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Cowichan Conversations: The BC Liberal Government Is Foolishly Moving To Allow Fracking On Farmland-Videos

Long time Cowichan activist Bill Woollam has offered this guest post critical of fracking and David Black’s refinery proposal.

Bill has his own blog that covers wide-ranging issues. It can be found here.

Bill Woollam Guest Post

I recently wrote to David Black, newspaper owner/manager, in response to his support for the oil/gas pipelines and refinement industry. After watching the ‘Gasland part 2? documentary, even he had to admit the toxicification of our aquifers by fracking for natural gas is, quote, “Alarming”.

In one out of every five completed hydraulic fracking shafts, the concrete which encases (Read more…)

Environmental Law Alert Blog: Bill 24 – Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act: Undermining BC’s Food Security

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Following hot on the heels of the controversial Park Amendment Act (Bill 4), the BC government has introduced another bill that would open up some of the province’s most publicly valuable lands – in this case, its farmlands – to industrial development. Bill 24, the Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act, weakens legal protection on some of the best of BC's scarce agricultural lands. If passed, Bill 24 would allow decision makers to prioritize short-term gains over the long-term goal of protecting farmland and food security for most of the province’s ALR lands.

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Cowichan Conversations: Act Now To Save The ALR

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The message below arrived via email this morning and I am reproducing it for you.

News of the unthinkable has become the norm as the corporate handmaidens that run Canada and certainly BC accelerate their quest to serve the oil and gas thugs that dominate the agenda these days.

Dave Barrett Premier of BC 1972-1975

Do yourselves, your children and families a turn and share your inner thoughts, ever so politely, with Premier Clark and her ministers that are salivating over the destruction of BC’s limited farmland.

The Agricultural Land Reserve was perhaps one of the greatest (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Thrifty Foods Has Established Their Central Warehouse on the Mainland

Don Maroc-Cowichan Conversations Contributor

Based on a statement at the Regional Agricultural Commission’s February meeting “it was noted that Thrifty Foods has established their central warehouse on the mainland and island producers must go through this channel.”

At last Wednesday’s CVRD Board meeting it seemed to District E (Glenora/Sahtlam) Director Loren Duncan that such a centralized procurement system will make it even more difficult for Cowichan Valley farmers to sell their products to Thrifty Foods two Cowichan stores. Since 2007, the 35-year-old Thrifty chain has been controlled by Sobey’s, Canada’s second largest supermarket chain (Loblaw’s is largest). Thrifty’s two (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Save our BC Farmland-Kindred Spirits Speak Out!

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Political life and involvement has its’ ups and downs , but between the garbage and the flowers I have been fortunate meeting and being inspired by ‘fellow travellers’ of many dimensions and persuasions.

I am grateful for these kindred spirits whose paths I have crossed and was reminded of the common thread that unites so many of us when reading Corky’s latest call to speak up over the looming threat to our once sacrosanct Agricultural Land Reserve.

Don Maroc Cowichan Conversations Contributor

Don Maroc sent me the You Tube link below featuring Harold Steves and I could (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: The CVRD Should Work With the Community This Time

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

BCTV took a look at the latest CVRD Eco Depot Advenures and you have to wonder why actually working with the community is such a difficult concept for the CVRD politicans to grasp?

Cobble Hill community activst Dara Quast and Shawnigan CVRD Director Bruce Fraser offer their take on the latest CVRD manouvers designed to allow the fast sale of the Eco Depot properties.

The CVRD would have an easier time of it and spend a helluva lot less of our money if they would just do it straight. It is when they try to bullshit the

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