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Thumbs Up Canada: More of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires reminds me a bit of Madrid. Its beautiful, romantic and busy. I am sharing some pictures of my stay in BsAs. I am posting these from my phone so there’s not a lot I can do with captioning to explain the pictures but when I get to a compute… . . . → Read More: Thumbs Up Canada: More of Buenos Aires

Thumbs Up Canada: In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Finally made it to Buenos Aires. It is beautiful and hoooooooot. I am at a McDonalds now trying to take advantage of their free WiFi and airconditioning. It’s the only place I know that has free wifi!  🙂 Oh, they have security guards at the door of McDonalds like someone’s gonna steal a big Mac. — actually there are security guards everywhere. The banks, hotels, grocery stores, etc. It’s weird because to me it actually adds to the feeling of insecurity looking at these places that’s so heavily guarded.

I am seriously thinking that I brought the wrong clothes because everything I brought was for cooler weather. Mind you the reason I am in Argentina is to go to Salta and climb the Nevado De Chani – a mountain that’s about 6000 m. So I thought it was gonna be cool doing the trek so I brought clothes for cooler conditions.

But having spent about 35C in Panama City yesterday and now, another 30C in BsAs, I’m afraid that I’ll be too warm with the clothes I have!  My feet is sweating so much and I wish I. Brought sandals or flip flops instead.

I am thinking of starting to take the bus to Salta tomorrow night. It takes almost 24 hours to get there apparently which I don’t really mind because I wanna see the scenery on the way there. I also wanted to spend time in a less crowded city. Buenos Aires is beautiful but its a really big and busy city and to be honest, big cities aren’t my thing. It reminds me a bit of Madrid! Beautiful and busy! The architecture has a European feel as well. And they have lots of outdoor café and patios etc. I like that a lot of the streets are covered in trees!

Anyway, now that I have cooled off a bit, I’m gonna walk towards the train/bus station and see the bus schedule for salta tomorrow…

. . . → Read More: Thumbs Up Canada: In Buenos Aires, Argentina