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JimBobby Sez: New Song: "The Ballad of Steve Harper"

Whooee! Well, friends an’ foes, I done it again. Here’s a new song all about Steve Harper set to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song.

The Ballad of Steve Harper

Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named SteveSneaky politician, dirty tricks up his sleeveThe oil companies needed a man on the inside,So they bought a buncha votes and gave Ol’ Steve a ride(To Ottawa, that is. Parliament Hill.)

Well the first thing you know old Steve’s the PMThe oil boys are happy ’cause he’s workin’ just for themEnvironmental (Read more…)

JimBobby Sez: New song & video: "You Cheatin’ Cons"

Whooee! Well, friends an’ foes, the whole robocalls election fraud scandal’s been getting pushed to the back burner. The F-35 fiasco and Lifestyles of the Rich and  Bev Oda are taking priority. Thing is… the election fraud issue is probably our most troubling problem. It goes straight to the heart of our democracy — or lack thereof.

I’m doin’ my bit to keep the voter suppression scandal in focus. Here’s a song I made over the weekend: