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cartoon life: Bird. Belly. Night.

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cartoon life: Bird word cloud

Originally drawn near the end of July or early August in 2002, I thought I might redraw it – as much as it is actually a drawing – prompted by the example of the bird finding seed amongst the gravel in the RSAnimate re-lecture by Ian Mcgilchrist on brain hemispheres.

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As you might recall, my double-yellow-headed Amazon parrot, Kazoo, came to me at the age of 13 from a Francophone family. Although she has a fairly limited vocabulary, she’s a very, very expressive bird. She can say Hello like a harried mother, or like a kid getting home from school, or like a sultry sex worker. She has the most contagious human belly laugh ever. She has this phrase she shouts when she doesn’t want us to leave the house. I have no idea what the words are, but it’s the same every time and she sounds like an indignant

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Just a quick update.

1. Oboe’s still making progress. Little baby steps. Today was the first day he didn’t weigh less than the day before. 44 grams, same as yesterday. He has lost 20% of his body weight in nine days. But he’s starting to eat more on his own, he’s much brighter, he spends time on a perch (instead of in his cave on the floor of his cage), and he chirps occasionally.

2. Duncan’s coming home today. (And he thanks Bonnie for pointing out that the reason he had to chew through the dog food bag was to

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I think Oboe has turned the corner! He seems a little brighter and livelier today, and he ate a little breakfast on his own. He’s still spending all his time sleeping in his cave, and he’s still breathing hard and can’t fly, but I sense that he’s stronger and happier today. I’m feeling guardedly optimistic.

As you may recall, Duncan is away on a business trip at GC’s house, dealing with a mouse. He completed this special assignment yesterday morning, but Oboe suggested it might be prudent to stay a few more days, just to make sure there aren’t other

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It is 1:53 in the morning and I am up worrying. I got tired of lying in bed worrying, so I got up.

Some people are prone to worrying in the middle of the night. I am not usually one of them, so I find it interesting in a frustrating sort of way.

For starters, I’m worried about Oboe. He’s not getting better. He’s not getting worse. He’s just in limbo. And he’s not well enough for this limbo to be considered “good enough.” He spends all his time huddled in his cave inside his house. I take him

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We went to visit Oboe in the hospital again this evening, and he seems to be improving. His breathing still isn’t great, and the vet says it might be a punctured air sac. She’s hoping it’ll resolve itself over time. She says we’re basically keeping him alive and buying him time so that Mother Nature can heal him. She’s less concerned about his wing now than about his breathing. It might not be broken after all. He can’t fly, but at least it’s not drooping. It might get better on its own too.

Here’s an 11-second video I took of

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He’s still in the hospital. He’s not out of the woods yet. The vet wants him to get a little better on his own before she treats him, because she doesn’t think he’s strong enough or stable enough right now to survive stressful treatment. For example, she’ll need to anaesthetize him in order to x-ray him, and his respiration isn’t stable enough for anaesthetic. His breathing is still laboured, and we don’t know why. He’s not interested in food either. They’re still tube-feeding him.

He’s also very sleepy today, and that concerns her. She’s hoping it’s just from the pain

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Duncan tested negative for hyperthyroidism, so now we’re treating him for irritable bowel syndrome. If he responds well to the treatment, then that’s probably what he’s got. If not, we’ll be looking at lymphoma, which is a kind of cancer. (It killed my last cat, Flea, but he was 19 years old. Duncan’s only 11.)

I’m giving him an antibiotic/anti-inflammatory pill twice a day, and a B-12 injection once a week. So far he’s the Best Patient in the Whole Entire World. The vet warned me that the pills are very bitter and I should try to prevent him

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Ceiling fans are one of the leading causes of death among pet birds. It’s so common, there’s even a term for it: shredded tweet. I only have two ceiling fans in my house: one in the bedroom, one in the sewing room. They are almost always turned off, and the birds rarely go in either [...] . . . → Read More: Oboe and the ceiling fan