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Let’s Take a Page from Australia and Demand Voter Participation

I was nudged into writing this via an article written by Bill Tieleman who, as his Tyee bio reports is a regular Tyee contributor who writes a column on B.C. politics every Tuesday in 24 Hours newspaper He was also instrumental in working to have the HST brought before a referendum thanks to British Columbia’s citizen initiative [...]

Election – Post-Game Thoughts

So, there we have it: the Cons have a majority government. The NDP is the official opposition. Iggy led the Liberal party to a historic low in the house. The BQ is all but decimated and, at this point, Elizabeth May of the Greens might have won a seat for her party – finally. (Update – she won.)

Polls showed last week that the Big Orange Surge towards the NDP was a force but no one predicted this tsunami.

Ignatieff, who may have lost his seat at the time of this writing, (update: he lost it) was never an (Read more…)

Election Nite!

Will Jack Layton be our new overlord?

Will Michael Ignatieff’s ego finally implode?

Will Stephen Harper cry like a baby?

Is this Gilles’ last stand?

Will Elizabeth May finally get a seat in the house?

Stay tuned!

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