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At the Alberta Liberal Party’s annual general meeting in June more than two thirds voted to shut down the supporter system. As someone who championed the system when it was first introduced, and then pushed for it nationally for the federal Liberals, I must admit my failure to both Albertans and to the provincial party. . . . → Read More: Admitting My Failure Vincent Visits the Manning Centre

The other day this blogger went to a Manning Centre training seminar on visual communications — on building better looking websites, designing election signs, and creating campaign literature. This is the same Manning Centre that has been in the news recently and been a target of a fair bit of speculation on their efforts. As . . . → Read More: Vincent Visits the Manning Centre UofC Liberals sign up 150 young liberals

Liberalism is alive and well in Calgary. As of September 21st the University of Calgary Liberal Association signed up 148 young Liberals from the annual week long clubs week held by the Students’ Union. The membership now counts more than 170 with renewed members, in addition to several new federal Liberal memberships sold and renewed . . . → Read More: UofC Liberals sign up 150 young liberals

The Scott Ross: Conservatives Know Protests Don’t Depend On Attendance

Conservatives should know better than anyone that it isn’t the number of people who protest that is important, what matters is why they’re doing it.

Many have attacked the turnout of protests against the government in recent years, from the anti-prorogation rallies to protests over the recent robocall scandal. Conservative critics cite poor showings . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: Conservatives Know Protests Don’t Depend On Attendance