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Scott's DiaTribes: Interview with Colin Smith, LPC Nomination Contestant for Carleton

I’ve not done one of these in awhile, but today, we have an interview with Colin Smith, an LPC nomination contestant in the riding of Carleton, a riding that was abolished in 1966 but re-created by the boundary re-distribution in 2012. It will be where Pierre Poilievre, a Conservative on the top of most Liberals most loathed Conservative list, will be running. As usual, interviews do not imply endorsements (Colin currently has 2 other contestants running against him, and the nomination date as of today hasn’t been set yet). I thank Colin for taking the time to do the interview.

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Cowichan Conversations: Naomi Klein- ‘The Economic System We Have Created Global Warming’

Naomi Klein

I am beginning to detect a growing trend towards changing the capitalist economic model from one in which profit is the only priority to one in which wellness is the priority, and profit must be made within that paradigm.

The fact that this interview should appear in one of the most prestigious and influential German publications just as the European powers are meeting to address climate change, should not go unremarked.

Can we still stop global warming? Only if we radically change our capitalist system, argues author Naomi Klein. In an interview with SPIEGEL, she explains why the (Read more…)

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: How Marx Presaged Today’s Canada

“The bourgeoisie has through its exploitation of the world market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country,” wrote Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, in 1848, in the Communist Manifesto. I came across this paragraph in Prof. David Harvey‘s book, A Companion to Marx’s Capital, recently and the quote from the Communist […]

Cowichan Conversations: Stephen Hume: A Tale of Two Coasts

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger

We are often referred to as the ‘Left Coast’ due the liberal left tendencies of many west coasters. The way the Ottawa’s largesse is doled out, we could just as easily be known as the ‘Left Out Coast.’

Age old arguments of the West getting the short end of the federal stick have always been a sore spot when comparing our representation to the Maritimes.

One of the sorest of sore points is BC Ferries. We are being ripped off through mismanagement provincially and funding inequities federally. Stephen Hume’s article spells it out.

Ferry subsidies: (Read more…)

Dented Blue Mercedes: Canada’s Trans* Rights Bill Now Endorses Bans in Washroom and Gendered Spaces

Canada’s trans* human rights bill C-279 was amended by a Senate committee, in a way that makes it legal to ban trans* people from washrooms and gendered spaces appropriate to their gender identity.

Sen. Donald Plett, Conservative member of the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, added a legal exemption for “any service, facility, accommodation or premises that is restricted to one sex only, such as a correctional facility, crisis counseling facility, shelter for victims of abuse, washroom facility, shower facility or clothing changing room.” The amendment passed with six of the committee members supporting it, four opposed, (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Calm before the political storm

Twitter was all aflutter yesterday from some journalists saying several people had told them they had heard an election was going to be called today and the writ dropped for April. That set everyone into panic mode or excited mode, depending on your point of view. So far as of this blogpost, it hasn’t occurred. I’m on record and on a political bet with one of my Liberal colleagues that there won’t be a Spring Election. It may not be on October 19, but I don’t think it will be in the Spring, so we’ll see if I manage to (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Obama Vetoes Bill Pushing Pipeline Approval

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

In one of Washington’s worst kept secrets President Barack Obama confirmed earlier indications of his opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline proposal. This is huge and could help bring about rejection of the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan proposals as well.

The New York Times reports on this far reaching development. In Canada all eyes will be on ‘Steve’. Could this trigger the end of Enbridge and Kinder Morgan as well?

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Tuesday rejected an attempt by lawmakers to force his hand on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, using his veto pen to sweep (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Everything’s Harper: C-51 and the unmaking of Canada

Illustration by Hugh D’Andrade

Stephen Harper’s not-so-benign dictatorship is picking up speed. Bill C-51 is merely the latest sprint toward the Rule of Steve.

Here we have a piece of legislation that advances the prime minister’s favourite project: undermining the hated Charter of Rights that circumscribes his power and remains a monument to his most hated rival — Pierre Trudeau.

