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The Canadian Progressive: Harper Government should consider options for Sea King replacement: Report

By Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives | Feb. 11, 2013: OTTAWA – A major, deep-reaching report about the maritime helicopter procurement has just been released by the Rideau Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. “The worst procurement in the history of Canada”: Solving the maritime helicopter crisis (PDF) was written by University of British Columbia political READ MORE

The Disaffected Lib: Dud Subs, Dud Torpedoes

Those four second-hand subs the Defence Department duped the Canadian government into buying?   18-years after we got stuck with them, one of them, HMCS Victoria, actually managed to fire a torpedo.  Victoria is the only one of the four to fire a torpedo which is probably a good thing because the other three aren’t even in the water.

A Canadian Navy comedian couldn’t restrain himself at the joyous event.  “As the submarine fleet achieves steady state it will be ready to act decisively at sea in defence of Canada, when and where needed“, Capt. Luc

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Conservative conundrum: Navy head says Canada needs bigger presence in Arctic because of … oops … climate change

Harper wants more than just about anything to expand our military forces. He is also wont to acknowledge the effects of global warming on our environment. With Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison admitting the existence of climate change as the prime reason for bolstering Canada’s presence in our northern shipping lanes, he has put Harper and the Conservatives in an awkward position. Increased naval