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Oh please

In what deranged, demented, scum-ridden universe is this the equivalent of this? I haven’t read up on this Electoral Fraud thing that has apparently been perpetrated enough to make any in-depth comments on it. However, I do know that a campaign of calls purposely directing people to the wrong polling station isn’t even in the . . . → Read More: Oh please

The Quantum Buddha's Blog: May Wins! : ) Greens Lose! : ,

WTF? The unthinkable happened. After over 1600 straight loses, the Greens have won a seat! Green Party Leader Elizabeth May took Saanich Gulf Islands from Gary Lunn. It’s a breakthrough!

…or is it?

Elizabeth May’s plan to focus the entire Green Party on serving–electing her has led to the loss of many members. The campaigning . . . → Read More: The Quantum Buddha’s Blog: May Wins! : ) Greens Lose! : ,