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The Cracked Crystal Ball II: A Sensible Approach

Justin Trudeau has received a significant amount of flak over his recent decree that incoming Liberal MPs after the next election will be expected to be explicitly pro-choice on the abortion issue.  This weekend, the Liberal Party released a very clear-headed e-mail:

“I had an extraordinary example in a father who had deeply, deeply held personal views that were informed by the fact that he went to church every Sunday, read the Bible regularly to us, and raised us very religiously, as Catholics,” Trudeau wrote. 

“But at the same time my father had no problem legalizing divorce, decriminalizing (Read more…)

A BCer in Toronto: Proud to be part of a Liberal Party that stands for choice

The drama around the revelation that only those with pro-choice views (incumbents exempted) will be allowed to run for Liberal Party of Canada nominations has been interesting to watch, with so many commentators turning to democracy arguments to seek to overturn something Liberal members have democratically decided many times: we are a pro-choice party. It goes beyond the last leadership campaign. Liberals at policy conventions have routinely made our position on this issue abundantly and emphatically clear. And now, finally, we have a leader who is willing to have our back on this and put the marker down. For me, (Read more…)

Progressive Proselytizing: Justin Trudeau plays the long game on abortion

The general response to Justin Trudeau’s new edict on abortion – that all new Liberal candidates must vote pro-life – has been overwhelmingly negative. Canada’s major newspapers’ editorial pages have lit up with titles like Margarete Wente’s “Spare me the abortion absolutism” at the Globe and Mail, Andrew Coyne’s “Trudeau ban on pro-lifers implies the issue is settled. It isn’t.” at the National Post and the ever colourful Rosie DiMano’s “Justin Trudeau imposes ethical lobotomy on Liberals” at the Toronto Star.

Much of the criticism is, at least, overstated. More importantly, there is a significant upside: it creates a (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: On "Matters Of Conscience"

So, one of the Roman Catholic Archbishops thinks that Justin Trudeau’s recent implementation of party policy needs a rethink. Collins pointedly mentioned that there are two million Catholics in his diocese. He said he encourages them to get involved in politics as both voters and candidates. 

“It is not right that they be excluded by any party for being faithful to their conscience.”

Let’s get something absolutely clear here.  Abortion (which is what this is primarily about) is a matter of individual conscience.  That is to say, if you object to abortion on “conscience” grounds, then don’t have (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Crazy Train Wreck #nlpoli

Premier-in-waiting Frank Coleman was off in Toronto on Monday – reputedly undergoing intensive media training -  and so he wasn’t willing to talk to reporters about anything, least of all the controversy about his views on abortion.

When Bill Barry dropped out of the Conservative leadership on Thursday, Coleman became the leader by default.  The only thing left is for the party insiders figured out when they wanted him in the job.  That’s not a joke.  That’s pretty much what Coleman said last week after Barry bailed.

Other than that, Coleman issued yet another official statement rather than talk to people.  And when controversy erupted about his support of the province’s Right to Life group, Coleman issued another statement.

Memorial University political scientist Stephen Tomblin offered CBC some scathing comments on Monday about Coleman’s performance thus far.

(Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Reasons for the Declining Rate of Abortions in the US

Reasons For The Lowered Abortion Rate Available birth control Lessened stigma on birth control More education about birth control More comprehensive sex education than the past

Things That Barely (If At All) Lowered Abortion Rates:

Pro-Life harassment and violence Sidewalk protesting Restricting abortions Banning abortions

Things That Will Continue To Lower Abortion Rates:

Even more comprehensive sex education Even better birth control options Less stigma on sex, sex ed, and birth control More birth control options for those without a uterus Available and affordable (or free) birth control

Either Way:

Abortion is not evil. Abortion is a responsible choice. Abortion (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The Sanctity of Human Life?

When arguing about abortion and other moral topics, one is almost guaranteed to hear this lofty phrase trotted out. Like a a gentle desert sirocco, you only miss it when it isn’t there. People seem to have some very strange ideas about how we regularly treat each other here on Earth.

Realistically speaking, the phrase “sanctity of human life”is a misnomer. We here in the ‘Civilized West’ extinguish human life at a record pace whether actively though war or passively through indifference and neglect.

