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ParliamANT Hill: Suspended SenAntor pleads not guilty to assault, cocaine charges

Inspired by this headline:

The Canadian Progressive: Senator Patrick Brazeau Must Go!

If Brazeau stays on as an independent Senator, he’ll cost Canadian taxpayers at lease $7-million by the time he retires approximately 37 years from today. By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 8, 2013: Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau’s charges of assault and sexual assault offer Prime Minister Stephen Harper the opportunity to do the right thing concerning his much-touted READ MORE

The Scott Ross: Why Banning Guns Is Pointless, Or Soon Will Be

Thanks to 3D printing, a government ban on guns soon will be as enforceable as a government ban on pictures of guns.

That is because, not in the too distant future, printing objects will be as easy as printing pictures, and if the government can’t prevent anyone from printing pictures of guns, it surely won’t be able to prevent people from printing actual ones.

3D printing is a rapidly advancing and growing industry with a similarly accelerating amount of personal users or “fabbers” as (even though it’s hard to imagine) they like to be called. For those unfamiliar with the

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