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Dead Wild Roses: Reactionary Stupidity from Bullshite Mountain

Another ardent believer in free speech, as long as you aren’t calling them on their bullshit, Gnyii has managed to append my last comment on a thread that, as usual with the deluded religious right, is strong with the fetus-fetish. Thus, in the interests of clarity, I’ll republish the last comment that I replied to.

Gnyii: “Given the level of your prose… I have great argument.”

LOL. You have great argument?

This is cliche liberal debate 101. It’s like you guys follow some kind of handbook on how to be an Internet troll. Step 1, make asinine (Read more…)

Left Over: The new Canadian Plague: Have We all been Infected?

Sadly, Rob Ford epitomises what Canada has become With his crack smoking and drunken misbehaviour, Toronto’s mayor personifies our crude, swaggering, bungling New Canada Robert Hays in the Guardian Fri Dec 13 2013



Speak for yourself, Hays..truly the East seems to have adopted the crudities of the HarperCons and their (Rob)in of the ‘Hood, but there are many of us, dare I say the majority, who not only do not support the rightwing bias so blatantly obvious in the Feds, but in fact (after rather extensive polling) it has been shown that the country at large is (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Every Reason for an Abortion is a Good Reason

From the article on Reality Check.

“Abortion is often framed as a mercy bestowed upon a woman who has committed the “crime” of having had sex. Mercy is something that someone else grants you, however, and not something you can simply decide for yourself that you deserve. That’s what people are stabbing at when they say they don’t want women to use abortion “as birth control.” The fear is that a woman might get an abortion without feeling remorseful or may, gasp, even feel like she’s entitled to it without having to apologize or grovel. Basically, people are uneasy (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Dear Forced Birth Advocates…

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The Political Road Map: Anti-Abortion Banner Backfire

Why the tactics of the current anti-abortionists are making me pro-choice.

Abortion has and always will be a sensitive topic and rightly so. How can we properly define something that relies on different perspectives pertaining to faith, life and overall morality. It is like looking at a painting with someone and having a discussion regarding which way the painters brush stroke went. While your both talking about the same thing, your seeing it from different perspectives.

A democratic society allows a difference of perspective and opinion to exist so long as your opinion does not cause harm to others. I (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Agence France-Presse reports that even the IMF has reached the conclusion that higher taxes on wealthy citizens are a necessary part of competent economic management – even as the Harper Cons and other right-wing governments keep trying to peddle trickle-down economics to everybody’s detriment.

- Susan Delacourt writes that political campaigns may have managed to jump ahead of corporate marketing in targeting messages to individual voters. But Stephen Maher is rightly concerned that both parties and governments alike are being run primarily based on a desire to create political fund-raising messages, rather (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: When Logic Does Not Factor Into Policy

Yesterday, Canada’s Minister for the Status of Women spoke on the recent decision for Canada to restrict funding related to War Rape and Forced Marriage victims to organizations and programs that exclude abortion. As a pediatric surgeon, she said she’s confident Canada has chosen to target its aid where it will do the most good. 

“We have to pick a targeted area, where we’re going to be able to have an impact,” Leitch said in a phone interview from New York. 

“As a physician, I’m very confident in saying that we have chosen the right one, that pre- (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that to end your weekend.

- Daniel Goleman writes about the role of wealth in undermining empathy: (I)n general, we focus the most on those we value most. While the wealthy can hire help, those with few material assets are more likely to value their social assets: like the neighbor who will keep an eye on your child from the time she gets home from school until the time you get home from work. The financial difference ends up creating a behavioral difference. Poor people are better attuned to interpersonal relations — with those of the same strata, (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: What our Conservative government would do here on abortion..

(..if they could get away with it):

International Development Minister Christian Paradis says the government will not fund overseas projects that allow war rape victims and child brides to obtain an abortion…Paradis says the government’s policy would follow the same logic as that behind Canada’s $3-billion G8 funding commitment for maternal and child health — no money should go towards abortion services. At the time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said none of the those dollars would go toward abortion services because there were enough other worthy initiatives to support.

They can’t get away with it, however, as they know (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: What Was That About "Not Re-Opening the Abortion Debate"?

Since 2006, Harper has repeatedly “refused” to open the abortion debate in Canada … or at least so he claims.

