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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #Duffy Senate Expense Scandal Explained

Take 15 minutes, and listen to the last 5 years of Canadian politics be summed up off the top of my head.

What’s the PM’s next lie? Pretend he was on Crack, or in a Drunken Stupor when he gave Nigel Wright the go ahead to bribe Duffy?

The perfect graphic to illustrate Harper's involvement. #SenCA #Oshawa RT @ValckeNDP: #CTV nails it! #cdnpoli— Oshawa NDP (@OshawaNDP) November 21, 2013

Is it not obstruction of justice to knowingly give false answers to police? Asking for a senator.— Andrew Coyne (@acoyne) November 21, 2013

RCMP: (Read more…)

Mind of Dan: The theory of revolution


Source: SMBC

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: We have heading up for your net

I have to admit that I frequently read the spam comments WordPress traps for my moderation, and I often do so with a smile. The clumsy, crazy constructs, the awkward English, butchered punctuation and the twisted word use just make me laugh. Yes, like everyone else, I detest spam, and I quickly delete the comments […]

Mind of Dan: test


Art Threat: Children 404: help fund a film exposing Russia’s crackdown on LGBTQ youth

In the Fall of 2013 a Russian documentary filmmaker contacted numerous LGBTQ activists and filmmakers in Canada and the United States with whom they had worked with in previous years to screen their films. The message they sent was a request to help fund a film that they believe desperately needs to be made: a documentary by Russian LGBTQ identified people about the impact of the recent anti-gay propaganda law on LGBTQ identified young people.

They reached out to queer filmmakers, activists, and sympathetic video programers because their project would be impossible to make without the financial support from the (Read more…)

Art Threat: Can I Touch It?

North Carolina based artist Endia Deal explores the relationships of minority women within the corporate space.

Her most recent project, “Can I touch it?”, is a photo series depicting white women in their 40s or older with traditionally black hairstyles. The final results show women with cornrows, flat twists, fingerwaves and somewhat apprehensive faces.

“I wanted people that had a certain idea of what you’re supposed to look like in the workspace, because it would be a challenge for them to understand what I experience in that space,” she explained in an interview with Endia, who sports (Read more…)

Art Threat: Tanishq ad for second wedding strikes a chord


Across the pond and over the hills to India, a new ad by jeweller Tanishq is the talk of the town for pushing boundaries.

Created by one of India’s largest communication groups, LOWE Lintas, Tanishq’s latest ad features a gorgeous dusky bride on her wedding day. After having her jewellery put on by friends and family, a young girl comes in. Is she a neice? A family friend? As the ad progresses, we discover that the little girl is the woman’s daughter. No taboo-busting here in North America (hell, I was part of both my mom’s and my (Read more…)

Art Threat: Video: Max Haiven on The Debt of Creativity

Activist and art professor Max Haiven recently delivered a TED talk at TEDxNovaScotia titled “>The Debt of Creativity, in which he elaborates on the ideas he discussed in his essay Privatizing Creativity. It’s worth 15 minutes of your time to tune in.

Image: A Debtors’ Prison — William Hogarth.

Art Threat: The Zombie Index explores the space between individuals and the collective

Artist George Pfau believes zombies are an irresistible cultural force. But while most of us limit our interest to binging on Walking Dead episodes, or perhaps taking part in a Zombie Walk, for Pfau the study of zombies makes up a huge part of his art practice.

His most recent project is the Zombie Index, a website that explores the ever-expanding breadth of possibilities of what a zombie can be.

“Zombies inspire me because they provide a fascinating middle zone between alive and dead, individual and collective, inside and outside,” Pfau explained.

This particular nature of zombies is (Read more…)

Art Threat: P.INK takes heathcare to an unexpected place: the tattoo parlour

As a man with no tattoos, Noel Franus is an unlikely candidate as the founder of P.INK: an organization that connects breast cancer survivors with tattoo ideas and artists.

But as anyone with a family member who is also a breast cancer survivor can attest, the urge to do something to help can be strong. For Franus, the urge struck when his sister-in-law Molly was diagnosed with breast cancer and was surprised to learn that after her mastectomy she’d be short two nipples.

“There were no resources for women with breast cancer, doing reconstruction, wanting to do something (Read more…)

Art Threat: 169 credit cards + $12.50 in change = Indebted States of America

Indebted States of America by Maine artist Eric Leppanen is created with 169 of his own credit cards, collected over the past 23 years, adorned with the 50 U.S. state quarters and framed in gold leaf.

“It speaks to the marketing of ‘Big Banks’ to indebt Americans with bait and switch tactics and easy/free money,” explained Leppanen in an email. “The last 20 years of credit card marketing has fueled the economic boom, collapse and enslavement of millions and our own government is a shining example for all of us to follow.”

“After 16 years working for Bank (Read more…)

Art Threat: Joe Sacco depicts one dreadful day of The Great War

The latest book by comic artist Joe Sacco isn’t really a book at all. The Great War is a single 24-foot-long panoramic image that illustrates the first day of the battle of the Somme on July 1, 1916.

And while the style is certainly Sacco, The Great War differs from his previous projects, such as Safe Area Gorazde and Footnotes in Gaza, in ways beyond the book’s physical format.

