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Cowichan Conversations: Oh! Oh! Canada

Scott's DiaTribes: RIP Max Khan

Very shocking news this morning for those of us in the Liberal Party:

Max Khan, an Oakville town councillor and the federal Liberal candidate for Oakville North-Burlington, has died, according to a Liberal Party representative…Khan represented Ward 6 in Oakville, which he shared with Councillor Tom Adams. Adams said Khan died early Sunday morning. They had worked together for nine years.“I learned of it late, late last night and I understand he went into Oakville Trafalgar Hospital around 7 o’clock and passed away just a little after midnight,” Adams told the Star. Adams said Khan had been feeling ill (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: How Harper Turned Canada into a Rogue State

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

How Harper Turned Canada into a Rogue State

It was not easy for those who went before us to build Canada into the remarkable and much respected country that it has been until now, until the reckless and unbalanced power hungry Prime Minister Steve Harper has grabbed Canada by the throat.

Crawford Kilian’s article, presented in the Tyee is a most worthwhile read.


As Economy Stumbles, Our Self-Styled Wartime Prime Minister Bets On Fear.

By Crawford Kilian-The Tyee

Stephen Harper’s greatest booster for the 2015 federal election unfortunately can’t vote for him: Michael Zehaf-Bibeau died (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: The Liberal Party is the Tim Hortons of Canadian Politics

Photo by Mohammad Jangda

Granted, the Liberal Party under the pretentious leadership of Michael Ignatieff was more like the Starbucks of Canadian politics. With Ignatieff, however, Canadians were able to see past the pseudo- cosmopolitanism and faux-intellectualism, and identify the American import for what it was. The Trudeau Liberals, on the other hand, are a more deceptive brand: their hollow, and occasionally militaristic, nationalism is much more akin to the marketing style of Tim Hortons.

Of course, Tim Hortons’ appeals to our nationalist sentiments appear increasingly hollow considering the corporation is now owned by Burger King, which is, incidentally, a (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Austerity-driven cuts ignite protests in Montreal

By Stefan Christoff

Last night on the streets of Montréal thousands joined a spirited protest against austerity, targeting the violent cuts to the public sector currently taking place under the Liberal government of Philippe Couillard, occurring within the wider context of the Conservative austerity hammer coming down across Canada.

“On avance, on avance, on ne recule pas!” chanted thousands together while departing from place Émilie-Gamelin, the now iconic gathering point for night protests in the city.

In real terms, a collective move forward is taking place, tens-of-thousands of students are now striking, as community groups and activists (Read more…)

centre of the universe: Be Careful What You Don’t Ask For

Not even three full years after enacting moderately sexist “Frat House Legislation“, Premier Brad Wall announced that his government had “reversed our mistake to allow strip clubs in SK.” With a rather smug nod to the reason being related to human trafficking, without any …whattayacallit… proof or supporting documentation whatsoever, without any public consultation other than the irate moral majority … Continue reading →

Cowichan Conversations: Rocco Galati in court to challenge how Bank of Canada does business

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The mysterious world of money, making it, printing it,spending it. There has been contrary views regarding the role of banks in controlling our money supply since the Bank of Canada stepped away from providing debt free money to cities, town and municipalities.

Across the country, budgets are being prepared at all levels of government. Local boards and councils wrestle with funding facilities and services for their communities. The impacts of interest free money should gather considerable interest. Why was the role of the Bank of Canada changed from its established direction and purpose?

We should look at (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Harry Smith the 92-year-old anti-austerity campaignerIs Coming After Harper

Harry Smith has lived through the good times and the bad times. He sees a return to the lean mean 20’s of his youth and he is going to go after Steve Harper. Inspiring, he tells it like it is. By Jerry Nuttall

Harry Smith: ‘Since Harper has come into power, everything has gone downhill.

Harry Smith Is Coming for Stephen Harper

Harry Smith Is Coming for Stephen Harper The 92-year-old anti-austerity campaigner, a UK sensation, sets his sights on Canada. By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Today,

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Today,

A sparkling-clean nation where everyone willingly (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Chris Hedges on Bill C-51 and the corporate state

Photo by Jeremy Board

*This weekend, protests were held in communities across Canada to protest Bill C-51, a bill that would increase powers for CSIS.