“But Arbourist!”, says the lay reader of DWR, “we in the West, (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Forced Birth Advocate has a Sad at Being Called a Forced Birth Advocate

What most abortions look like.

Having laid down the smack on this forced-birther, he then laments being called on his misogyny and fundamental disrespect for the female portion of the species. This is Red Pen of Justice Territory folks.

Before he gets deep into the anti-choice bullcookery we detour into his deep important thoughts about the Olympics and human rights. Let’s see what he has to say.

“No religion but Christianity can support them[human rights]. (Atheism certainly can’t, as is becoming increasingly apparent.”

Oh wow… christianity the saviour of human rights, but only if you happen to (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Pro-Life Mendacity Kills Women

So as it turns out women, mysteriously, don’t fall into the category of “life” that needs protection or saving. ‘Pro-life’ is anti-woman from snout to spade.


“Unsafe abortion is responsible for 13% of maternal deaths worldwide and represents one of the four major causes of pregnancy-related mortality and morbidity”

— WHO, Safe Abortion: Technical and Policy Guidance for Health Systems, second ed., Geneva: WHO, 2012.

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April Reign: Psstt… Hey you! Ya You Poking Your Nose In Other People’s Wombs.. Come Here

April Reign

Here’s the deal. We get you like the fetuses. We get you want to hold them and pat and call them George. Well guess what? Now you can. Just steal borrow an ultrasound from someone you don’t know and have no business interfering with and have this company print out your very own fetus plaything! Hours of fun! Get yours today!

April Reign – In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

Dead Wild Roses: Medical Facts keep getting in the way of Pro-Life Argumentation

Nice to have a handy reference poster to deal with our anti-choice, forced birth friends.

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Dead Wild Roses: News Flash: Abortion isn’t Murder

And here is why :

Abortion fails to meet the legal definition of murder even when abortion is illegal (Interesting huh?)

Here’s why:

Unlawful – Abortion is not unlawful in North America.

Person hood- A fetus is not legally defined as a person. Nor can it be defined scientifically as a person. Person hood is a purely philosophical position. Most philosopher’s agree that there are certain basic requirements that one must meet to be defined a person and a fetus fails to meet them all.

Malice – No one gets abortions to punish or kill fetuses specifically. Most (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: The Hypocrisy of "Pro-Life" Laws

In the Byzantine land of Texas Law, it seems that an arcane piece of legislation passed in the 1980s is being used to usurp the wishes of a woman who died of a pulmonary embolism.

The diagnosis was crushing and irrevocable. At 33, Marlise Munoz was brain dead after collapsing on her kitchen floor in November from what appeared to be a blood clot in her lungs. 

But as her parents and her husband prepared to say their final goodbyes in the intensive care unit at John Peter Smith Hospital here and to honour her wish not to be (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: No, Yaakov Roth, The Supreme Court of Canada Is Not Overstepping Its Boundaries

I see the Harper PMO must have found another muppet to write opinion pieces for them.  In the National Post, we find Yaakov Roth expounding on the “problems” he has with the way the Supreme Court of Canada has been ruling on such matters as safe injection sites and prostitution. The first thing I want to point out is that Mr. Yaakov Roth is not an expert on Canadian Constitutional Law – he was a Legal Clerk to Antonin Scalia - an American with no particular history in Canadian law.  Further, Antonin Scalia is notoriously conservative in his opinions, and (Read more…)

Progressive Proselytizing: Prostitution is like abortion: you can’t stop it

With the Supreme Court striking down Canada’s prostitution laws, they have forced the issue into the public sphere. Within a year, Parliament has to decide to pass new laws regarding prostitution, or decide not to. Undoubtedly this is going to be a highly politicized topic and much like the Liberals new stance on marijuana is going to mean the 2015 election is going to have some elements of the culture wars in it. The positioning has only barely gotten started yet so we can’t comment too authoritatively on how the politics is going play out federally. Prostitution is actually a (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Reactionary Stupidity from Bullshite Mountain

Another ardent believer in free speech, as long as you aren’t calling them on their bullshit, Gnyii has managed to append my last comment on a thread that, as usual with the deluded religious right, is strong with the fetus-fetish. Thus, in the interests of clarity, I’ll republish the last comment that I replied to.

Gnyii: “Given the level of your prose… I have great argument.”

LOL. You have great argument?

