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CuriosityCat: In Texas, do male fetuses masturbate?

Apparently, some think so: And a Texas congressman claimed, incorrectly, that male fetuses of 15 weeks have been observed to masturbate, thus making abortion wrong.

Tabatha Southey sums up the absurd spectacel of Texas legislators – in 2013! – trying desperately to shut down a filibuster by a lone senator: Late Tuesday night, close to 180,000 people watched online as Democratic Senator Wendy Davis went into the final hours of her nearly 13-hour filibuster in the Texas legislature. Her objective was to block anti-abortion legislation that, if passed, threatened to close 37 of the 42 abortion clinics in America’s second-largest (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The Fantastic, The Wretched and The “Oh F*ck, No”

Sometimes “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” just isn’t strong enough. In one of my recent youtube sessions I ran quite the emotional gamut. Let’s start on a high note, shall we?

The Fantastic

First we have a long overdue “Hero of the Day”. For quite some time, the youtuber Vihart has been producing superb content that celebrates the wonders and joys of math. Irresistibly fun, endlessly charming, and mind-blowingly wondrous, Vihart’s videos present math in a delightful and accessible manner. I recommend that everyone take the time to watch as much Vihart as they can, especially educators. This (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Why the Anti-Choice Position is Wrong.

PZ Myers discusses abortion and how asinine the anti-choice positions actually are. From the article Abortion rights are human rights.


However, the equivalence of mother and fetus is an untenable proposition. A mouse has more complexity and autonomy than a fetus, and we don’t even hesitate when the choice is between the life of a mouse and a human being. We don’t even argue about it. And to argue that a single-celled zygote or even an embryo with a few dozen cells at implantation is anything but a negligible component of any moral equation is utterly absurd. It’s (Read more…)

Art Threat: Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair

Abortion-rights activist and pioneer Dr. Henry Morgentaler died Wednesday of a heart attack.

Appropriately, our Friday Film Pick is Democracy on Trial, a 1984 NFB documentary by Paul Cowen in which Morgantaler’s historic legal battle over abortion in the 1970s is unraveled and explored using a combination of archival footage, interviews and re-enactments.

The complete film can be streamed right here or at Rest in peace, Doctor.

Dead Wild Roses: Again, “Pro-Life” is Death for Women – Beatriz in El Salvador

How many more examples do we need of the lethal nature of the supposedly “pro-life” position? Let’s clear this up by naming them correctly, for the record, when you hear the term “Pro-life” you need to replace that with “anti-woman forced birth advocate”. Why? Because what forced birthers are about is stripping women of their rights and of their bodily autonomy. Beatriz, like Savita Halappanavar, is being put in mortal peril because where she lives the forced birth brigades ideas are reality, and women really do not have rights.

“The 22-year-old woman suffers from severe and (Read more…)

ROAR!: PEI’s anti-choice Liberals – Abortion in PEI

An editorial I wrote today in response to this article that ran in The Guardian today: ‘[Anti-choice] movement supporters restate their opposition to abortion’. Submitted it to the paper, maybe it will run on Monday, fingers crossed. ______________________________________________________________

PEI’s anti-choice Liberals In The Guardian on the 10th, was coverage describing the small march on Province house by a group of anti-choice folks. I was surprised to read that one Liberal MLA was in attendance, and provided his anti-choice opinion to The Guardian – Bush Dumville, MLA for West Royalty-Springvale. I have to wonder beyond Lawrence MacAulay, Sean Casey and (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Canada’s annual protest against women’s rights was…

Canada’s annual protest against women’s rights was held at Parliament Hill on May 9, 2013, drawing thousands of right-wing busybodies who can’t keep their authoritarianism in their pants.

The name of the yearly “March For Life” is misleading, because most of the religious fanatics who attend these events are very selective about their concern for life. They almost exclusively focus on unborn fetuses, and spare almost no thought for actual human beings who have left the womb. Causes of premature death such as war, capital punishment, poverty, pollution, depression and unsafe working conditions are barely on their radar, if at (Read more…)

ROAR!: RU486 Ready Canada – Abortion in PEI

Saw this the other day over Twitter … Abortion pill now a reality. Australia sits poised to list RU486 as part of their Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which will make the once very expensive drug, available to all Australian women at a hugely lower price.

Medical abortion.Safe, effective and ACCESSIBLE.