Journalist and author Chris Hedges has spent much of his career working as a foreign correspondent in war zones across the globe, and has written extensively on the surveillance state and world conflict. The journalist and writer was scheduled to speak at the Toronto protest on Saturday. His plane was forced to land in Windsor due to heavy fog and so he was unable to attend the Toronto protest.’s H.G. Watson was (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Carolyn Bennett, Danielle Takacs & Liberal candidates visit Six Nations for tour, roundtable

Yesterday, Liberal MP and Aboriginal Affairs Critic Carolyn Bennett visited Brantford-Brant riding for the whole day to participate in discussions on Native Housing issues as well as to tour Six Nations and New Credit territory (though she’s been here so many times, Chief Ava Hill of Six Nations said Ms Bennett could have probably lead the tour herself) and then to participate in a “listening” roundtable, where Six Nations leaders and people could express their issues and concerns.

Ms Bennett was accompanied by Brantford-Brant Liberal candidate Danielle Takacs for the whole day, and later on for the tour and roundtable, (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Time to Regulate the News Media

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The Tyee’s Associate Editor Shannon Rupp wrote this thorough analysis regarding the state of the media, published in August 2014.

It seems timely to post it once again when on Vancouver Island we could soon be facing Black Press papers from one end to another.

In the Cowichan Valley where two papers the Cowichan Citizen and the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial competed, more for advertising that news coverage, we could soon see Black owning both papers.

He may fold one, probably the News Leader where the staff have been on strike for over 100 days. Represented by Unifor, (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: The Niqab Hijab etc.. real issue.

By now, you know that a Federal Court has ruled against the Government of Canada that wanted veils/face coverings removed for the “ceremonial” part of the citizenship ceremony to become a Canadian citizen. (more specifically, niqabs, and apparently hijabs). You also know that Prime Minister Harper has decided to go on a rant about that, calling it against Canadian values, etc.. and the Conservative Party is fundraising on the issue.

I can go on about how this is attempting to appeal to the base fears and prejudices of Canadian society, and how they’re trying to cynically use this issue to (Read more…)

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: Manufactured Terror: Bill C51

Stephen Harper wants you to be afraid. VERY afraid. If you’re frightened, you likely won’t question his and his party’s destruction of the country, the decaying economy, job losses, homelessness, the ignored murder of aboriginal women, the muffled and cowed bureaucracy, hobbling the CBC, undermining Canadian science and scientists, and our waning credibility on the […]

Cowichan Conversations: Canada-wide Demonstrations Against Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Perhaps there is a silver lining behind the storm clouds of oppression being waged by our Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Canadians from four former Prime Ministers, to Civil Liberties organizations, major MSM newspapers, even Conrad Black are calling out the Conservatives for these extreme and unnecessary restrictions on the freedom of Canadians.

Such extreme and hysterical statements from Harper such as ‘We are at War with Islam’ are beyond rational thought. He has managed to switch the narrative away from his miserable performance with the economy, abuse of the military personnel, unaccountable expenditures and secretive behaviour.

We (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Police State Canada–Will This Be Our Future Under PM Harper?

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

It’s a rainy West Coast Saturday morning, mild and quite beautiful but the direction that PM Harper is taking is chilling, surreal, shocking.

Clearly our Prime Minister is launching a police state to spy on Canadians, arrest, detain, and imprison those who dare to publicly criticize this lurch to the extreme right, essentially we are being driven into a police state.

The Harper Conservatives are well organized and ruthlessly riding roughshod over our democracy at every level imaginable.

Our opposition leaders, with the exception of Elizabeth May, seem unable to fully grasp and adequately respond to the threat facing Canadians.

Harper (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Alexandre Boulerice, Quebec NDP MP, Contradicts Mulcair–Says His Party Is Against The Niqab

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger

A bizarre development in the Federal NDP camp has MP Alexandre Boulerice at odds with the leader Thomas Mulcair’s stated party position on the rights of Muslim women to wear a Niqab during citizenship ceremony.

Alexandre Boulerice at odds with Mulcair over the Niqab issue.

We face a multitude of issues affecting Canadians but it seems PM Harper has managed to derail focus on his mishandling of economic matters by fuelling a divisive racist anti Muslim stance.

Thomas Mulcair-has his hands full

Mulcair has his hands full. Boulerice is a National Election Campaign co-chair along with Nanaimo-Cowichan (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Alexandre Boulerice, Quebec NDP MP, Contradicts Mulcair–Says His Party Is Against The Niqab

Cowichan Conversations: Rafe: Joe Oliver says fracking is safe, so it must be

Rafe has seen the light!

