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LeDaro: Sam Zell ‘The 1 Percent Work Harder’

When the going gets tough, the rich dudes stick together. Or at least rich dude Sam Zell did in an interview with Bloomberg TV Wednesday.

The billionaire chairman of Equity Group Investments backed up fellow rich guy Tom Perkins, who set off a firestorm when he recently compared the “progressive war on the . . . → Read More: LeDaro: Sam Zell ‘The 1 Percent Work Harder’

LeDaro: Sheldon Adelson who contributed $53.7 Million to GOP

According to some reports he contributed over $100 million to GOP candidates. He owns Casinos in Las Vegas and is a billionaire. He expected to have saved billions in taxes if Romney was elected . With the super-pacs, democracy could be easily converte… . . . → Read More: LeDaro: Sheldon Adelson who contributed $53.7 Million to GOP The Katz Katastrophe

The bending of election rules by the provincial Conservatives isn’t new. It’s a regular affair by now. Kevin Taft’s lawsuit against Elections Alberta, the ongoing debacle of large union and corporate donations, and the disproportionate sway that the oil patch has on Albertan democracy, are not new. Daryl Katz is just one more tick on . . . → Read More: The Katz Katastrophe