grill.And it gave me a really warm feeling. Until I had a horrible thought.With all the evidence and the witnesses the Crimes Against Canada Tribunal could call upon at Stephen Harper's trial, it could go on for YEARS.And we might have to wait forever for the Day of Justice.Read more ยป

Accidental Deliberations: Identifying the adversary

Not surprisingly, Charles Taylor’s keynote address and discussion on political inclusion has neatly highlighted both the importance of finding commonalities at the personal level, and the dangers of government fomenting prejudice toward minority groups. But I’d think it’s worth drawing a distinction between the problems being addressed at the personal and the political levels.

At the personal level, it’s true prejudice which is best addressed through relationships and shared experience. And we should expect a concerted effort to connect to minority communities to put an end to the underlying fear of the other which politicians may seek to use to (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Leadership 2012 Roundup

A quick look back at the last few days in the NDP’s leadership race…

- In addition to his support from Leadnow and Avaaz, Nathan Cullen won cross-partisan support from the B.C. Green Liberal Caucus. But it’s an open question whether the result will be a net plus for Cullen, as a positive response from a group which apparently fits comfortably within the Conservative-friendly B.C. Liberals may not send quite the message he’s hoping for in trying to unite anti-Con forces. Meanwhile, Cullen also took questions on Rabble, featuring this noteworthy response on the relative role of government

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