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BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Most Interesting Thing About The Latest Harris-Decima Poll

…is how it shows that JT is stealing from the CPoC as well as the NDP.  For the conventional wisdom has 30% of the CDN population rock solid in Harper’s corner, yet this poll puts them below that threshold. 

centerandleft: Endorsement for Joyce Murray

Murray Can Lead Canada Forward | Chris Wattie, Reuters (via National Post)

For almost seven years, Stephen Harper has been the Prime Minister. Canadian progressives unite in their call that “we can do better” and yet, little is done to meet actions with words. In the New Democratic leadership race, I backed Nathan Cullen for his progressive partnership proposal. It was bold, it was controversial, but it represented real leadership. Mr. Cullen challenged New Democratic progressives, presenting them with an opportunity for real, meaningful change. Mr. Cullen inspired many people with his surprising success, but New Democrats decided to meet

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centerandleft: Bob Rae’s Steep Climb

A Leger Marketing poll was conducted between April 2nd and 4th, and showed the NDP on top of the pack, with 33%, leading the Conservatives by 1%. The Liberals were far behind at 19%, the same level of support given in May 2011. Leger’s information confirms another poll done earlier in the week by Harris-Decema with nearly identical numbers.

Polling Info Puts Conservatives and NDP in Statistical Tie | This Graph Copied From

With the next general election coming three years away, these results certainly should not fill Conservatives or Liberals with immanent (Read more…)