So I google RU486 and I see that the World Health Organization added RU486 to it’s Model List of Essential Medicines, an inventory of 312 drugs that are considered benchmarks in meeting worldwide “priority health care needs”. (article, 2006) It is apparently, the preferred choice for medical abortion. Available in Australia, WHO thinks it’s important, it must be (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: 5 Abortion Myths Exposed – Debunking Forced Birth Stupidity.

The vast amount of shit the forced brith advocates spew into the interwebs lends new meaning to the word grotesque. Our anti-choice friends have been faffing on long and hard about Dr. Kermit Gosnell conveniently forgetting about Savita Halappanavar’s terminal experience with their fetid dogma .

Let me spell it out, you antediluvian, dim-witted, anti-choice bastion of fuckwitttery.

Cases like Dr.Gosnell’s are exactly what happens when you limit women’s access to abortion. His practice was under-regulated and in clear violation of any sort of reasonable set of medical expectations. We need less of what Dr.Gosnell did, not (Read more…)

Birth Pangs: God Doesn’t Kill Just Because He Didn’t Like How Things Turned Out…Oh wait a minute…

via Proud Atheist

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Dead Wild Roses: Funny how that works.

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ROAR!: Passing judgement on Medical Services? | Abortion, PEI

I saw this today, it came across the status update on a Facebook Page I follow – I’m not sure who wrote it, but it seems to be a post on a blog called ‘Worry about your own Uterus’ (an interesting read in and of itself!). It jumped out at me because it’s basically hitting the nail on the head as far as the PEI Liberal gov’ts continued campaign to deny access to abortion services on PEI. PEI’s Health Minister is currently touring PEI ‘educating’ Islanders about the changes he’s decided to make to our health care system, tweeting daily as he ‘realigns healthcare’ (Read more…)

ROAR!: The Fight for Choice on PEI – Midwifery and Abortion

It is flat out no longer the case that Islanders are uninformed about their rights and the discrimination that they are enduring at the hands of a gov’t that refuses to allow women access to choices in their reproductive heatlh. Well, I don’t really think it ever was the case, but at least now I believe we have undeniable proof as more and more people speak out on the subject.

Our Health Minister has said recently that they’ve been consulting some experts as they work to bring PEI’s Health Care system into the future. I would ask why he continues to ignore

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The Scott Ross: Canada’s Supreme Court Wants To Restrict Abortions

One sign that a country is in trouble is when the top court’s opinion is deemed controversial.

Canada doesn’t have to worry about that, not because its Supreme Court is so respected, but because of how little Canadians know about its rulings, in particular that our highest court believes abortion should be restricted. 

It was only a few months ago when many MPs, of all stripes, attacked Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth‘s motion that sought to study when life begins, either pretending or genuinely not knowing their nation’s Supreme Court had asked for the government to do the very

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Dead Wild Roses: Sex Selective Abortion – High Octane Wankage from the Conservative Party of Canada

The Right in Canada was bloodily united a couple of years ago under the banner the old, yet new again, banner of the Conservative Party. The two precursor parties were the Progressive Conservative Party and the (Wack-a-loon) Reform (Alliance/fascist/reactionary/etc) Party of Western Canada. Sadly, as I hail from Western Canada, I cannot but feel partially responsible for bringing the supernovae grade stupidity and fail into power. In my defense, I’ve done what I can helping elect, Federally, the only New Democratic Party candidate (woo!, Linda Duncan!) in this political backwater called the lovely province

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Dead Wild Roses: *Wiggle-Wiggle* Goes the Red Pen of Justice – This is to You, Who Support Murder[!!1!1!]

The RPOJ comes for thee BJ!

I had a sense on this one, as I was typing my reply to the burning stupid present on this site, that my commentary might not be published. Given that dudes, with what they deem to be important opinions, tend not to like being shown how audaciously wrong they are. I took it upon myself to save a copy of my reply. Much to my surprise(?) my comment did not make it past moderation, and thus, because of the supernovae grade idiocy on display, the commentary in question became a

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Canadian Soapbox: Pro-Life or Pro Choice? The abortion debate is back March 28

