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cartoon life: Spots and splats all Mixed.

It’s not my usual habit to post a Mix from Paper by 53 here. Doodlinby posted the frames. Someone posted some watercolour spots in the frames. This seemed the next obvious choice.

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cartoon life: Made with Vintage Design Creator

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cartoon life: Four from life drawing at ArtsCentre


First, a cropped image from Paper. Done with the Pencil stylus. 

 I wanted to experiment with Zen Brush, as I found my NomadBrush stylus. Zen Brush app has surface response where you need only lay down a flat fat finger for the tool to respond to the ‘pressure’ and draw full and fat strokes. The brush tempers the response to a more sensitive and smaller range of widths.  


Nice bit of scratchy back and forth using the Nomad. It’s nice to push and pull the tones in the Sumi ink style tools. And mixing the (Read more…)

cartoon life: Introspection

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cartoon life: #retromatic

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cartoon life: The dogwood in a spot of sunset light

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cartoon life: Little lost cat

Passed a 2 or 3 year old black Tom on the walk home. He seemed quite uncertain about where he was, but responded to a quick sit down talk about how he’d better get away from that busy street and find his way back home.

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cartoon life: #retromatic Amber

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cartoon life: Jacqueline Made with @tangentapp

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cartoon life: Reclining. Considering

One sketch from today’s figure drawing session at #ldnont Arts Project. Fresh, quick and a good likeness. In retrospect I enjoyed dropping in the big black charcoal by accident at the background, and just going with it.

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Things Are Good: PULP: Using Old Materials for New Movements

Art is fun and it can be even more fun when it contributes to changing the world. PULP is an organization that welcomes people (beginners to pros) who are into art and want to make art that uses pre-used materials. This year they’re throwing a party!

PULP: paper art party 2015 is an interactive art and design exhibit integrated with a live music show. The party brings together artists of all fields, musicians, activity groups, and hundreds of guests. We will be raising funds and using our collective design expertise to help a charity in Toronto. Past events have supported (Read more…)

cartoon life: Sorry, i didnt mean to explode.

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Things Are Good: Cuba Gets New Art Installation: WiFi

Cuba has really poor internet connectivity and it costs a lot of money to connect to the web. The thawing relationship between the USA and Cuba is bound to make it easier to develop the country’s telecommunications infrastructure (cheaper to run a cable from Florida than elsewhere). This is one of many benefits from the beginning of the end of the bizarre American embargo of the island nation.

For now, the artist Kcho is launching an art installation to prepare people for the coming rise of the internet in Cuba.

Cuba’s state telecom agency Etecsa has granted approval to the (Read more…)

cartoon life: Tuxedo settles in for a nap

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cartoon life: Sleeping Cat

Steve was right. The main problem with styluses is that you are always looking for them. This one wasn’t under the cat, however, but merely misplaced – somewhat – beside the place where I usually put it, and so could not be found for a day.

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Things Are Good: An Art Gallery for Destroyed and Stolen Art

The Museum of Stolen Art is an online museum that showcases artwork that has been destroyed or stolen in conflict. The new museum couldn’t exist at a better time as ISIS destroys sites of great importance to humanity, and before them the Taliban in Afghanistan destroyed a lot of ancient sites. War always brings destruction and the invasion of Iraq over a decade ago also saw many works of art destroyed or go missing.

By showcasing the missing works we can still enjoy them digitally and hopefully it sends one more message about how evil war is.

The third exhibit (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Under the Dome: A Documentary on China’s Pollution

The Chinese documentary Under the Dome (I can’t find english subtitles, sorry) has taken China by storm. The documentary was released on last week and is already changing the conversation about pollution in the country. This could mark a massive change in how China enforces their pollution laws and improves how they treat nature.

Chai Jing’s documentary was released on 28 February, less than a week before China’s annual parliamentary session begins. China’s central government is expected to pass an ambitious new law that hopes to impose tough new regulations on China’s coal-burning polluters. But in China, passing a law (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: It Turns Out That Yes, You Are an Artist

You’re an artist; and YOU are an artist and you too are an artist…

I’m feeling like I’m in touch with Oprah here, but you are an artist.

Once I wrote a piece called the 8 Stages of Poetic Ego [scroll down for that], designed to help people see that they can be poets without passing through all the literary politics of getting published in a poetry journal. We can all be poets, even bad poets if need be.

And rappers are poets and even Celine Dion. And slam poets.

But it’s bigger than that. We can all be artists. (Read more…)

cartoon life: Five from life drawing session

I am working on seeing the shadows and stuff in colour rather than my long standing habit of black and white tones. The iPad comes with all these capabilities built in. I built and upload a gif. They don’t seem to want to run.

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cartoon life: Spock your money

Adieu to the great Leonard Nimoy. Honoured so many Canadians thought we looked alike & would "Spock" their $5 bills:

— Wilfrid Laurier (@PMLaurier) February 27, 2015

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cartoon life: Some figure drawing from The Arts Project

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cartoon life: Canada’s new surveillance bill eliminates any pretense of privacy – Boing Boing

samu press store _ cartoon life blog _ samu press blog

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cartoon life: Where can i get warm again?

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cartoon life: Franceso delle Opere after Perugino

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Politics, Re-Spun: Why TV Keeps Almost Being Good

There was once a show called Revolution. And another called Scorpion.

Each had a great premise: a world after electricity, and what happens when you have a bunch of geniuses trying to work together on cool projects.

Each failed miserably [as art] almost immediately.

Why? Nothing new here. Network TV isn’t about high quality art. Sometimes that happens inadvertently, but usually it just has to be interesting enough to keep people watching the commercials.

Besides, people who appreciate real art may not be so enthused with all the car, fast food, sweatshop clothes and other materialism-obsessed capitalist elements.

So if you’re (Read more…)