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Montreal Simon: Obama and the Shrinking of Stephen Harper

What a fairy tale day it was. What an awesome spectacle of democracy. What a great day to be a progressive.A black President on Martin Luther King Day standing up for freedom, justice, and equality.A solemn President Barack Obama took the oath of office for the second time in as many days on Monday, . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Obama and the Shrinking of Stephen Harper

Profiles in Pusillanimity

Pusillanimous: what a truly elegant way to say “gutless”. I really love that word; sadly, opportunities to use it are few and far between, since “gutless” or “spineless” or “cowardly” are usually sufficient. But not this week. Various high-profile Republicans were recently asked if they’d repudiate the brainlessly misogynist trash-talk of their Intellectual & Spiritual . . . → Read More: Profiles in Pusillanimity

Rush Limbaugh: Human or DNA Experiment?

Who knows? Whatever his DNA composition might be, around here Rush Limbaugh is Swine of the Week in Perpetuity — meaning that when I pronounce someone SOTW, it’s an unfinished sentence the rest of which is “in addition to Rush Limbaugh”. And this past week was no different. The GOP’s message to women as barfed . . . → Read More: Rush Limbaugh: Human or DNA Experiment?