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Dead Wild Roses: Drain the Swamp – The Colorado Planned Parenthood Tragedy

The cesspool that is toxic masculinity, the sea we all swim in, had a newsworthy (aka an effect on people other than women) peak at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado. “Three people were killed and nine others injured after gunfire ripped through a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo., during an hours-long standoff […] . . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: Drain the Swamp – The Colorado Planned Parenthood Tragedy

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – The Case for the Religious ‘Pro-Life’ Enslavement of Women

Religion treats people like shit, the further away you are from the white male ideal, the shittier your deal will be. The recent anti-choice propaganda wave in the US caused enough whinging in wordpress blogosphere that I felt compelled to wrestle with the full-blown stupid that is the anti-choice position. . . I went to this saintly dudes page and left my usual inflamatory comments – women are people, they have rights et cetera – the mind-blowing stuff that makes the zealots wail and froth. . . But rather than approve my comment, this dipstick emails a response to me (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Why We Need Feminism

“If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.” – Lawrence Lockman, Republican and elected official in the United States of America.


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Dead Wild Roses: Medical Facts keep getting in the way of Pro-Life Argumentation

Nice to have a handy reference poster to deal with our anti-choice, forced birth friends.

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Dead Wild Roses: Christian Pro Life Anti-Woman Bullshitters on Display

It is amazing the fuck-wittery that metastasizes when you combine religion and anti-choice thinking. I’m so disgusted and anguished over the deceptive practices at these so called Crisis Pregnancy Centers that I’m reproducing the entire article by Caitlin Bancroft written on the Huffington Post Blog. A big hearty frak-you goes out to our anti-choice christian friends. Read on about how the work of good christians in action.

“I wasn’t considering abortion. I wasn’t considering adoption, or parenting, or childcare. I wasn’t even pregnant, and I definitely wasn’t scared — at least not at first.

When I (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Why the Anti-Choice Position is Wrong.

PZ Myers discusses abortion and how asinine the anti-choice positions actually are. From the article Abortion rights are human rights.


However, the equivalence of mother and fetus is an untenable proposition. A mouse has more complexity and autonomy than a fetus, and we don’t even hesitate when the choice is between the life of a mouse and a human being. We don’t even argue about it. And to argue that a single-celled zygote or even an embryo with a few dozen cells at implantation is anything but a negligible component of any moral equation is utterly absurd. It’s (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Forced Birth is Slavery for Women

Make no mistake, the pro-life-forced-birth lobby are advocating slavery for women. Dianne, in a comment on Pharygula, captures exactly the position our anti-choice friends would like to put women in.

Query: Why are they talking about the circumstances of the conception as though that matters? A forced pregnancy is slavery, regardless of the circumstances that led to the pregnancy. In the US, at least, people are never, under any circumstance other than pregnancy, required to give use of their body to another under any circumstance, even to save the life of the other person. Why are fetuses granted more

Dead Wild Roses: A Grand New Low for Pro-Life sites equating Abortion to Sandyhook Elementary Victims

Hypocrisy is flowing from the anti-choice sites like turds from a overfull diaper. The idea that they are somehow committed to the preservation of life is the weapons-grade bullshite that religious thinking actively promotes. The pious fucks are equating abortion to the recent mass murder at Sandyhook Elementary School.

How dare you?

You (fetus fetishists) purport to have moral standards and then crassly use the murder of children to further your own anti-woman agenda. I’m certainly glad that religion is such a fine moral compass and guide for behaving as a caring empathetic, human being.

An image

. . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: A Grand New Low for Pro-Life sites equating Abortion to Sandyhook Elementary Victims

Dead Wild Roses: Abortion Quote of the Week – Dianne

Reading though threads on abortion always raises my blood pressure, but it is worth it for gems like this: Dianne: “Either it is okay to abort, or it is okay to rape” Occasionally I shock people by saying that all anti-choice men are, on some level, rapists. Many never complete the act of rape personally*, [...] . . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: Abortion Quote of the Week – Dianne

Dead Wild Roses: Pro-Life is Pro-Ignorance as well – Ottawa School Trip Cancelled.

You would think that here in Canada we would have at least few more moments of sanity. Apparently not.

“A trip for students from two Ottawa Catholic high schools to observe the U.S. presidential election has been cancelled because of an article on an anti-abortion website, leaving students and parents confused and disappointed.”

The Fetus Fetishists along with their religiously deluded supporters are curtailing childrens’ education because their nose slipped a notch out of joint.

“Scott Searle, a teacher at St. Peter, organized the trip to give them a first-hand glimpse of the American presidential election

. . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: Pro-Life is Pro-Ignorance as well – Ottawa School Trip Cancelled.