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About that Chalk River Fiasco…

Remember the thoroughly abusive Stephen Harper knifing at Linda Keen over the nuke facility at Chalk River? Well, now there’s some interesting stuff written about the Chalk River reactor. This pdf, from Dr. Gordon Edwards, President of the Canadi… . . . → Read More: About that Chalk River Fiasco…

Impolitical: Thursday drive-by blogging

1. Wouldn’t Andrea Horwath have more credibility in proposing conservation policies if her party platform didn’t contain $2.8 billion in energy tax cuts on fossil fuels? 2. Robert Asselin’s take on the Liberal party’s future, worth a read.3. Ed Miliban… . . . → Read More: Impolitical: Thursday drive-by blogging

More Nuke News

Not a lot of people liking President O’s greenwashing of nukes. This most excellent article in the Guardian dispels the myth that nukes are green. The argument that nuclear is “carbon-free” conveniently omits the entire process of m… . . . → Read More: More Nuke News

A stream of nuke news

Grab a coffee or tea. Find a snack. Lots of linky news today so this could take a while! First up: A Calgary nuke company, Kirrin Resources, is not going to expand its exploration for uranium in Quebec. That’s good news for Quebec’s… . . . → Read More: A stream of nuke news

Jacked Up: Chalk River

So the Nuclear Reactor in Chalk River, that currently supplies up to 80% of global medical isotopes has been shut down again. The reactor has been plagued with problems ever since it was shut down late in 2007 for safety upgrades by then President Linda Keen.

Keen was later fired by Harper’s government, who . . . → Read More: Jacked Up: Chalk River