Which is why this PM despises the Supreme Court of Canada, why he continues to bombard it with unconstitutional legislation and provokes personal confrontation with judges. It’s the SCC and not the PM that’s charged with the momentous task of (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Rafe Mair–Exploiting Fear is ‘Wrong and Racist’

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Canada is facing a deliberate overheated racist attack against Muslims launched and fuelled by our Prime Minister Steve Harper. Steve’s latest is his attack against Muslim women wearing niqab, a veil, while taking her citizen oath.

Gutter snipe politics of division and hatred threaten not only Muslim women or any other minority he wishes to attack, but to all of us in Canada.

I was reminded early today that it was not that long ago women wore hats and veils to church. Yes, Christian women, and he told me his mother would never under any circumstances appear (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: “Crazy” things Stephen Harper said to Peter Mansbridge about Oil and the Environment

Cowichan Conversations: VIDEO: Rex Murphy calls on Canada to go to war against Stephen Harper’s terror bill

Cowichan Conversations: Mulcair is Showing His Mettle In Opposing Bill C 51- Four Former Prime Ministers Join In the Fight

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

It has taken some time for Canadians and the Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair to really get a grip on the severity of the so called anti terror bill C 51. There is no doubting the skilful demagoguery of PM Steve Harper and he played his threaten and rescue card like a Steinway piano.

Justin Trudeau is playing it safe, thinking that he can ride this one out riding the fence. Truth is Justin, those pickets are lethal and you really should climb down and join with Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May who are both standing up for Canada.

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Scott's DiaTribes: How 2 cold winters in Eastern North America doesn’t disprove climate change/global warming.

When it gets as cold as it has this winter (and last), you often see message boards yelling, “How about that global warming!” … as if these winters prove to those who are climate change skeptics (or climate change deniers, as I call them) that global warming or climate change is just one big government conspiracy theory to drive everyone’s taxes up and prevent people from getting rich(er) and insert government interference into everyone’s lives.

I saw a great counterpost to that from a poster on the popular Weather Underground weather site, explaining to a climate change denier why (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Was Ottawa “Terror” Arrest Timed to Support Repressive New Legislation?

Photo by Saffron Blaze

When the RCMP announced an Ottawa anti-terrorism arrest last week, the timing could not have been better for a federal government that appears to thrive on national security hysteria. After all, Prime Minister Harper, positioning himself as a wartime leader protecting Canadians from terrorists, had just introduced legislation (C-51) that would vastly increase the powers of Canada’s state security agencies, a bill that’s met with equal alarm from civil rights groups and the Globe and Mail’s editorial board.

Facebook feeds were immediately full of Conservative-sponsored “Protecting Canadians From Terrorist Threats” clickbait, leading to a personal (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: How About a Memorial to the Victims of Harperism?

This image shows the machine works of Richard Hartmann in Chemnitz. Hartmann was one of the most successful entrepreneurs and largest employers in the Kingdom of Saxony.

“Only a fool would deny that millions have been the tragic victims of communism, but that number pales, surely, in comparison with the victims of capitalism.” -Roy MacGregor, Globe and Mail, 31 January 2015

Roy MacGregor was commenting on Harper’s latest ideological propaganda foray into keeping us safe by reminding us of all the bogeymen out there on the very big, broad left. (Harper’s definition of communism is really quite loose, just (Read more…)

centre of the universe: Same same?

TL:DR version – learn your history before you shoot off at the mouth.

The Ranting Canadian: A good-news story in Canadian media/journalism news: Sun…

A good-news story in Canadian media/journalism news:

Sun “News” Network, aka Fox News North, aka the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation, aka Harper TV, aka Scum Spews is finally shutting down due to a shortage of viewers. I just hope Harper doesn’t bail them out with our taxpayer dollars as part of his Conservative Action Adscam Plan to win the next election. I wouldn’t put it past that scheming, thieving piece of shit. He played a hand in setting up the channel in the first place.

It’s comforting to know there still aren’t enough far-right, ignorant, bigoted, self-hating traitors in Canada (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Nothing Personal, Eve Adams, but Marco’s my pick.