From The Guardian:

There are literally thousands of people in The Great War, along with horses, heavy artillery, barbed wire, trenches and, as the narrative progresses, explosions, stretchers and (Read more…)

Art Threat: Banksy in NYC: highlights from the first two weeks

New Yorkers have spent the past two weeks tripping over themselves as they attempt to locate new Banksy works as they pop up each morning.

The British artist is currently halfway through a month-long residency “on the streets of New York,” and his daily creations, which include video and other creative interventions, have been generating heaps of buzz.

Banksy himself has been posting each day’s work along with text and audio commentary on his website Better Out Than In, but here are a few of the highlights from the first half of October.

The Sirens of the Lambs

Some (Read more…)

Mind of Dan: Thorested Development

Mind of Dan: Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove covering The Beatles

Who on earth thought this was a good idea?

Well they were right!

Mind of Dan: Twelve Months in Two Minutes; Curiosity’s First Year on Mars

Has it really been a year since all of this

Bryan Crockett: Could Tim Hudak Tear Apart the Conservative Movement?

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is focusing its attention on itself as of late, with many prominent PCs, including at least one MPP, pushing for Tim Hudak to face a leadership review. This appears to have the potential to open up new or previous hidden rifts in the PC Party, and more interestingly, in Canada’s conservative movement as a whole. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, who was once a provincial PC Cabinet Minister, is speaking out in support of Mr. Hudak’s leadership, and so are some members of the PC Party via the new website

Political (Read more…)

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: Going, going, gone… from Hostpapa

I’ll be moving to a new server in the next week or so. That means there may be a downtime of several days until I get everything fixed and running properly on the new servers. I’ve tested everything and it seems okay, but… something always goes awry. For about the next two weeks, this blog […]

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: WP theme experiments ongoing

With the latest update to WordPress (3.6) comes a new theme, Twenty Thirteen. I’ve activated it with the upgrade, and I like it so far, but I’m not 100% satisfied. I preferred the dimensions of the header image on the Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve themes. Proportionately they were more humanistic. The new header is […]

Bryan Crockett: Candidates need teams

Federal politicians must often focus their attention, energies, and expertise on matters of international significance, matters of national significance, matters of regional significance, and matters of local significance. A lot of the time, they must do all of that at the same time, managing themselves on each issue. There’s a lot involved: the creation of policy, ensuring responses are prepared for a variety scenarios, staying informed on the issues, reaching out to stakeholders, managing correspondence, informing others, and advocating for their constituents. On top of all of this, they have to keep in mind their re-election, if they are so (Read more…)

Bryan Crockett: Why Justin Trudeau is right on pot

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has recently confirmed his support for the legalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana. This approach is fairly bold, and it is exactly the kind of leadership we, as Canadians, need.

The reasons for legalization are extremely well-known, researched regularly for everything from intense policy discussions, to personal arguments, to high school debates. Many high profile groups and individuals have come out in favour of legalization, including the Canadian Bar Association, four former BC Attorneys General, and former US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.

Marijuana is currently used as a currency by the perpetrators of organized (Read more…)

Bryan Crockett: The UK’s “porn block” won’t work

The British Government has recently passed legislation to block pornographic content from being accessible online. Now, if a Briton wants to view pornography, they must specifically request that the block be lifted for them by their Internet service provider. This is absolutely moronic and regressive legislation for a number of reasons.

It won’t work.

The Government of the UK claims that the purpose of this new law is to prevent children from being exposed to adult content. Unfortunately, this will do nothing to prevent that, as accessing pornography will still be extremely easy, even for those who are not very (Read more…)

Art Threat: You’re getting a clam!

Yesterday I hit up the Henry Ford, a museum in Detroit which is one of the coolest all-American museums in the US. I about burst into tears when I discovered that the bus that Rosa Parks made history in was there, so naturally my mom decided I needed to watch The Help when we got home (which, of course, also made me cry). All of this made me particularly attentive when I came across this comedy video by the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), which takes on the challenges experienced by actors of color. The videos is hilarious, while the (Read more…)

Bob Broughton's Blog: A $40 billion bad idea in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega, who holds the office of President of Nicaragua in defiance of Nicaragua’s Constitution, is championing a mega-project; a canal across the eastern part of Nicaragua that would provide an alternative to the Panama Canal. The estimated cost is $40 billion.

My initial reaction, when I heard about this is, Nicaragua’s GDP is only $10.5 billion, and no foreign investor would be foolish enough to put up this kind of money to finance it.

I was wrong. Chinese billionaire Wang Jing is putting up the money, through the HKND Group, based in Hong Kong, and registered in the (Read more…)

Bryan Crockett: HARD WORK

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of being a guest at the Liberal Party of Canada in Saanich-Gulf Islands‘ Hope and Hard Work goal-setting meeting. Getting together with other Liberals is always a treat, but watching the process that this riding uses was informative.

In the room with me were around 20 extremely dedicated people passionate about improving their community. They made solid plans to make a real difference in their community, and solid plans to reach out to their community.

For the Liberal Party to truly rebuild, we need to ensure that we’re making intelligent goals and (Read more…)