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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: CBC Wrecks Another Debate #elxn42

I’ve long called for More Debates, Not Fewer Debaters, and CBC again disappoints.

Not much watchdog press left in Canada. No wonder people reject mainstream journalism for real reporting online.#cbc

— John MacDougall (@coircomann) October 2, 2015

Despite efforts by the major TV broadcasters, NDP have refused to participate in the debate.

— Green Party Canada (@CanadianGreens) October 2, 2015

Nope. @Blahaaron @josh_wingrove @acoyne uh the final election debate is next week..

— kady o'malley (@kady) October 2, 2015

My Feb. prediction, sadly is coming true.

The unethical fools (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Exposed: 356 Conservative donors rewarded with high profile appointments under Harper

The digital consumer watchdog SumOfUs has released a list of over 350 individuals who purchased their high profile public appointments by making substantial donations to the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and Lynton Crosby’s Monstrous Lock Box

Well there was Stephen Harper in Quebec yesterday, locking a promise never to raise taxes into a giant safe.Vowing to put a tax lock on our future. Stephen Harper is making a promise to keep his promise. A re-elected Conservative government would introduce so-called “tax lock” legislation that would prohibit increases to federal tax rates, Harper announced Friday.The gesture is a symbolic one, enshrining in law what Harper has already repeatedly promised and allowing him to say other parties — should they form future governments — would have to break the law in order to raise taxes. (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper has no mandate to auction off CBC buildings during an election

Maude Barlow, the national chairperson of the Council of Canadians wants Stephen Harper to answer whether the just-announced “firesale of CBC buildings is part of getting the Trans-Pacific Partnership signed before October 19 to boost his chances of re-election.”

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Bill Longstaff: Vote CBC

The CBC, our national broadcaster, is usually justified on the basis of two fundamentally important services it provides: it serves as stage for Canadian culture and it unites a broad, diverse country. I suggest it serves us in yet another way that is equally important: it is the only national mass medium that is not owned by and accountable to the corporate sector, i.e. the only truly

LeDaro: Stephen Harper Interview with Peter Mansbridge

Politics and its Discontents: A Most Visible Sign Of Contempt

It is well-known among those who follow politics that governments frequently show contempt for the people that they ‘serve.’ However, rarely is that contempt telegraphed in advance of an election. Jerry Bance, who is running for the federal Conservatives in the Toronto riding of Scarborough Rouge Park, owns and operates XPress Appliance Service, an appliance repair company in the Greater Toronto Area. As you will see in the following video, he sets a new depth for disdain that I suspect few will want to emulate.

“I deeply regret my actions on that day. I take great pride in my (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Dead Boy In The Sea

Wednesday’s Twitter feeds were jammed with the body of a young corpse of a boy facing down in the sand as an authority stood over the body and soon picked him up to carry his body away. I realized the boy was from a refugee family that didn’t make a boat crossing. He was a Syrian attempting to leave Turkey. His family had sought refuge in Canada. Regrettably, the Canadian Government did not make it possible, and the family fled Turkey by boat and most of them died.

Growing concerned that this woman is going to be savaged by this (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: The secret platform

It never figured to take long for the Cons to start making up numbers for lack of any legitimate criticism of the NDP’s platform – and Jason Kenney has charged into the breach. But it’s worth noting the source of many of the supposedly-costed items, which consist of NDP MPs’ committee reports.

To be clear, committee reports represent an important contribution in Parliament’s governance of public policy. And what makes them stand out is that fact that they offer independent review by representatives tasked with assessing particular issues – who can then be expected to reach their own conclusions on (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Thank Goodness for Rick Mercer and the CBC – The Para-Pan Am Games

Rick Mercer reports on our Canadian para-Panam/para-Olympic athletes with a vivacious gusto and aplomb that leaves one smiling and quite pleased to be Canadian. I am very glad the CBC exists and can provide a platform for the likes of Mercer and the good, often funny, work that he does.

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Politics Canada: Do Canadians deserve to lose universal health care, CBC and democracy?

When I see polls like the one today from Nanos which has the Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper in first place, I have to ask myself, “do Canadians deserve to lose universal health care? Do we deserve to lose the CBC? Do we deserve the erosion of our democracy, through so many actions they get too numerous to count (creation of a secret police force, government spying on citizens, electoral fraud in last two elections, first past the post system, unfair elections act, rewriting the rules to favour the party with the most money, giant (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Robert Reich describes how U.S. voters are rejecting the concept of a ruling class from both the left and the right – while noting that it’s vital to get the answer right as to which alternative is worth pursuing. And Owen Jones sees Jeremy Corbyn’s rise as an inevitable response to the emptiness of New Labour in the UK: Corbyn’s campaign has been unique in the Labour leadership campaign in actually offering coherent policies and a fleshed-out economic strategy: a radical housing programme; tax justice; democratic public ownership of utilities and (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Chantal Panozzo discusses the lack of work-life balance which serves as the default in the U.S. – and notes how preposterous precarious work looks once a person has experienced an alternative: Before I moved to Switzerland for almost a decade, American Reality was all I knew. I was living in a two-bedroom apartment making $30,000 a year in a job where I worked almost seven days a week with no overtime pay and received 10 days of paid time off a year.

