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Montreal Simon: The Con Leadership Race and the Religious Fanatics

When I wrote a post about the sad state of the Harper Party's leadership race the other day, and ran a group photo of the sorry losers that contest has so far attracted.I forgot to say that with the departure of Jason Kenney, there will be at leas… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Con Leadership Race and the Religious Fanatics

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: The NDP Must Stop Victimizing Women if They Hope to be Taken Seriously Again

In early December 2012, the Toronto Star reported:  Near-brawl erupts in Commons between Tory Peter Van Loan and NDP’s Nathan Cullen Apparently Van Loan was upset with the NDP’s delaying tactics on getting the Conservative budget measu… . . . → Read More: Pushed to the Left and Loving It: The NDP Must Stop Victimizing Women if They Hope to be Taken Seriously Again

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney Gets Away With Another Big Lie

I'm sure you remember the desperate state Jason Kenney was in a month ago, after claiming the reason the Cons were expanding the war into Syria was because the Americans had asked us.Since we were apparently the only country in the anti-ISIS coalition, apart from the U.S., to have so-called smart bombs.Only to have the country's top soldier shuffle forward, and make him look an idiot, or a liar. And have the NDP demand that he be found guilty of breaching parliamentary privilege. But as it turns out he didn't have to wail, or sweat even more (Read more…)

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Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Adam Lent highlights the strong majority of respondents in the UK who see the political system as serving the powerful rather than the public. And Elizabeth Warren explains why the same conclusion applies in the U.S., while making the case that there’s room to improve matters simply by emphasizing the choices voters face: The system is rigged. And now that I’ve been in Washington and seen it up close and personal, I just see new ways in which that happens. But we have to stop and back up, and you (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Rick Mercer Assesses Andrew Scheer’s Job Performance

Unsurprisingly, the House Speaker gets a failing grade.

My two favourite lines:

“Show me one person who believes he’s done a good job on the decorum front. 308 meth addicts on the dance floor have better manners.”

“We [should] replace the Speaker with a bag of flour with a smiley face drawn on the front with a sharpie.”

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Montreal Simon: Rick Mercer On Why the Con Speaker Should be Fired

As you know I'm not a big fan of the Con Speaker Andrew Scheer. I blame him for allowing our Parliament to be turned into a fascist circus, or a dog and pony show.

By allowing the Cons to get away with never giving a straight answer to any question, and for always tilting the same way like the Tower of Pisa. Or in his case the Tower of Harper.

In fact, I recently wrote I think he should be fired.

And now I see so does Rick Mercer…Read more »

Canadian Political Viewpoints: To Hell With Tradition

Source: CBC News: Speaker Andrew Scheer Warns Mulcair and Others over Bias ClaimsSource: Library of Parliament: Standing Orders, Chapter One, Section 11.2

Anyone who has bothered to turn on the news during Question Period over the last, oh I’d say nine years, probably finds themselves in a continuing series of disbelief when the whole spectacle is over. This wasn’t a trend that was started by the Harper Conservatives, but it was certainly perfected by them. Especially when one views the actions of one Paul Calandra.

Calandra rose out of the fall of Dean Del Mastro taking Dean’s place (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: On practical obstacles

Shorter Andrew Scheer: A functional democratic Parliament is everybody’s responsibility. And to be more precise, my responsibility for a functional democratic Parliament is to enforce complete unaccountability – and indeed punish anybody who questions that choice – until the Conservative Party instructs me otherwise.

(For further reading, Michael Den Tandt, Mia Rabson and Tasha Kheiriddin weigh in as well.)

[Edit: added link.]

Montreal Simon: Why the Con Speaker Andrew Scheer Should Resign

Ever since Andrew Scheer was appointed Speaker he has presided over the slow death of Canada's Parliament. He has allowed his Cons to turn it into a fascist circus. He has allowed them to get away with not answering questions, and to make a mockery out of our democracy.The way he allowed the Paul Calandra to answer Tom Mulcair's questions about Iraq the other day with a ranting rave about Israel, and then punished Mulcair for complaining was simply outrageous.He has allowed it to become as Michael Den Tandt writes, nothing less a banquet of idiocy.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Speaker and the Death of Parliament

For years Stephen Harper and his Cons have been slowly killing our Parliament.They have have debased it, they have rendered it impotent. They have reduced it to a scripted horror show, where every question is answered with an attack on the opposition.But yesterday with their ghastly leader out of the country they practically finished it off.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Gentle Spanking of the Con Clown Brad Butt

Golly. Can you believe it eh? The Con clown Brad Butt has finally got his ass spanked. Sort of. By the Speaker of the House of Commons.

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Montreal Simon: Is the Con Speaker Trying to Muzzle the Opposition?

OK. Let me get this straight. The Con regime is planning to ram their so-called Fair Elections bill through Parliament. A bill that is intended to suppress the vote, muzzle the Chief Electoral Officer, give the Cons a fundraising advantage, and make it even easier to steal an election, like they tried to steal the last one. But when Tom Mulcair accuses the Cons of trying to cheat, as he did today, the Speaker Andrew Scheer says he can't use that word?

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Let Freedom Rain II: Thomas Mulcair tells l’il Andrew Scheer to go fuck himself.