But then again, there’s the old saw about “actions speak louder than words”.  Once again, the Harper Government has taken actions which very clearly articulate where they stand.  On Huffington Post, the headline reads “Tories Won’t Fund Overseas Projects Allowing Abortion For War Rape, Child Brides“ International Development Minister Christian Paradis says the government will not fund overseas projects that allow war rape victims and child brides to obtain an abortion. 

But Paradis says the government’s policy would (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Christian Pro Life Anti-Woman Bullshitters on Display

It is amazing the fuck-wittery that metastasizes when you combine religion and anti-choice thinking. I’m so disgusted and anguished over the deceptive practices at these so called Crisis Pregnancy Centers that I’m reproducing the entire article by Caitlin Bancroft written on the Huffington Post Blog. A big hearty frak-you goes out to our anti-choice christian friends. Read on about how the work of good christians in action.

“I wasn’t considering abortion. I wasn’t considering adoption, or parenting, or childcare. I wasn’t even pregnant, and I definitely wasn’t scared — at least not at first.

When I (Read more…)

ROAR!: PEI Liberal MLA blocks contituents on Twitter

Are you a reproductive rights advocate/activist/concerned citizen on PEI? Heck, are you simply a vocal concerned citizen in Canada? Have you checked lately to see if your MLA has blocked you from communicating with them on Twitter or other social media? You should check. That’s exactly what I discovered this morning over my first coffee. My MLA who is also PEI’s Health Minister has blocked me from following him on Twitter.

No biggie. Or is it? Do you think elected officials should be able to block communications from constituents?

Don’t you think elected officials should have to reciprocate communication as it (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: So Why Don’t Pro-”Lifers” hate God?

A big thank you to Tigger_the_Wing, Back home =^ from the comments section of a blog post on Pharyngula.

Tigger talks about the inconsistency in many of the arguments religious anti-choicers make.

Back to regret:

When we lose someone, the loss hurts; among other reasons because we remember all the time and experiences that we had with them and recognise that we will never repeat those and also because the future we had planned with them, and were looking forward to, is no longer. When a wanted pregnancy is lost, the loss hurts partly because we have lost the future (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Pro-Choice Republicans?

Oh right, its only bad for dudes to get their autonomy infringed on. So sorry double XXers.

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The Liberal Scarf: Hudak PC candidate: Female voters are "less informed"…including about control over their own bodies?

That’s Wayne Wettlaufer, former PC MPP who served with Hudak and Mike Harris running to win his seat of Kitchener Centre back for the Conservatives.

Wettlaufer also must think women aren’t informed enough to have control over their own bodies (also noteworthy a little guy named Tim Hudak as well several currently serving Hudak Conservative MPPs are also mentioned here)

“Several notable MPPs (all Tories) have demonstrated a commitment to respect the sanctity of life and the institution of the traditional family. Among them are Jim Brown (Scarborough Agincourt), Tim Hudak (Erie-Lincoln), Frank Klees (Oak Ridges), John O’Toole (Read more…)

CuriosityCat: In Texas, do male fetuses masturbate?

Apparently, some think so: And a Texas congressman claimed, incorrectly, that male fetuses of 15 weeks have been observed to masturbate, thus making abortion wrong.

Tabatha Southey sums up the absurd spectacel of Texas legislators – in 2013! – trying desperately to shut down a filibuster by a lone senator: Late Tuesday night, close to 180,000 people watched online as Democratic Senator Wendy Davis went into the final hours of her nearly 13-hour filibuster in the Texas legislature. Her objective was to block anti-abortion legislation that, if passed, threatened to close 37 of the 42 abortion clinics in America’s second-largest (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The Fantastic, The Wretched and The “Oh F*ck, No”

Sometimes “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” just isn’t strong enough. In one of my recent youtube sessions I ran quite the emotional gamut. Let’s start on a high note, shall we?

The Fantastic

First we have a long overdue “Hero of the Day”. For quite some time, the youtuber Vihart has been producing superb content that celebrates the wonders and joys of math. Irresistibly fun, endlessly charming, and mind-blowingly wondrous, Vihart’s videos present math in a delightful and accessible manner. I recommend that everyone take the time to watch as much Vihart as they can, especially educators. This (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Why the Anti-Choice Position is Wrong.