I’m not going to get irate or flabbergasted or question her motives over her crossing the floor as some Liberals have. It took some courage to do this, and I don’t doubt Dimitri Soudas would be very helpful giving out internal Conservative Party campaign strategy or dirty laundry, and I also think this does damage Harper and the CPC to a point (combined with John Baird suddenly leaving), but at this point, I think Ms. Adams is a lightning rod for controversy.. and motivates Conservative voters in an otherwise winnable riding to flock to Joe Oliver.. so I’m hopeful that (Read more…)

centre of the universe: Saskatchewan Racist as Fuck No Surprise To Anyone But Folks Who Don’t Like Indians

Yeah, I stole the title from my own Twitter stream. I’ve seen these headlines over the last couple of days that talk about how SHOCKED everyone is to find out that SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH has PROVEN that Saskatchewan is full of people who pretty much hate each other. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has lived in this … Continue reading →

Canadian Dimension: Which will the NDP put first: party or country?

Photo by Matt Jiggins

Anyone who really wants to get the country back from the grim reaper now in charge of Canada – and who knows our political history – would look to the NDP as their best hope. They are the only party that is not completely in the pocket of big business and the political elite and that also has a chance of making a difference in Parliament. A lot of people want to believe the NDP can actually make a difference.

Regrettably the party and its leader Tom Mulcair aren’t making it easy — which is why (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Federal Election Demands Action-Put Canada First

Guest post by Dorothy Field Originally published in the Victoria Focus

Dorothy Field

Over the holidays, I read Michael Harris’ Party of One, with its detailed description of Stephen Harper’s commitment to changing Canada so we will no longer recognize it. Harper’s done a phenomenal job as he takes steps to destroy what most of us most love and admire about Canada, and what many of us fear we will not live to see again: thoughtful, reasoned debate, bi- or tri-partisan approaches to our challenges, support for scientific inquiry and legislation that reflects such research, openness and transparency, and a (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Ewart-Dangerous new powers for federal government? – Part 1

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Most Canadians have heard something about the new so called ‘Anti Terror’ legislation Bill C 51 but what we have failed to hear is opposition political leaders, excepting Elizabeth May, speaking up and effectively challenging this unprecedented attack on the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Elizabeth May rings the bell over Bill C 51

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has staked out clear and concise opposition and stood up in parliament saying so in the clearest of language.

Mulcair and Trudeau have muttered a bit, Trudeau buying the package and Mulcair meekly pointing out a few concerns hear (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: The Fight Against Street Deaths in Toronto

Photo by Andy Burgess

The twin agendas of urban redevelopment and austerity have increased the scale of the homeless crisis in Toronto. Over 4,000 people cram into the emergency shelters every night and many more try to survive out on the streets. This situation raises the question of what lengths the agenda of austerity can be taken to. If people are allowed to freeze to death for lack of basic shelter then we have moved beyond reduced entitlement and arrived at a situation of reckless and lethal social abandonment.

As the New Year got underway, four homeless men perished in (Read more…)

In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 5: Death and the supreme court; the comeback of measles.

The big story of the week was a Supreme Court decision allowing physician-assisted deaths in certain cases. Polls have shown Canadians solidly in favour of allowing Canadians to die with dignity when all hope is lost, but politicians have treated the issue the same way they’ve treated the abortion issue — by simply ignoring it. Well, not anymore. In my view, it’s about time we allowed human beings to be given the same consideration we give to a sick dog or a horse with a broken leg.

The week began with one of those indelible sports moments. With something called (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Even the Globe and Mail is Alarmed Over Harper’s Surveillance-Anti Terror Bill C-51

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The Liberal and NDP response to PM Stephen Harper’s far reaching attempt to decimate Canada’s civil rights and privacy laws left a lot to be desired.

Justin Trudeau rolled over in support and showed us up close that he has a long way to go before he is ready to assume the role of Prime Minister.

Thomas Mulcair- is opposed to Harper’s anti terror bill

Thomas Mulcair’s early responses , although in opposition to the so called anti terror bill, was pretty tame, wishy washy, understated.

Mulcair did not support the bill but the severity of Bill C 51’s deserved, demanded a (Read more…)