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Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: Casinos redux

First let’s clarify the terms. A “casino” was never really in the discussion, although just about everyone used that term. What the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) offered was a “gaming facility” as they euphemistically called it. A gambling … Continue reading →

Autonomy For All: A Casino Will Not Bring Mass Tourism to Toronto

To do the little I can do from my low-traffic blog to push back on a deeply stupid and frankly maliciously preposterous lie being pushed on the public, let’s just apply a little common sense to the claim that a Toronto waterfront casino would lead to any significant levels of additional tourism to the city . . . → Read More: Autonomy For All: A Casino Will Not Bring Mass Tourism to Toronto

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: The Hidden Costs of Gambling

Let’s start 2013 with a sober consideration of the social and economic costs of gambling. Back n 2006, the Canadian Medical Association noted that, “Provincial governments may be glossing over the societal and health costs of problem gambling, including depression and … Continue reading →

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: Gambling and the local economy part 2

Seventy three dollars. It’s not a large amount if you’re middle class, certainly not if you’re Conrad Black. But for others it can be significant. If you’re on minimum wage, it’s a full day’s wage, before taxes. If you’re a senior on a … Continue reading →

Trashy's World: New use for the House of Commons…

… considering that, thanks to Stevo, it’s pretty much useless as a place of debate these days… There ya go Mayor Watson! Centrally located. Great access to transit! h/t to @ugottabekiddin for the inspiration!       (4) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Trashy's World: A casino in Ottawa?

I’m not a gambler… never been very good at it so gambling, for me, is akin to throwing my money into the fireplace. And I don’t even really like establishments like casinos or slot machine facilities. The atmosphere is plain weird and the damn places are as noisy as hell! But I don’t have anything . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: A casino in Ottawa?