PZ Myers discusses abortion and how asinine the anti-choice positions actually are. From the article Abortion rights are human rights.


However, the equivalence of mother and fetus is an untenable proposition. A mouse has more complexity and autonomy than a fetus, and we don’t even hesitate when the choice is between the life of a mouse and a human being. We don’t even argue about it. And to argue that a single-celled zygote or even an embryo with a few dozen cells at implantation is anything but a negligible component of any moral equation is utterly absurd. It’s (Read more…)

Art Threat: Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair

Abortion-rights activist and pioneer Dr. Henry Morgentaler died Wednesday of a heart attack.

Appropriately, our Friday Film Pick is Democracy on Trial, a 1984 NFB documentary by Paul Cowen in which Morgantaler’s historic legal battle over abortion in the 1970s is unraveled and explored using a combination of archival footage, interviews and re-enactments.

The complete film can be streamed right here or at Rest in peace, Doctor.

Dead Wild Roses: Again, “Pro-Life” is Death for Women – Beatriz in El Salvador

How many more examples do we need of the lethal nature of the supposedly “pro-life” position? Let’s clear this up by naming them correctly, for the record, when you hear the term “Pro-life” you need to replace that with “anti-woman forced birth advocate”. Why? Because what forced birthers are about is stripping women of their rights and of their bodily autonomy. Beatriz, like Savita Halappanavar, is being put in mortal peril because where she lives the forced birth brigades ideas are reality, and women really do not have rights.

“The 22-year-old woman suffers from severe and (Read more…)

ROAR!: PEI’s anti-choice Liberals – Abortion in PEI

An editorial I wrote today in response to this article that ran in The Guardian today: ‘[Anti-choice] movement supporters restate their opposition to abortion’. Submitted it to the paper, maybe it will run on Monday, fingers crossed. ______________________________________________________________

PEI’s anti-choice Liberals In The Guardian on the 10th, was coverage describing the small march on Province house by a group of anti-choice folks. I was surprised to read that one Liberal MLA was in attendance, and provided his anti-choice opinion to The Guardian – Bush Dumville, MLA for West Royalty-Springvale. I have to wonder beyond Lawrence MacAulay, Sean Casey and (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Canada’s annual protest against women’s rights was…

Canada’s annual protest against women’s rights was held at Parliament Hill on May 9, 2013, drawing thousands of right-wing busybodies who can’t keep their authoritarianism in their pants.

The name of the yearly “March For Life” is misleading, because most of the religious fanatics who attend these events are very selective about their concern for life. They almost exclusively focus on unborn fetuses, and spare almost no thought for actual human beings who have left the womb. Causes of premature death such as war, capital punishment, poverty, pollution, depression and unsafe working conditions are barely on their radar, if at (Read more…)

ROAR!: RU486 Ready Canada – Abortion in PEI

Saw this the other day over Twitter … Abortion pill now a reality. Australia sits poised to list RU486 as part of their Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which will make the once very expensive drug, available to all Australian women at a hugely lower price.

Medical abortion.Safe, effective and ACCESSIBLE.

So I google RU486 and I see that the World Health Organization added RU486 to it’s Model List of Essential Medicines, an inventory of 312 drugs that are considered benchmarks in meeting worldwide “priority health care needs”. (article, 2006) It is apparently, the preferred choice for medical abortion. Available in Australia, WHO thinks it’s important, it must be (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: 5 Abortion Myths Exposed – Debunking Forced Birth Stupidity.

The vast amount of shit the forced brith advocates spew into the interwebs lends new meaning to the word grotesque. Our anti-choice friends have been faffing on long and hard about Dr. Kermit Gosnell conveniently forgetting about Savita Halappanavar’s terminal experience with their fetid dogma .

Let me spell it out, you antediluvian, dim-witted, anti-choice bastion of fuckwitttery.

Cases like Dr.Gosnell’s are exactly what happens when you limit women’s access to abortion. His practice was under-regulated and in clear violation of any sort of reasonable set of medical expectations. We need less of what Dr.Gosnell did, not (Read more…)

Birth Pangs: God Doesn’t Kill Just Because He Didn’t Like How Things Turned Out…Oh wait a minute…

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