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cartoon life: The Leaving Series

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cartoon life: Leaving #8

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cartoon life: cartoon life 2015-08-22 22:27:59

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cartoon life: cartoon life 2015-08-21 22:49:24

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cartoon life: Hey, Duffy! Stand still a moment, will ya?


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mark a rayner: Gonzo street

One of my guilty pleasures is Jim’ll Paint It — where readers request crazy scenarios and Jim makes them happen through the magic of imagination (and some kind of hallucinogen, I’m guessing.) Alltop loves a good hallaughinogen.

cartoon life: Different but the same

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cartoon life: A bit more, not too puzzling bits of information. The world changes.

In addendum to these comments on Technology: ups and downs:

Wars seem to have decreased. But more likely they are spread out over a larger area and contained as smaller, localized wars and will limit the larger massive death counts. …

And wars are about resources.

In Mass migration is no ‘crisis’: it’s the new normal as the climate changes, Ellie Mae O’Hagan writes:

A new government-commissioned report on the looming climate-induced food shortage suggests that “the rise of Isis may owe much to the food crises that spawned the Arab spring”.

In his book, Collapse: How Societies Choose (Read more…)

PostArctica: Symposium d’Arts Interculturels – SAI Part 2

Things were a tad slower on Sunday as we plunged deeper into this oppressive heat wave but the spirit was not broken.

Greeting people

Aarmèse DeLavoie with Luz Garcia de Zielinski

Peinture en direct

Painter Juan C. Raggo at work

If a clown shows up it must be pinata time

Ana Gloria Blanch of Casa C.A.F.I. animating with the kids

Not going to be as easy as it looks

Waiting for the perfect moment

Projet Montreal Bourough Councillor Luc Gagnon takes a swing

About to fall open

Plenty for everyone

Stained glass artist Valerie Lamirande with sculptor (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: PostArctica: Symposium d’Arts Interculturels – SAI Part 2

PostArctica: Symposium d’Arts Interculturels S.A.I. Part 1

From the Facebook page.

“Taking “traditional culture” as its theme, this 1st edition of Verdun’s “Intercultural Arts Symposium” (SAI) will explore the role of traditional art in Montreal communities.

This event will bring together artists from the Greater Montreal area who take an interest in various traditional art forms in their respective neighbourhoods.

The artwork, which will be created on site, will embody the artists’ perception of the banality, intimacy and social aspect of everyday life.

The 2015 Verdun Intercultural Arts Symposium is an opportunity to spend two days outdoors with artists who will be sharing their views on art, (Read more…)

cartoon life: It’s cappuccino! A bunch of filters. Mug cut from a really old low-res picture, run through #deepdreamer coloured in #Waterlogue shifted in #colors and decorated in #handdrawn

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Things Are Good: Artists Bring Peace to the Streets

Street art about peace is getting special attention in London these next few weeks. Artists from all over the world are going to explore the idea of ‘peace in our streets’ and what it means to them. It looks like it’ll be a great exhibit.

If you’re in London you should check it out.

The show will be titled Peace from the street up! and will feature work inspired by the theme of ‘peace in our cities’. The artists, some of whom come from conflict-affected regions, will reflect on opportunities for peaceful change in an increasingly urbanised world.

“Urban and (Read more…)

cartoon life: Fooling with some apps and filters. Auryn Ink background.

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cartoon life: cartoon life 2015-08-09 22:25:28

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cartoon life: A cool smokey blob from zenbrushapp and decor from Hand Drawn Design app

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cartoon life: Nine Cats is a winner at Crated

Paper by 53 and CanvasPop teamed up for a contest. Here is a winning submission featured on the front page of Crated. Yes, that is my Nine Cats in a grid drawn in Paper.

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Things Are Good: Enter an Endangered Animal and Learn of Their Plight

Artist Evelyn Roth is using classroom sized animals to spread the word about endangered animals. She has created bright and cheerful looking versions of animals that are endangered to provide a pop-up space for kids to learn all about these animals. Her work is presently travelling the world and educating children.

“The designs interact with the people inside to make a fascinating, enjoyable and engaging intimate atmosphere where people are inspired to listen and learn and are subconsciously imprinted with the stories.’’

Roth returned from Hawaii this week after being commissioned to create a Southern Right Whale and two (Read more…)

cartoon life: Oil, our secret God…

Oil! Our secret god, our secret sharer, our magic wand, fulfiller of our every desire, our co-conspirator, the sine qua non in all we do! Can’t live with it, can’t — right at this moment — live without it. But it’s on everyone’s mind.Back in 2009, as fracking and the mining of the oil/tar sands in Alberta ramped up — when people were talking about Peak Oil and the dangers of the supply giving out — I wrote a piece for the German newspaper Die Zeit. In English it was called “The Future Without Oil.” It went like this:

It’s not climate change, it’s everything change.

(Read more…)

cartoon life: #deepdreamer images

Flickr grabs whatever image I save and uploads it. Here is my Deep Dreamer image album at Flickr. I suspect I will periodically add whatever nightmares this Deep Dreamer app generates to that album.

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cartoon life: A more accurate nightmare I’ve never seen

You won’t recognize Canada when I’m done with it

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cartoon life: This #deepdreamer cat is all eyes

The Mac app Deep Dreamer public beta has produced this terribly sad and frightening portrait of a black cat looking at something. A pretty remarkable interpretation of a funny little drawing I made turned into a vision of some kind of existential despair.

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cartoon life: Black #cat does downward dog

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cartoon life: Vocalist from Saltarello

The girl with the long braids from Saltarello singing. Saltarello is a Quebec band using a mix of instrumentation and vocalizations. Hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo, native drums, keyboards, guitar, violin and stringed instruments, throat singing and chants, musical drone tones, and did I mention powerful and melodic drums?

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Things Are Good: Using Comics to Explain Complex Economics

Economix Comix is a series of comics that looks at, you guessed it, economics. Using comics is a great way to translate really complex economic ideas into something which is more relatable and understandable. Late last year the artist (and brain) behind the series of comics released a look at the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Above is one of the pages from the comic looking at the chaos of a deal the TPP really is. It’s worth a full read if you’re new to learning about the TPP and you can read it all for free here.

Economix Comix (Read more…)

cartoon life: Portrait of a Calico

The princess approached and sat long enough in a way similar enough, basically a left side view, that I could get enough reference. Sometimes you can make up stuff. Sometimes you want to be reasonably true to the patterns.

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