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Blevkog: A question for the crowd…

Today’s announcement that Peter MacKay is not going to run for his seat in Parliament this fall has me thinking that maybe this is a sign that Stephen Harper is losing control of his party finally. Some months ago when John Baird announced that he was stepping down to spend more time with his corporations, […]

Cowichan Conversations: Peter McKay to announce that he is stepping down as Justice Minister later today-Harper shellshocked!

Peter McKay has been one of the most significant players in the Harper government from the beginning. No loss to Canada but this significant departure hurts Steve’s re-election efforts.

Is Justice Minister

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Blevkog: The miracle of birth…

It’s so thrilling to see a foundling cracking the shell for its first few pecks at freedom. (And never has a better beak been built to crack one, too!) And now, with today’s announcement, Peter MacKay marks his transition from pupa form (Canadian politician) to what I can only assume to be a fully-fledged adult […]

Cowichan Conversations: Speculation increasing that 2015 election writ will be dropped in August

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger

Steve Harper and his thugs in suits are in high gear cheating, lying, rigging the system.

They are desperate, and for good reason.

When they lose and the curtain is

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Scott's DiaTribes: Angus Reid: Strong Support For Bill C51/Strong Support for Oversight. (Liberal position vindicated in this poll)

Given the furore over the past couple of months on social media – most of it NDP activist driven – you’d think that the entire country hated Bill C51, the new security and anti-terrorism bill – and entire sections of disaffected Liberal Party activists and voters were deserting the LPC and flocking to the NDP. A new poll by Angus-Reid released yesterday, however, would tend to show that narrative is false. There is still strong public support for Bill C51, but also strong support for adding oversight to make sure police and other agencies don’t overdo it:

Nationally, nearly three-in-four (Read more…)

Alberta Politics: Does advertising plagiarism suggest Harper Government’s running on intellectual fumes?

PHOTOS: A screen shot from the new Harper Government anti-Tom-Mulcair advertisement. Actual Harper government plagiarism may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Scenes from the nearly identical 2011 Manitoba NDP 30-second spot and 2015 Harper Con spot. If political ads were popular songs, the Manitoba NDP would probably be getting ready to sue the Harper […]

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Blevkog: It is on… apparently

With the new round of polls in the hopper and the NDP surge from their surprising provincial victory in Alberta quantified, if it didn’t before, it looks like the national election campaigns are firmly up and running for the three major political parties. The campaign ads are beginning to appear and the editorials are getting […]

Cowichan Conversations: TOMMY Douglas–Keeper of the Flame-VIDEO

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger

Tommy Douglas remains one of Canada’s most inspirational political figures. He was recognized as ‘The Greatest Canadian 2004.

We are at a cross roads in Canada today. The Alberta NDP

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Cowichan Conversations: Time To Ditch Strategic Voting

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Political turmoil generally signals a shift away from the governing parties. It is easy to assign a shift to the NDP in Alberta and apply that across the country, but is

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Dead Wild Roses: Hopes and Dreams Realized

Rachel Notley being sworn into office.

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In This Corner: Stuff happens, week 19: Debbie does disgrace; gold for Canada; Edmonton icon passes

For the third week in a row, Deborah Drever reigned as Alberta’s most talked-about NDP MLA. Or, more to the point, Alberta’s most talked-about former NDP MLA.

The last straw.

Drever finally shamed Rachel Notley to the point that she was kicked out of caucus, setting a possible world record for shortest and worst political career. After a couple of weeks of embarrassing photos (she was just a young person! defenders cried), an Instagram graphic she posted picturing Jim Prentice and Ric McIver as gay was finally too much for the politically correct NDP. Calling it “homophobic” (actually, the (Read more…)

Blevkog: “It’s real – get over it”

So says ipolitics (pay wall), referring to the NDP surge that was confirmed this week by polls released by EKOS and by other groups. They go on to demonstrate that, while NDP numbers jumped dramatically with the recent Alberta provincial election results, the upsurge really began as early as February. What this graph (shown below) also […]

Blevkog: Polievre and the election wrinkle

It’s not exactly news that Stephen Harper and his merry band are willing to cut a few corners when it comes to getting democratically elected. It’s also probably not news that the party that has been found guilty on several occasions of major financial shenanigans when it comes to advertisements and campaigning has also found […]

Canadian Dimension: Maude Barlow: Harper won’t be PM after the next election

Photo by Caelie Frampton

Winnipeg, May 12, 2015: Council of Canadians Chairperson Maude Barlow predicts that Stephen Harper will cease to be Prime Minister of Canada following the federal election that is expected this October.