In other words, for the hours worked, I was making (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: WikiLeaks reveals CBC and Canada Post may be sold under TPP agreement

A confidential letter leaked by WikiLeaks on Wednesday reveals that the CBC and Canada Post could be sold under the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, currently being negotiated by Canada and 11 other countries in Maui, Hawaii.

The post WikiLeaks reveals CBC and Canada Post may be sold under TPP agreement appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. CBC: CRTC to announce big decision on fibre optic network access

Are you in Canada? Do you have a radio? You probably heard OpenMedia this morning talking about today’s forthcoming CRTC decision on fibre optic network access. Here’s one of the 20 radio interviews we gave to inform Canadians all across the country about today’s announcement. Stay tuned!

Article by CBC News

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Alberta Politics: Alison Redford is back, relaxed and ready to rumble with anyone who blames her for her former party’s problems

PHOTOS: A screen shot of former Alberta Premier Alison Redford as she appeared in the CBC’s interview yesterday, relaxed and confident. Below: Ms. Redford on the day in October 2011 she was chosen as the Progressive Conservative Party’s leader and premier of Alberta, and on the day in March 2014 she was sent packing by […]

The post Alison Redford is back, relaxed and ready to rumble with anyone who blames her for her former party’s problems appeared first on Alberta Politics. CBC: Canadians still don’t know what the Trans-Pacific Partnership is

Despite the secrecy, we know that The TPP would criminalize your online activity, invade your privacy, and cost you money. Speak out now at

Article by The Canadian Press for the CBC

It’s the biggest free trade deal Canadians never heard of.

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The Boom With the Bomb Train Boom

CBC is a funny beast now. Along with their story parroting what the latest Canadian Energy Research Initiative report says, is RBC/tarsands shill Amanda Lang staring at you from the sidebar. Also we learn about “Dollarama’s winning formula” of selling Chinese mass produced garbage to Canadians, a “retail success story”, and again with “Amanda Lang takes you inside the world of business.”

Back to the oil train story. Outpacing oil trains apparently are wheat and coal. Coal shouldn’t even be burned anymore, now that we know how deadly and damaging it is. The report makes no mention of the (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Evan Solomon and the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation

When Evan Solomon was appointed host of the CBC program Power and Politics, I didn't think he would be able to fill the very large shoes of the departing Don Newman.He was missing about thirty years of journalistic experience.And although I was right, he gradually began to win me over, in his own way. In recent months I thought he was finally starting to lose his patience with the Cons, for parroting their PMO lines instead of giving him or anyone a straight answer.So I must say this came as quite a shock. Read more »

Politics, Re-Spun: CBC House Cleaning Claims the Vapid Evan

Evan Solomon was always a pathetic pseudo-journalist.

Ask an intriguing question, politician spins or lies or evades or trots out talking points, then Evan…what does he do? Move on. Nothing to see here.

Waste of air.

The world is better off with him off the air.

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Bill Longstaff: Vancouver Humane Society gives CBC Stampede coverage a thumbs down

Only 26 days to the Calgary Stampede. Yee-haw! This is our premier event of the year—the greatest outdoor show on Earth. Mostly it’s great fun for Calgarians and visitors alike: agricultural exhibits, a huge midway, entertainment from around the world plus Calgary’s very own Young Canadians, Stampede breakfasts, endless bar-hopping—10 days of fun and frolic.

And then there’s the rodeo—10 days of

Politics and its Discontents: Omar Khadr: Out Of The Shadows

The above is the title of a documentary to be broadcast tonight at 9 p.m. on the CBC’s main network. Here is a brief excerpt:

Given all of the taxpayer money it has spent challenging Khadr’s repatriation, his bail, and his access to the media, I am certain that the enemy of critical thinking, the Harper regime, would prefer that we not watch it. It would much rather that people not understand the hollowness of its bifurcated worldview of good and evil so relentlessly presented since its ascension to power – a rule based upon fear, one that it (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The Establishment And Your Phone

In the good old days, Canada’s spy agencies were not supposed to spy on Canadians. Government departments are also supposed to benefit from their research into vulnerabilities in computer systems, because holes can be closed. CSE was, according to The CBC, and The Intercept, intentionally not filling holes it found in the Google App Store and a popular web browser, in order to infect targets of spying. The result is that hostile governments and hackers could also use these holes if they independently discovered them.

Alberta Politics: Photos of shredded documents in Legislature Building prompt fears of PC document destruction spree

Were shredders like this at work in the Alberta Legislative Building this week? Actually modern document destruction equipment may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Alberta Freedom of Information Commissioner Jill Clayton and Public Interest Commissioner Peter Hourihan (CBC photos). If serious document destruction has actually been taking place in Alberta, chances are good it […]

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Politics and its Discontents: Can Stephen Harper Buy Your Conscience?

Stephen Harper offers so much to so few – tax cuts, increased Tax-Free Savings Accounts, income-splitting, to name but a few of his ‘gifts.’ His disingenuous rhetoric notwithstanding, however, Harper is really offering all kinds of bribes inducements for you to think only of yourself, and to ignore the niggling voice within telling you that all is not well.

This video offers a sharp reminder of the larger reality within which so many people must live. You probably know some of them.

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