Now this is an opposition that is coming into its own.

Canadian Political Viewpoints: Ahead of the Eight Ball

Just when we thought things couldn’t get lower in Ottawa, CBC News breaks the story of the PMO’s special fund; an ultra-secret cash reserve that few people knew about. The covert existence of such a fund is bad enough, but the cash trail for it is where things really start to get sticky. The fund comes from money raised by the party; which means that taxpayer money exists in the kitty. For those confused about that, keep in mind that political donations are subsidized by generous tax credits and money from the soon to be defunct vote subsidy would be (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Party Puppet: House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer

And it is not difficult to figure out who is pulling his strings. Recommend this Post

Accidental Deliberations: Parliament in Review – April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 saw the final day of debate at second reading of the Cons’ budget – and once again featured plenty of work by Peter Julian to introduce the types of perspectives the Cons would never tolerate if they could avoid it.

The Big Issue

Once again, Julian focused largely on bringing forward comments and concerns from Canadians on the Cons’ budget, featuring such apt observations as this: I particularly agree with your opposition to raising the retirement age to 67. I am 39 and really hadn’t given this issue much thought until I heard you present

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Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Trojan Horse

Well, let's put it this way eh? It wasn't exactly democracy's finest hour.

First the Cons rolled their Trojan horse budget, packed to the rafters with non-budget stuff that will gut our environmental laws, into the House of Commons.

Then when the opposition demanded the bill be split up so it can be properly studied, James Moore, fresh from mutilating the CBC, replied by twisting stretching strangling the truth. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Robot Speaker and the RoboCon Scandal

As you know I’ve had my doubts about Andrew Scheer, the Speaker of the House, ever since he ruled that Vic Toews’ parliamentary privileges had been violated by Anonymous. 

Boo hoo zombie.

After ruling last December that the disgusting misleading phone call campaign aimed at Irwin Cotler did not violate HIS privileges.

And this doesn’t help.

The political machine behind the man who is now Speaker of the House of Commons opened its wallet for the Guelph Conservative campaign currently under scrutiny by Election Canada’s robo-calls probe, records at the watchdog agency show.

Not after these interventions.

Mr. Scheer

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Andrew Scheer knee deep in Robopalooza shit storm

“Gosh Mr. Harper, thank you for this. You won’t regret it”

Anybody watching the whole Robogate show knows there’s something rotten in the land of Guelph, the Conservative party and the Speaker of the House. Presiding over the Robo-call affair like a drunken judge, Mr. Scheer has been one mind and one mind only, the Conservative mind.

There’s probably nothing illegal going on here but

Accidental Deliberations: Parliament in Review: November 23, 2011

Wednesday, November 23 saw the last votes in the House of Commons on the dismantling of the single-desk Wheat Board. And to who thought there might be some suspense as to the Cons’ determination to impose their agenda without listening to anybody, it’s always great to welcome new readers.

The Big Issue

Of course, the passage of the Cons’ Wheat Board bill started with Peter Van Loan’s latest time allocation motion. Joe Comartin warned Van Loan that the NDP had plenty of material available to show the Cons once considered exactly that type of action to be profoundly antidemocratic, and

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“We’re in the business of getting Conservatives elected and ending Liberal careers. We’re good at it.”

I love this quote. It comes from Nick Kouvalis of Market Research, the firm used by Conservatives – including Speaker Scheer – to get elected at any cost. What makes this quote especially noteworthy is that it encapsulates the Conservative mindset brilliantly. It’s not just about winning to these people. It’s not just about squashing any opposition either; it’s about humiliating and destroying

Smoking gun: firm who made Cotler robocalls worked on Andrew Scheer campaign

Not that the media will do more than blink but this should be front page news.

A Citizen analysis of Elections Canada records shows that Campaign Research was involved in at least 39 candidate campaigns during the spring election, and was paid nearly $400,000 for the work. Not all Conservative candidate returns have been filed so the figure could be slightly higher still.

As @kady notes,

Andrew Scheer repays his benefactors

You knew Mr. Scheer was young and impressionable. Just how impressionable has become abundantly clear with his quick work of the ‘reprehensible’ phony attacks on Irwin Cotler. A ‘technicality’, eh? I’d say it looks more like wholesale selling out to those who promoted the young Speaker to his current position.

You can pretty much reason that this is the future of our government for the next

Accidental Deliberations: Burning question

An even faintly ethical government, confronted with reprehensible behaviour that escapes any ramifications based merely on a technicality, might be expected to at least turn its mind to trying to fill in the gap.

Anybody want to take bets on who’ll even waste their breath suggesting that the Cons could have enough interest in honest politics to consider the possibility?

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: More Conservative Double Standard

Yesterday, when the Conservatives limited debate on the budget, NDP Pat Martin tweeted his frustration with a colorful expletive. He remains unapologetic, as he should.

Why the media is giving this so much attention is beyond me, but the Harperites have certainly managed to take the focus off their budget and onto something that few care about.

The photo above is Conservative MP Daniel Petit, giving the finger in the House of Commons. Pierre Poilievre was also caught making a rude gesture while Peter Milliken was speaking, and launched his own F-Bomb during a Parliamentary Committee meeting.

Evan Solomon

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