Barlow was speaking at “Winnipeg: A Public Forum on our Democracy” that was held at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre on May 12, 2015 by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

In addition to Maude Barlow, speakers included, Sylvia Boudreau (Winnipeg Indigenous Rock the Vote Co-organizer), Paul Moist (National President, Canadian Union of Public Employees), Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Alberta’s Orange Crush

Image from Public Domain

The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) surprise landslide victory in last week’s provincial elections in Alberta sent a shockwave through Canadian politics. With over 40 percent of the vote and an outright majority in the provincial legislature, the NDP has broken the Conservative Party’s decades-long dominance of Alberta politics and lifted hopes that Stephen Harper, Canada’s right-wing prime minister, might be ousted in this fall’s federal elections.

The NDP’s victory in the heartland of Canadian conservatism is cause for celebration. However, there is little indication that the party’s success at the polls marks a fundamental shift to (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Supreme Court Smackdown of Harper.. again

One would almost think the Supreme Court is getting tired of the Conservative government’s vendetta against Omar Khadr:

The country’s top court swiftly dismissed the Conservative government’s latest attempt to see former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr dealt with as a hardened offender deserving of more time in an adult federal penitentiary. It was a rare judgment issued from the bench that came after little more than two hours of oral argument on Thursday. And it is the third time that Ottawa has lost in matters involving Omar Khadr at the Supreme Court of Canada…At the end, the high court (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Privacy and Democracy: What Geeks Understand that the Left Doesn’t

Cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon, February 9, 2015 (Artizans).

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations about the all-encompassing scope of surveillance and eavesdropping by Western states against their own people as well as foreigners, the response of the Left has been remarkably complacent. There have been tepid calls for “political solutions” — without any explanation of what these might be or how they will be achieved. At worst, people have responded with a selfish, individualist attitude that they personally “are not worried” or can’t be bothered because they personally have “nothing to hide.” As Snowden has eloquently said, none (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Flying Blind

Photo from Public Domain

Imagine you are flying a plane carrying millions of passengers over unfamiliar terrain. Now imagine making the decision, mid-flight, to disable and destroy the instruments that tell you where you are, where you are headed, and allow you to coordinate with others sharing your airspace. It’s completely irrational, but that is exactly what the Conservative government did when it abolished Canada’s mandatory long-form census in 2010.

The long-form census once provided us with an essential view of the lay of the land in terms of our country’s social, economic, and health status. It was, indisputably, a (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Alberta finally shifted left in these elections. But can it go green?

Pigeon Lake, AB at sunset • Photo by WinterE229

Canada’s appetite for political change was demonstrated by the surprising win of the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Alberta’s elections, which ended 44 years of the same government. With its oil wealth and longtime conservative leadership, the province is often called Canada’s Texas. The election reflects the choice by Albertans (and Canadians more broadly) to reject what they have been told about their economy’s dependence on oil and gas at the expense of renewable energy investment and economic diversification.

Albertans have convincingly thrown their support behind provincial NDP leader Rachel Notley (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Alberta: NDP wins… now let’s organize!

Photo by Kurt Bauschardt

The NDP victory in Alberta presents a real opportunity for the labour movement and wider working class to make substantial gains. The defeat of the 44-year Tory dynasty gives energy to those fighting for social justice inside and outside the province. However, the election of a majority NDP government by no means ensures those gains will be made.

While the NDP ran an effective campaign, it was circumstance that created the conditions for them to harness what is largely a protest vote. Falling oil prices, an economic crisis in the province, and the blatantly corrupt PC (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Alberta: A Perfect Political Storm

Photo by Dave Cournoyer

Election outcomes like Alberta’s do not come often: the total collapse of a four decade conservative dynasty and majority power for a party considered on the “left” in Canada. The reactions were typical: shock, elation, fear, uncertainty. No one saw it coming. Well, that’s not quite true. If you followed the polls you knew a significant event was unfolding. The polls were not volatile, which says a great deal. They recorded a steady rise in NDP support and a corresponding decline in Tory support. Days before the election it was pretty clear the NDP would form (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Stephen Harper: The Musical! OR How To Survive & Thrive in the Dying Days of the Empire of Oil

PM Steve Harper

Stephen Harper: The Musical! OR How To Survive & Thrive in the Dying Days of the Empire of Oil

Laughs provided by Parliament Hill? For real.

James Gordon’s fourth full-length musical

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Cowichan Conversations: Elizabeth May’s Speech to the Ottawa Press Club Will Be Tough To Beat In The Future!

A few of the conservative uptight MSM types reacted with dismay over Elizabeth May’s ‘tell it like it is’ speech at the Ottawa Press Gallery dinner.

I had mentioned in a previous post that she

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Cowichan Conversations: Canada falling behind America and unprepared to meet shared climate commitment

It is incomprehensible to realize that Canada, once the envy of many throughout the world, has after a decade of right wing neo con governments, turned its back on the environment, on our lakes and

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Cowichan Conversations: Elizabeth May’s Uncharacteristic Ottawa Press Gallery Speech Goes ‘Off the Rails’–Escorted Off Stage

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May had in many ways set the bar for other elected officials across Canada. I have been inspired by her and admired her tenacity and forthrightness.

She flew across the country

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