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The Canadian Progressive | News & Analysis: In Detroit, Pro-Democracy Movement Rises Against ‘Disaster Capitalism’

As new ‘emergency manager’ Kevin Orr takes over in ‘bloodless coup,’ community plans revolt By: Jon Queally | Common Dreams: Community and pro-democracy activists in Detroit have no intention of rolling over and playing dead for Kevyn Orr, the city’s new ‘emergency manager’ appointed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who [...]

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CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: The Economist Insulted Progressive Canadians’ Intelligence

Earlier, I gloated over the influential right-leaning British magazine’s criticism of Harper’s burgeoning elected dictatorship. I’ve a second sober take on the issue. See, I failed to read between the lines: The Economist actually ridiculed progressive Canadians’ collective intelligence.

First, the magazine tells its readers: “Polls show that voters still consider him a more impressive leader than his rivals…” Didn’t we just #DenounceHarper on Canada Day?

And then the magazine credits Harper for giving activists and opposition parties the edge. The Canada-right-loving National Post echoed The Economist’s diatribe with this heading on July 6: “The Economist to Harper: Your

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CalgaryLiberal: A Merger That’ll Never Happen

The left in the province of Alberta will never merge. There are four core reasons for this to be the case. Firstly, the NDP is directly tied, through its organization, its employees (many of whom who work for the federal NDP as well), and other means, cannot get the nod for merger from Ottawa. This [...]

Canadian Progressive World: Harper Conservatives Target Registered Charities

So far, the Conservative government’s fear-mongering has targeted anti-capitalism movements, environmentalists, Aboriginal groups, activists, foreign special interest groups, so-called “issue-based terrorists” and other imaginary “enemies of the state”. Now add registered Canadian charities to the hit list. Charities registered in … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: Activist Communique: Ottawa Rally Against Robo-calls Electoral Fraud

Hundreds of people, including members of parliament, rights activists and average citizens, are expected on Parliament Hill at noon tomorrow to protest the unfolding Robo-calls election scandal. Renowned activist Brigette Depape (pictured) and MPs Pat …Read More