CBC is reporting that Conservative MP Mark Warawa’s motion, calling on Parliament to condemn the practice of abortion being used to select the sex of a child, is tentatively slated to be debated on March 28th. Its a thorny issue, and it certainly stretches the definition of Pro-Choice in my opinion.  Pro-Choice is…pro choice after all, you can’t have limits according to some.  In other words if the choice is made to terminate a pregnancy because the fetus is female, that’s the choice being made.  Don’t like it?  Well, some will tell you that if you’re . . . → Read More: Canadian Soapbox: Pro-Life or Pro Choice? The abortion debate is back March 28

ROAR!: PEI’s Anti-Choice Legislature – Abortion in Canada

A couple Tuesdays from now, March 26th our PEI Legislature is to sit after it’s Winter break (or whatever you call it). To mark that occassion I sent all our MLA’s this email, I also sent it to a few others who might be interested in the general discussion of how our PEI Legislature is Anti-Choice. In the email I shared the wonderful and powerful video released just last week, where Islanders who gathered last Fall to protest PEI’s lack of abortion access left their video comments with event organizers. (A HUGE thanks to organizers and to the creator(s) of this video … you know who (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Forced Birth is Slavery for Women

Make no mistake, the pro-life-forced-birth lobby are advocating slavery for women. Dianne, in a comment on Pharygula, captures exactly the position our anti-choice friends would like to put women in.

Query: Why are they talking about the circumstances of the conception as though that matters? A forced pregnancy is slavery, regardless of the circumstances that led to the pregnancy. In the US, at least, people are never, under any circumstance other than pregnancy, required to give use of their body to another under any circumstance, even to save the life of the other person. Why are fetuses granted more

Dead Wild Roses: Clarification for our Anti-Choice Friends: Life at Conception? Err..No.

One of the cheap rhetorical tricks that forced birth advocates often use is the idea that somehow “Science” (ya know science, that vast shadowy monolithic structure) supports their crappy arguments and thus lends weight to their assault on women and their rights. One of the easiest tells illustrating the rhetorical, rather than scientific vein of this particular argument, is that idea that we have a definite grasp of when “life” begins. Unsurprisingly, the anti-choice position relies on a gross simplification of what the bio-medical position actually is on when life begins. The irony is very rich as

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Friday PSA – This Is My Body


Ah, the forced birth lobby has finally pissed off enough women to start the inevitable slapdown of their deplorable, retrograde fundamentally anti-woman position. Let’s keep this video in the “abortion” feed for a long time, in light of that goal, I encourage everyone to share and repost this clip on their blog, so our anti-choice friends know exactly what they are up against.

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Canadian Soapbox: Politicians afraid of the abortion debate – But are Canadians?

Many of Canada’s elected representatives are scared to death of the abortion debate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Federal minister for the Status of Women Rona Ambrose among them.  Both are on record as saying that Canadians don’t want this debate re-opened, or words to that effect. Uh huh, right.  Obviously they don’t want any debate to take place, and its easy enough to understand why. Its a vote loser no matter what they say. Come out in favour of any restrictions whatsoever and you inflame the Pro-Choice camp.  Advocate for keeping the status quo and you . . . → Read More: Canadian Soapbox: Politicians afraid of the abortion debate – But are Canadians?

Dead Wild Roses: Canada, with Women on Abortion

Steven Harper really enjoys floating trial balloons through his back benches. Another preemptive volley from the <a href=””>western conservative black hole of politics</a>has made it the media. The poll, of course, has been skewed by the screwball forced birth advocating religious right in Canada so ignore the results. However, one comment on the poll caught my attention and thus is reproduced here.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruling on the Morgentaler appeal in 1988 confirmed as Chief Justice Brian Dickson wrote:

“Forcing a woman, by threat of criminal sanction, to carry

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Dead Wild Roses: Forced Birth Advocates – Anti-Woman all the Time

It is nice when the anti-woman, fetus-fetish brigade starts getting worked up. The thin veil of “protecting life” is torn away leaving only the desperate misogyny that is so typical of the anti-choice zealots. This from the Feel that pro-life love! Tumblr.





Lol, people who think bodily autonomy is more important than the right to life.

Lol, people who think it’s okay to use someone’s body against their will and think that anyone will benefit from forced pregnancies and birth. Lol, people who think think that an embryo is

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bastard.logic: Jessica Valenti on Why Feminists Are So ‘Angry’: “It’s not that I’m angry, it’s that I’m exhausted.”


Transcript here (h/t).

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