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Things Are Good: Activists in SF Try to Get Drivers to Obey the Law

This year in Toronto drivers have been murdering non-drivers at a record rate. Of course, collisions causing casualties are all avoidable – drivers should watch where they are going and infrastructure designed for car drivers makes roads dangerous for everybody. Toronto isn’t unique for its number of driver caused fatalities in North America. In San […]

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Things Are Good: Adding Bike Lanes Reduces Traffic Delays

Bike lanes are wonderful. We’ve already seen that bike lanes create jobs, save lives, and help local economies. Now from New York City there is a transportation report that says adding bike lanes can reduce traffic delays.

So what happened here to overcome the traditional idea that bike lanes lead to car delay? No doubt many factors were involved, but a DOT spokesperson tells CityLab that the steady traffic flow was largely the result of adding left-turn pockets. In the old street configurations, cars turned left from a general traffic lane; in the new one, they merged into (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Even More Evidence That Bike-Friendly Cities Are Better Cities

Bicycles are wonderful contraptions that help people be healthier, have better commutes, and are a wonderful solution to car-based traffic jams. Yet, there are still cities out there that hate cyclists (like Toronto and it’s crack-smoking mayor). In a more civilized place, Aukland, they are embracing bike-friendly infrastructure to make the city better for people and for businesses!

The researchers looked at Auckland, New Zealand, which is currently not a particularly bike-friendly place, and used computer simulations to model different scenarios for new bike-related investments, including regular bike lanes, lanes shared with buses, and fully separated lanes.

They found huge (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Toronto Condo Developers Want More Bike Sharing, Less Focus on Cars

Despite repeated efforts by Toronto’s mayor to make transportation in the city worse, things are improving. Local condo developers are finding ways to build condo towers that don’t require more parking than the building needs (an archaic law in the city wants room for two cars for every bedroom built). They are using the cash saved from not building room for cars to build infrastructure for bicycles – which the condo buyers are asking for.

Other cities around the world already do this and it’s thanks to the effort of the developers and councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam that Toronto benefits from (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Groceries Gone

The people in the green circle are entering a Food Desert in September, as Sobeys is opting to close the Lakeshore store on 23rd Ave. There will be no grocery store within walking distance for thousands of people. Bus service, limited as it is, is highlighted for the region.

I’ve heard that a developer involved in creating a large down town tower recently now wants to develop the Lakeshore site, and my hunch is a grocery store on the lot doesn’t fit into their plans so they priced a willing Sobeys out of it. Sobeys wants big stores, not small (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #SKstorm Pounds Regina Quickly

Yikes!! MT @Skstormchaser: #skstorm backside of storm heading S.E. towards REGINA #YQR— Tiffany Lizée (@TiffanyGlobal) July 24, 2013

A surprise thunderstorm approached me as I biked north on Rose St., thinking of going under the tracks to check out the remains of Big Sky Cycles after their shop burned up inside. From 12th Ave. I saw that a storm was over the Casino in the distance. By the time I got to Sask Dr. it was apparent I was going to get soaked if I continued. I started shooting photos and took cover (Read more…)

Things Are Good: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Loves Bike Lanes

As Toronto fights smart planning and removes sustainable transportation infrastructure (indeed, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so), New York City Mayor Bloomberg continues to espouse how great bike lanes are. In NYC they have added a lot of miles of bike lanes and found local business get more business, neighbourhoods become nicer, [...] . . . → Read More: Things Are Good: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Loves Bike Lanes

Things Are Good: Bike Lanes Save Lives and Lower Risk from Cars

It should come as no surprise that bike lanes are safer than merging bicycle traffic with heavy metal boxes on wheels. A new study from the University of British Columbia confirms this and goes one step further by analysing which type of bike lane is in the safest. Well designed infrastructure isn’t just good for better, healthier, traffic flow it’s also a way to save lives.

We found that route infrastructure does affect the risk of cycling injuries. The most commonly observed route type was major streets with parked cars and no bike infrastructure. It had the highest risk. In

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Things Are Good: Charlottetown Transforms a Street for People

Residents of Charlottetown, P.E.I. decided to make their city nicer, more sustainable, and more fun by transforming one of their streets from car-dominated to people-friendly. They’ve made a great video showing what they did and hopefully it’ll inspire other communities to realize that streets are for people and we should use public space to celebrate the public.

People were really excited to join in on the one-day project, says one participant in the video. “People would just be walking by and like, “Oh, what’s going on?” I would tell them, “We’re transforming a street, do you want

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Stolen Bike Alert

My Giant Boulder SE, men’s frame, silver colour bike was stolen from 15th Ave and McTavish St. (Regina) at 2:45pm Saturday; please watch for it.

It had a yellow round reflector hanging loosely from back of seat, rear black plastic fender (but not front fender), and a black headlight, and silver computer/odometer. Says GIANT in blue on the black seat post too. If you see it, please give a description of rider and heading to Regina Police who have a file open for it. Much thanks.

No idea if CAA will honour the $200 theft reward if it’s recovered

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: One Piece At a Time

… and it didn’t cost me a dime. – Johnny Cash

I went to the latest Design Regina public forum Tuesday night, at Artesian on 13th Ave. That building is quite impressive inside, including a clever use of bathroom space downstairs. Check it out sometime.

Anyway, at the meeting the city gave its perspective on what was discussed at the consultations, and the crowd was mostly accepting, with some of us wondering what happened to the education component provided by the Real Renewal Citizens’ Circle, and the urban agriculture. There were lots of public comments on recycling, and pedestrian and

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