This is cliche liberal debate 101. It’s like you guys follow some kind of handbook on how to be an Internet troll. Step 1, make asinine (Read more…)

Left Over: The new Canadian Plague: Have We all been Infected?

Sadly, Rob Ford epitomises what Canada has become With his crack smoking and drunken misbehaviour, Toronto’s mayor personifies our crude, swaggering, bungling New Canada Robert Hays in the Guardian Fri Dec 13 2013



Speak for yourself, Hays..truly the East seems to have adopted the crudities of the HarperCons and their (Rob)in of the ‘Hood, but there are many of us, dare I say the majority, who not only do not support the rightwing bias so blatantly obvious in the Feds, but in fact (after rather extensive polling) it has been shown that the country at large is (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Every Reason for an Abortion is a Good Reason

From the article on Reality Check.

“Abortion is often framed as a mercy bestowed upon a woman who has committed the “crime” of having had sex. Mercy is something that someone else grants you, however, and not something you can simply decide for yourself that you deserve. That’s what people are stabbing at when they say they don’t want women to use abortion “as birth control.” The fear is that a woman might get an abortion without feeling remorseful or may, gasp, even feel like she’s entitled to it without having to apologize or grovel. Basically, people are uneasy (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Dear Forced Birth Advocates…

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The Political Road Map: Anti-Abortion Banner Backfire

Why the tactics of the current anti-abortionists are making me pro-choice.

Abortion has and always will be a sensitive topic and rightly so. How can we properly define something that relies on different perspectives pertaining to faith, life and overall morality. It is like looking at a painting with someone and having a discussion regarding which way the painters brush stroke went. While your both talking about the same thing, your seeing it from different perspectives.

A democratic society allows a difference of perspective and opinion to exist so long as your opinion does not cause harm to others. I (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Agence France-Presse reports that even the IMF has reached the conclusion that higher taxes on wealthy citizens are a necessary part of competent economic management – even as the Harper Cons and other right-wing governments keep trying to peddle trickle-down economics to everybody’s detriment.

- Susan Delacourt writes that political campaigns may have managed to jump ahead of corporate marketing in targeting messages to individual voters. But Stephen Maher is rightly concerned that both parties and governments alike are being run primarily based on a desire to create political fund-raising messages, rather (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: When Logic Does Not Factor Into Policy

Yesterday, Canada’s Minister for the Status of Women spoke on the recent decision for Canada to restrict funding related to War Rape and Forced Marriage victims to organizations and programs that exclude abortion. As a pediatric surgeon, she said she’s confident Canada has chosen to target its aid where it will do the most good. 

“We have to pick a targeted area, where we’re going to be able to have an impact,” Leitch said in a phone interview from New York. 

“As a physician, I’m very confident in saying that we have chosen the right one, that pre- (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that to end your weekend.

- Daniel Goleman writes about the role of wealth in undermining empathy: (I)n general, we focus the most on those we value most. While the wealthy can hire help, those with few material assets are more likely to value their social assets: like the neighbor who will keep an eye on your child from the time she gets home from school until the time you get home from work. The financial difference ends up creating a behavioral difference. Poor people are better attuned to interpersonal relations — with those of the same strata, (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: What our Conservative government would do here on abortion..

(..if they could get away with it):

International Development Minister Christian Paradis says the government will not fund overseas projects that allow war rape victims and child brides to obtain an abortion…Paradis says the government’s policy would follow the same logic as that behind Canada’s $3-billion G8 funding commitment for maternal and child health — no money should go towards abortion services. At the time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said none of the those dollars would go toward abortion services because there were enough other worthy initiatives to support.

They can’t get away with it, however, as they know (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: What Was That About "Not Re-Opening the Abortion Debate"?

Since 2006, Harper has repeatedly “refused” to open the abortion debate in Canada … or at least so he claims.

But then again, there’s the old saw about “actions speak louder than words”.  Once again, the Harper Government has taken actions which very clearly articulate where they stand.  On Huffington Post, the headline reads “Tories Won’t Fund Overseas Projects Allowing Abortion For War Rape, Child Brides“ International Development Minister Christian Paradis says the government will not fund overseas projects that allow war rape victims and child brides to obtain an abortion. 

But Paradis says the government’s policy would (Read more…)