Nice to see that Rafe Mair has come to his senses and is now backing the corporate toadies, aka the Harper Cabinet and the light headed Finance Minister Joe Oliver aka ‘Chuckles’.

They are all joyfully promoting LNG and spending our money doing it.

It is a comfort how given enough misinformation and then peering down the barrel of a C51 shotgun focuses the mind.

Is Rafe kidding? Has he really changed sides? Rafe, how could you?

Read his latest missive here in his tell all post from the Common Sense Canadian

. . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Rafe: Joe Oliver says fracking is safe, so it must be

wmtc: march 14: speak out against bill c-51

Guest post by Allan:

Tomorrow – Saturday, March 14 – there will be protests across Canada against Stephen Harper’s latest assault on democracy and free speech – Bill C-51 (“The Anti-terrorism Act 2015″).

While Harper states the bill would merely “criminalize the promotion of terrorism” and give the government the power to remove “terrorist propaganda” from the internet, left unanswered is who defines “terrorism” and “terrorist propaganda”. The bill is written in such overly broad terms it could be applied to nearly anything the Conservative government wants to deem criminal.

The introduction of C-51 comes on the heels of news (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Liberals Choose Maria Manna To Run In Cowichan-Malahat-Langford Riding

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger

The Liberals have nominated Maria Manna to carry the Liberal banner in Cowichan Malahat Langford riding in this October’s Federal Election.

This is going to be a contest to watch closely as the Green Party are running hard hoping to make a breakthrough.

I sense that they will increase their support but fall short to NDP nominated candidate Alistair McGregor.

All parties are in but the Conservatives who have yet to nominate a candidate.

Look for that nomination to be picked up by former North Cowichan Councillor John Khoury. Khoury represented the Conservative Party in the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Tommy Douglas Defines Fascism


“Once more let me remind you what fascism is.

It need not wear a brown shirt or a green shirt — it may even wear a dress shirt.

Fascism begins the moment a ruling class, fearing the people may use their political democracy

to gain economic democracy, begins to destroy political democracy in order to retain its power and special privilege.”

-TC Douglas

Cowichan Conversations: Elizabeth May–Bill C 51-Criminalizing Our Canadian Values

Cowichan Conversations: Vancouver mom’s outrage at airline for interfering with breastfeeding draws huge online support

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger

United Airlines PR department must, or at least should be in high gear after this young mother complained in ‘Twitter’ that she was shamed by an attendant for breast feeding her baby during a flight.

The story has been covered by the Vancouver Province.

PHOTO: Dan Janisse/The Windsor Star File photo:A Windsor mom breastfeeds her 10-month-old son.

A Vancouver mother’s online complaint against a United Airlines flight attendant for shaming her for breastfeeding has gone viral.

A Twitter complaint from a Vancouver mother who claims she was shamed by a United Airlines flight attendant for breastfeeding (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Trudeau–Canadian Liberty and the Politics of Fear

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

This is a significant speech the likes of which we have not heard in this country for some time. It runs for 43 minutes and for some that is too long. However it is here in its entirety and can be viewed in stages if need be.

While NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Green Party leader Elizabeth May, to their credit, have both spoken out in opposition to Bill C51 Justin Trudeau has hedged. He has told Canadians that he is concerned about lack of oversight but would support the Terror Bill Bill C 51, and amend (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien Bashes Harper Over Bill C 51

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

As each day passes we learn of more resistance and outright condemnation over Conservative PM Steve Harper’s assault on Canadians rights and freedoms that would result from passing his so called anti-terror Bill C 51.

The Green Party and The NDP have both challenged the bill for its far reaching assault on our rights, while the Liberals Trudeau has chosen to support the intrusive affront to democracy. Trudeau says now that he will amend the Bill C 51 if he is elected.

The Rabble’s Karl Nuremberg reveals the extent of Commissioner Daniel Therrien’s response to Bill C (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Why Is the West Spoiling for a Fight with Russia?

At a time where the commercial media, or much of it, serves to whip up hysteria over challenges from ISIS, the so called aggressive actions of Putin and other US/Nato driven issues we can be grateful for the internet, bloggers and social media.

Murray Dobbin’s articles would get short shrift today by most media outlets but through ‘the Tyee, we have access to alternate voices that disassemble the unquestioning prattle that fills our tv newscasts.

Here is Murray’s latest.

A conflict over Ukraine would be catastrophic.

By Murray Dobbin,

What are the consequences when elected governments make policy based (Read more…)